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10 Things You Didn't Know about Ed Robinson

We learned that he recently stepped down as CEO and board member at Bright Green Corp, raising questions about why he left and what he's doing now. Research into his personal and career history offers insights into the executive and his unique insights on business and reveals ten things you didn't know about Ed Robinson.

Why did Ed Robinson leave Bright Green Corp?

According to Market Screener, Ed Robinson is stepping down as a member of the board of directors and CEO for Bright Green Corp to "pursue other opportunities." It's a typical response when an executive vacates a post, but it doesn't tell us why he left or give much background into the circumstances of the departure. The official response from the company is generic.

Ed had a tough job at Bright Green Corp

Ed Robinson had his work cut out for him as the CEO of Bright Green Corp. The cannabis industry is an emerging market in the United States and Canada. Legalizing marijuana in US states opened floodgates for producers of CBD oil and related products. Bright Green Corp is one of the US companies that entered the fray. It placed them in direct competition with the Canadian cannabis industry. Regulatory concerns, black market pot sales, and lack of federal legalization create an uncertain future for US cannabis producers.

Robinson had a contingent contract with Bright Green Corp

Mr. Robinson is a high-dollar earner in the business world. His base salary is paid in installments of $45,000 for annual gross pay of $540,000 per year. It's not exactly chicken feed. Justia provides a copy of the contract he signed with Bright Green Corp, and it stipulates that the base salary is subject to adjustment at the "Company's discretion," based on performance and "other factors." The official legal and binding employment contract paid him $6,750 per month with a deferred monthly payment of $38,250. The latter is withheld until "on or before December 15, 2022," for $344,250. Since he's leaving before that time, the contract stipulates that he will not be eligible for bonuses.

He is a graduate of St. John's University

Ed Robinson's academic history appears on his LinkedIn profile. Robinson enrolled as a student at St. John's University in 1978 in an advanced program. He studied courses in business management, marketing, and support services that were related to the two disciplines. He graduated with his Master of Business Administration in 1981. The school is one of the best universities in the nation.

Ed is a former exec at BMW

Robinson started his career with BMW as president and CEO in 1992. His first job was at BMW Canada. He spent seven years at BMW in various divisions. Mr. Robinson served as VP of Motorcycles in the late 1990s and EVP and COO of BMW of North America. BMW promoted him to President & Chief Executive officer of MBW Group Financial Services over its America's Region, based in New Jersey. He oversaw operations for North and South America.

He spent time working in London

Ed Robinson has worked in various parts of the world, building an impressive resume. He worked as an industry adviser for a company called Permira. Ed spent just five months advising the international private equity investor's board of directors to help them make investment decisions to develop their FinTech operation. While in London, he also served as Associate Partner of Elixirr, a challenger consultancy on a mission to enable change for clients in the business sector. He worked with VCs, founders, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field of technology to help them develop support propositions of a diverse array.

Ed is an expert in international relations for the automotive industry

Looking into Ed Robinson's career history was an enlightening experience. His resume reveals that he's portable in his skills that easily transfer from one industry to another. He not only helped improve operations for BMW on an international level, but he also advised the Midwestern Auto Group of Dublin, Ohio for a few years. They appointed him President and Chief Executive officer of its Industry Relations division. He helped the company further develop its luxury automotive operations. He worked on-site in operations and represented fourteen European franchises. He left behind a strong track record of success with the company generating $190 million in sales. He helped to build relationships with Rolls-Royce, BMW, and other top luxury automotive franchises. He's brilliant at leveraging solid industry relations between international brands and his clients.

He teaches clients how to build relationships for financial gain

Ed has a unique approach to financial advisement. He spent time in New York City, as Senior Advisor for Bel Air Partners. While there, he provided financial advisement that goes the extra mile in improving relationships to enhance business prospects and increase meaningful partnerships. Part of his strategy at the job included instruction to the company's execs to build confidential relationships that range from small dealerships in transition to equity on Wall Street. His advice helped them take advantage of the best acquisition opportunities to increase the size of their network and expand the business. He hones in on the details that strategic planning committees often overlook, and those details can make a difference in the quality of business relationships, partnerships, and opportunities.

Ed Robinson will stay on with Bright Green Corporation a little longer

Ed stepped down from the appointment as CEO and board member, but he's still on board with Bright Green Corporation for a little longer. He chose to remain active as a special advisor. It's what he's best at. Ed has an extensive history in the financial advisement industry and he's an expert in his field. His decision to continue advisement suggests that his departure was a personal decision and not a forced situation. There appear to be no hard feelings on either side of the transition in his responsibilities from BGC to other endeavors.

Ed is leaving to focus on his company

Getting to know more about Ed Robinson answered many of the questions about his reason for leaving Bright Green Corporation. Most of us know that a lack of explanation for the reasons a person steps down in the middle of their contract means they've been terminated by the board of directors. Although there's been no confirmation one way or the other, the circumstances suggest that Ed is stepping down without totally abandoning Bright Green, to run the company that he founded in 2017. He is also an entrepreneur who launched Robinson Advisory Services LLC. The company has been active for five years in the New York City area. He is the founder and CEO. Ed's leaving his former post to pursue other interests as stated. His willingness to continue as Special Advisor for Bright Green shows that he has integrity and a desire to see the business prosper, but sometimes you have to follow your heart and do what you love the most.

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