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10 Things You'll Love About the Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari Portofino

The Ferrari Portofino is certainly a special sports car. It is about to take over the spotlight from the long-standing California T, so many Ferrari lovers have been lining up to own this new model. It is certainly going to fulfill its role as a sports roadster. It has a folding hardtop that allows people to drive it the entire year with ease. This newer version even has a small rear seat that you can put an actual human in if you really had the need to. We already know that the car is fast and handles well on the road. That is, after all, what the Ferrari brand is all about. But, here are 10 things that you will really love about the car that you might not have thought about before now.

1. Choose From a Variety of Front Grilles

You are now able to customize the front grille on your Ferrari Portofino. This is a great feature to have, particularly if you happen to live in a part of the country where there happens to be more than one of this special vehicle. Ferrari has created this car to have three possible grille designs. This is not a feature that was available with the California T. One of the grille's will have edges that appear to be a shiny chrome, or you can opt to choose one that has a dark black chrome look to it. Another option entirely is to get the black chrome grille.

2. Don't Forget the Fire Extinguisher

As you drive the Ferrari Portofino at full throttle, you just never know when you might need a fire extinguisher. The design of this new model takes that into account. If something goes wrong, you will always be prepared. It is easily accessible, yet out of the way until you happen to need it, which we hope is never.

3. Front Facing Parking Camera

Most cars on the market today have a camera that captures the rear of the vehicle at all times. This makes it so easy to back up safely and to view your surroundings before making a move. At the same time. few vehicles seem to have a front facing parking camera. The Ferrari Portofino is now one of them. You will be able to see in front and behind of you when you need to, making this a most convenient feature that many drivers will enjoy having on their new sports car.

4. A Smoking Kit

While the percentage of smokers around the world continues to decline, there are still many who still do decide to light up from time to time. This is your car, so the Ferrari Portofino has an added smoking kit should you choose to take advantage of it. This is a feature that is added to the car at a time when most new car models seem to be taking them away. The convenience will be there if you are a smoker and love to go fast in your sportscar. if not, then you can certainly ignore it.

5. Painted Brake Calipers

When you are driving such a special vehicle, you would like even the smallest of things to be noticed. This includes the brake calipers. Why should they be a bland titanium color that nobody sees? With the Ferrari Portofino, you will be able to choose from a variety of colors that your brakes will be highlighted in. This is yet another way to make sure that you are noticed as you go soaring down the open road.

6. Colored Floor Mats

Ferrari Portofino allows you to show off your love for this historic car manufacturer by making available colored floor mats. They will be emblazoned with the iconic prancing horse that Ferrari is famous for. As you know, there is not a lot of floor space in the Ferrari Portofino, so these mats are custom made and are made of a luxurious material that you would expect to be included in a car with such a price tag attached to it.

7. A Revolution Counter That is Colored

When you are driving this fast, you want to have a visual picture of how many revolutions that engine is doing for you under the hood. This is now colored on the dash for you to see when you drive the Ferrari Portofino. One possible option has the rev counter being accented in yellow. It is a sunflower color that is easily viewed and really adds quite a bit of character to the instrument control panel. Drivers should really enjoy the custom design and thought that went into this one. You can also choose from aluminum or white as well.

8. A Rear Seat Back That is Foldable

As mentioned, the Ferrari Portofino now has a small rear seat that can accommodate a third passenger if you so see fit. Ok, so it's not a lot of room, but that is not really the point. It is there if you want it. Since many people will not be making use of that feature, Ferrari has put in a folding feature that allows drivers to put that seat down when you are not using it. This frees up some much needed space and returns the look of the car more to its classic state.

9. Cup Holder Made of Caron Fiber

Just because you are driving fast does not mean that you want to take a sip of your favorite beverage from time to time. Even though the car is small, there is still room for the infamous cup holder. This one is made of a beautiful carbon fiber that you will love the look of.

10. The Addition of Apple CarPlay

Technology has made driving the Ferrari Portofino even more fun. You will be able to use Apple CarPlay with all of your favorite mobile accessories. This will really enhance your entertainment options as you hit the road.

So, the Ferrari Portofino is a car that you will love for many reasons. These are just ten of them. Get out there and take a look for yourself, if you are lucky enough to find one available to buy.

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