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Why Justin Bieber and The Kardashians are Blacklisted from Ferrari


When it comes to manufacturing high-performing sports cars, there are very few brands that can compete with the Ferrari. This iconic Italian automobile company is very strict about who can buy their cars and the level of care and maintenance that they expect from their users. That said, Ferrari has blacklisted some of its customers, including international celebrities, from buying any of their cars. One notable example was after Ferrari blacklisted the American singer Justin Bieber and the Kardashians from purchasing any of their vehicles. Read on to learn some of the main reasons why Justin Bieber and The Kardashians are blacklisted from Ferrari.

Why is Justin Bieber blacklisted from buying Ferrari cars?

The news of Justin Bieber's blacklisting by the iconic automobile company was first reported by the Italian journal II Giornale. In Justin's case, he apparently caught Ferrari's attention by failing to adhere to the brand's ethical codes of car and maintenance with his 2011 Ferrari 458. According to the Milan-based publication, Ferrari has barred Justin from driving or buying their sports cars. The news further reported that Justin Bieber lost the car back in 2015 and later altered his Ferrari 458 with a Liberty Walk body kit after he found it. The Maranello House reported that the American pop singer Justin Bieber changed the color of his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia to neon blue. Due to the way he behaved, the carmaker company decided to blacklist Justin Bieber over violating the car's modification rules, and he will no longer be allowed to purchase another Ferrari car.

According to Therichest, the news of Bieber's blacklisting reported that the American pop star lost his Ferrari 458 after a long night of partying in Los Angeles in 2016. After he allegedly modified the F458 with a Liberty Walk body kit, he put the sports car up for a charity auction. All of Justin Bieber's actions were completely against the supercar manufacturers' ethical codes of car maintenance and their use. Ferrari has rules that dictate that an owner of their cars cannot sell their car in the first year, and they should notify the company before selling the vehicle so that it has the option of repurchasing it. The president of the world's largest Ferrari driver's club, Fabio Barone, commented that "A Ferrari is a piece of art, so the manufacturer has the right to ensure that the vehicle's art is protected." Additionally, the exotic car manufacturing company reported all their buyers should avoid unauthorized modifications to their vehicles, as this could lead to one's blacklisting. Justin Bieber's problems with Ferrari began a few months after he bought his Ferrari 458 and later left it in a parking lot outside a nightclub in Beverly Hills after a night of partying. Two weeks later, one of his staff members could locate Justin's sporty car. The American pop singer was dissatisfied with the Ferrari's original color and decided to change the color from white to neon blue. As a result, he broke several codes of ethics by first neglecting his vehicles, changing their original color, and then deciding to auction them for charity.

Why are the Kardashians blacklisted from buying Ferrari cars?

The American Pop singer Justin Bieber is not the only celebrity who has been included on Ferrari's blacklist, as there are many others who have been barred from buying any other Ferrari car. The Kardashians broke the headlines after one of their own, Kim Kardashian, allegedly accepted a Prancing Horse as a wedding gift from a fraudster. According to Marca, a Spanish newspaper, the iconic Italian car manufacturer has a barred list of celebrities who the brand is unwilling to sell their Ferrari models, particularly the exclusive models. While these restrictions cannot prevent the Kardashian family from buying a Ferrari, the exotic manufacturing brand legally reserves the right to carefully select who it sells its cars.

The Kardashians have several posh cars worthy of their name, but the Ferrari models are not one of them. The news about the Kardashians being blacklisted by the iconic automobile company Ferrari could turn out to be false. Still, it is hardly a coincidence that none of the Kardashians own a Ferrari. Kylie Jenner has recently taken her fans into her recent black Rolls-Royce SUV with a custom Barbie pink interior that costs a whopping 300,000 USD. Moreover, Kim Kardashian also showed her luxury car collection, including; a Rolls-Royce, a Maybach, and a Lamborghini, all of which are painted in the same dark-grey color. Kourtney Kardashian also has a superb car collection, including a Mercedes, Range Rover, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin. There has also been an odd rumor circulating online that alleges the Kardashian family, along with Kim, are usually not allowed to purchase any Ferrari car model. However, this is a baseless internet rumor with no basis, and there is reliable proof to back the claims. The iconic car manufacturing brand Ferrari has not responded to any of these allegations that the Kardashians have been barred from buying any of their models, but they continue to say they will blacklist anyone, including celebrities who fail to adhere to their car care and maintenance guidelines.

Bottom Line

The exotic automaker Ferrari is very strict about preserving and maintaining its models, including barring unauthorized modification to its vehicles and early notification before deciding to sell the vehicle. In its efforts to safeguard its models' exclusivity, Ferrari has adapted a thorough selection process for prospective buyers. During this selection process, the potential buyer will be asked about ownership history, which is vital in determining if you are eligible for an exclusive Ferrari model. Although the American Pop star Justin Bieber is barred from purchasing any other Ferrari model, he owns a wide array of luxurious car options, including; a Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Urus, and Porsche Cayenne. The Kardashian Family also owns several high-class models, including; Maybach, Range Rover, Aston Martin, and Range Rover. According to AllHipHop, other celebrities who have been barred from buying any Ferrari model are; Floyd Mayweather and Nicolas Cage.

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