10 Benefits of Having a Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card

When you’re searching for a credit card that will provide you with the benefits you’re looking for, it can get confusing. Part of the issue is that there are so many credit cards out there that it’s hard to decide which ones are the best choices for you. The other part of it involves doing a lot of homework so that you make sure you only choose the cards with the best options. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t really take the time to do the research they need. Instead, they just apply for virtually every credit card they receive an offer in the mail for. This can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run and in a worst case scenario, you can derail your credit. If you’re really looking for a card that has plenty of benefits, consider the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature card. Below are 10 of the best benefits associated with having this particular card in your possession.

1. You get cash back

When you use this credit card to make purchases, you get two percent cash back. That may not sound like a lot, but it’s actually competitive with a lot of the other top credit cards out there. In some cases, it’s roughly double what a lot of credit cards offer. Better yet, the cash goes directly into your credit card account so you can use it to reduce your bill or to make a purchase. The choice is yours.

2. You get some decent rewards

One of the better perks of having this card is that you can get two points in rewards for every dollar that you spend. Those points can then be used to get cash back at a later date. Again, this is an effective way for keeping your bill in check but it’s also a great way to save up for an extra purchase that you might not otherwise choose to buy. The bottom line is that no matter how you look at it or what you choose to do with it, it’s money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

3. You’re in the driver’s seat

One of the truly remarkable things about having this card is that you have a lot of control over how you decide to handle your account. You can choose the types of rewards you want to participate in, so on and so forth. When it’s all said and done, you have a lot more control with this particular card than you’re likely to have with virtually any other credit card you choose.

4. You always have easy access to your account

You might not think that having 24/7 access to your account information is a true benefit until you have a credit card that doesn’t allow it. There are still a few cards out there that force you to mail in payments and wait for your statement to come in the mail every 30 days in order to see your own credit card activity. It’s definitely not the most effective way to manage your account, especially not in a day and age where virtually everything is handled online. Fortunately, that isn’t a concern here.

5. Paying your bill couldn’t be easier

You can pay your bill online, too. This makes it easy to keep up with your account because you’re not sending the payment in at the last minute and hoping you don’t end up with late charges or over-limit fees because the payment was a few days late as it moved through the mail.

6. You get automatic reminders about your bill

This is another perk that helps you stay on track with your account. Since you’re not getting a lot of information through the mail, you get some friendly reminders about your bill coming due via email. You can even choose to set up text alerts if you so desire. The point is, you have an opportunity to set those parameters so you’re in charge of your account as opposed to being a mere bystander.

7. Security features

This is one of the better perks that you can have if you’re worried about having your personal information fall into the wrong hands, and who isn’t these days? On top of providing the popular chip that so many people talk about, extra layers of encryption exist within this card that make it much more difficult for someone to steal it and charge money on your account. In addition, you’re never held liable for charges that you didn’t make as long as you promptly report your card stolen or you call to dispute charges as soon as you notice that something is wrong on your bill.

8. Your card can be linked to your electronic wallet

If you prefer making payments through Google Pay or some other smartphone app, you can link this credit card to the particular app that you prefer and then use it to make payments with your smartphone. It provides the ultimate level of convenience.

9. Excellent customer service

Most credit cards seem to make it difficult to get through to a human being these days. Even some of the better ones only have customer service available during regular business hours, meaning that you’re on your own at night and on holidays and weekends. That’s not the case here. When you have this card, you have access to a real person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10. No annual fee

If you’ve looked at some of the fees associated with most credit cards, this benefit alone is enough to make you decide to apply for a Fidelity card. Of course, once you’re approved, you can enjoy all of the other benefits that have already been discussed. There’s no doubt that this will soon become your go-to credit card, thanks to all of its benefits and features.

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