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The 10 Finest MoVas Watches Ever Created

Movas GMT

Innovative watch brand Movas was launched by Sean Wai, a former architect who was also the proprietor behind Soul Bikes. Due to his background in architecture, Wai's approach to designing timepieces is very mechanical and progressive. The aim of launching MoVas was to prove to the world that Chinese made watches aren't limited to replicas and fakes of high end brands, but can be high quality and original in their own right. MoVas has definitely helped dispel the myths, as the company's watches are modern, well made, and growing in popularity.

Here are 10 of the finest MoVas watches ever created.

1. Bronze Officer - $1,050

Bronze Officer

The Bronze Officer has a unique case shape and an attractive color scheme comprised of bronze and brown hues. It has a slimmer profile, making it suitable for a variety of attire and occasions. Its design is simple, but the watch has a number of subtle touches that add visual interest and distinction. The Bronze Officer's movement contains a bronze skeleton rotor, 26 jewels, has a 45 hour power reserve, and beats at 28,800 bpm.

2. GMT - $620


MoVas launched with the introduction of the GMT, the first timepiece ever released by the company that was designed as a casual watch suitable for professionals. It features the brand's hallmark diamond shaped crown, see-through exhibition caseback, and is highly versatile -- you could wear it at the office and then head off for a weekend on the water without ever having to take it off. If you look at the MoVas watches that are currently available, no doubt you'll see how the GMT provided style inspiration for many of the models.

3. GMT II Diver - $760


The GMT II Diver is the result of over two years of design and development in MoVas' quest to create a dive watch that stands out from the ordinary. The 45 mm timepiece is very masculine with a classic theme, and its brushed stainless steel case is both hardy and attractive. A number of subtle details are integrated into this watch, such as the Chinese character for the word "water" on the back, hackable movement, and crown that matches the motif of the bezel. The GMT II Diver is highly water resistant, and its movement has an antishock system and 45 hour power reserve.

4. Professional Diver - $700


A number of MoVas watches combine technical precision with modern styling, such as the handsome Professional Diver. It's the brand's exceptional dive watch that's big, bold, and quite masculine. The machine gripped unidirectional bezel is higher than other dive watches and is made to be easy to handle. Lugs provide a custom fit, and the movement inside of the Professional Diver contains 32 jewels and has a 45 hour power reserve. Only 50 units of this model were created, and it's available in Grey or DLC Black.

5. Regulateur -$485


Simplicity can be sophisticated and chic, and the MoVas Regulateur is proof. The versatile dress watch has a rose gold PVD coating that gives it an extra touch of style, and its dial is distinctive without being flashy. Each hand is on its own separate subdial, and the diamond shaped crown adds the perfect finishing touch to this timepiece. Like many MoVas watches, the Regulateur contains an exhibition caseback and a hackable movement.

6. Oceaner 1 - $1,115


The Oceaner 1 watch took two years to come to market, but the time spent to design and perfect it was well worth the wait. The idea behind it was to develop a dive watch that would function well for sport and also look great when paired with casual and semi-formal attire. Its profile and overall look are definitely stylish, and this timepiece contains a number of features that make it function beautifully. The brushed stainless steel case, see-through caseback, and black dial with luminous hands are highlights of the model.

7. Chronograph II - $1,170


One of the more sleek and architectural MoVas watches is the Chronograph II, which boasts a wealth of fashion versatility. It has a brushed stainless steel case with a thick exhibition style caseback. The display is made of scratch resistant sapphire that contains an anti-glare coating for maximum readability. Inside the Chronograph II is a movement with 34 jewels that drives the watch's functions. When fully wound this watch has a power reserve of up to 45 hours, and it's water resistant up to 330 feet.

8. AG Diver Big Crown - $810


Just as this model's name implies it has a crown that's larger than normal, which adds to its unique profile. The increased size, absent of any crown guards, is as much about practicality as it is looks. A sandwiched dial with luminous hands and gold rimmed date window add even more functionality and style. The AG Diver Big Crown's hackable movement contains 31 jewels, beats at 21,600 bpm, and has a 45 hour power reserve.

9. Twin Timer - $2,315


MoVas' Twin Timer has a very distinctive look and a dial that's unlike any other watch. Labeled as being a special occasion timepiece, this watch has a very modern aesthetic and all notions of conventional time telling have been shirked in favor of an exotic design. The Twin Timer's 48 mm main case itself has 35 different components, about seven times more than a standard watch. Other features include a see-through caseback, sapphire display, and hackable anti-shock movement.

10. Diver IV/Bronze Diver - $1,340


The Diver IV is made of genuine bronze metal, flaunts a brushed finish, and contains superb quality components. Its 45 mm case has an exhibition caseback, unidirectional bezel, and a screwdown crown. This watch's movement is comprised of 26 jewels, produces 28,800 bpm, and has a 45 hour power reserve. A distinctive rich green dial with rose gold trim gives the Diver IV plenty of flair.

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