Five Watch Technologies You Should Be Excited About

Pebble Watch

From the diamond studded $15,000 Samsung Gear S2 and the projected launch of a Gear S3, to the highly practical and successful Fitbit Surge, the leading watch brands continue to seek out new technologies which will keep their products in the forefront of consumer purchases. No longer called simply watches, the newest brands have adopted the more aptly focused name of wearables, which distinguishes them as the wrist worn smart phones (plus more) that they have so quickly become.

Within the top selling wearables, there are different price ranges, features, and varied designs. The following is list of five technologies have recently emerged in the best watches currently sold.

Fitness Tracking

With the surge in popularity over keeping fit, many people want these new features. Most want them in their watches for the practicality that occurs when they no longer have to carry a cell phone during their exercise routines. The top watches vary in the ways they provide fitness tracking. The majority of top sellers offer a nice mix of the following:

  1. Tracks steps
  2. Monitors sleep
  3. Monitors heart rate
  4. Uses GPS tracking for runners
  5. Alerts for incoming phone calls and messages
  6. Uses touch-screen wristwatch

Face Time Video Camera and improved WIFI

David Nield, in a recent article for The Gadget Website, used some educated speculation about what to expect from the 2016 Apple Watch 2. He noted that the newer version Apple Watch may be designed to be about 40% thinner than earlier models. Another strong prediction is that the new model will be capable of Face Time Video Camera and will have improved WIFI so that both video and audio calls could be made directly from the wristwatch.

Skin Sensors

The Skin Track allows owners to have a broader surface area to function the watch. It allows users to touch the skin on their arm to manipulate the watch’s touchscreen, providing a larger control area. In a non-watch wearable, the Netatmo June armband is designed to tell the wearer if they have applied sufficient sunscreen or not. This product hopes to lessen the amount of skin cancers in the world. It is an interesting sidelight to the watch technologies which also enable wider capabilities using skin sensing technologies.

Track a Seizure

The Apple Watch currently has many capabilities. Researchers from John Hopkins University hope to use its already thorough sensors to measure the severity and duration of epileptic seizures. This new Epiwatch app is the first for Apple Watch which is exploring whether or not Apple and iPhones can successfully function to perform medical diagnoses.

Learn a New Language

Not all new technologies deal with sports activities, health issues or communication improvements. Some are educational in nature. One is the new language learning program, Duolingo. It allows iPhone wearers to study a new language on the go.  Here are some popular watches that incorporate some of these new technologies.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

With the success of the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch, it is no surprise that the company would continue to explore and provide newer versions with capabilities which outpace the current version. In an article by Sarmistha Archaya for the International Business Times, it was noted that industry sources expected that the luxury S3 would be presented at the International Finance Association international event in September 2016. The collaboration between Samsung and Swiss jeweler De Grisogono speaks volumes about the level of luxury to be expected. Fashionistas and techies alike can look forward to a stellar combination of the latest technology and design. As Samsung prepares to deliver super watches that deliver multiple new apps and capabilities, top competitor watches are doing the same.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

Perhaps the leader of the popularity pack, this smartwatch has a full range of features and many compatible apps. Its top features include gentle taps for notifications, a wide range of health and fitness programs and monitoring capabilities, multiple interchangeable bands to suit various styles and occasions, and accessories such as a charging dock.

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone devices. It is advertised as providing useful technology which easily meshes with life. There is an entire community of “Pebblers” who share all sorts of information about this classic wristwatch which encloses a list of features that rival some of its biggest competitors.

Moto 360


A Motorola product, this smartwatch offers health and fitness tracking, apps from Google, updates and the chance to choose from a variety of sophisticated faces and cases.

Huawei Watch

Hauwei Watch

This classically styled watch is compatible with Android and IOS. It has Swiss design, featuring ergonomic function button, hand polished finishes, styles which use traditional leather and stainless bands, and smartwatch abilities.

The Down Side of Wearable Technology

Targeted combinations of new technology that should cause the kind of excitement nobody wants, involves hackers who use the latest in skills and capability to access information and steal what they can from those who use wearable devices. Privacy director and cybersecurity expert at intel Security Group, Bruce Snell, reminds consumers that the Bluetooth LE technology which wearables typically use to collect personal data and feed it into processing applications is very easy to hack. When the code written to create wearables is poor, thieves use it to gain access to valuable phone information.

There is plenty of recently emerged technology and more that is soon to do so. The major manufacturers are often on an every-six month-update or new release schedule designed to please the public’s demand for the latest wearable. Some buyers are looking for the newest watch and will buy it when it becomes available; simply to have the latest technology. Others are content to have what they feel they need. Speculating about what’s soon to be released is exciting, though. Seeing it released is better. What’s next?

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