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20 Fun Beach Activities for Kids

Kids on the Beach

Beach holidays are a fantastic way to spend summer vacations. Beach sand and water are a perfect combination for the kids to enjoy free play and ignite them to create fun games and activities. In this day and era of devices, it is good to encourage your kids to head outdoors and make the most out of summer. A day at the beach doesn't have to be expensive and exhausting. The following are 20 fun beach activities for kids. These easy, inexpensive beach activities will leave you with wonderful memorable moments.

20. Beach ball race

Kids are energetic, and they love to run around. Races are fun when kids compete against each other. The Beach ball race is a race with a whole new twist. According to Tinybeans, you will need a whistle, a beach ball, and a timekeeper. The activity involves giving kids the beach balls. Using a stick, draw a line to mark the start and stopping point. Encourage the kids to sit on top of the beach ball. The idea is to blow the whistle to signify the beginning of the game. The kids are supposed to balance their bodies on top of the beach ball and try to get to the finishing point by using their legs to balance the ball. A player who holds the ball with their hands is automatically disqualified.

19. Bury a friend

Children love to play in the sand. There are loads of activities and games you can play with sand apart from making sandcastles. Burying a friend is an activity that involves using sand to create art on a person. Guide the kids to dig a horizontal hole and fill the bucket with the collected sand. The hole should be big enough to bury a person. Once it's over, the other kids can get in the hole while the rest spread sand on top of them. Use the timer and see which player takes the shortest time to complete the activity.

18. Beach ball hot potato

If you have a group of kids, divide them into two teams. Get one volunteer who will play music as other players throw the ball around. As the game progresses, the ball needs to pass around faster. The volunteer will be on stand-by and randomly stop the music. Whoever has the ball when the music stops will get eliminated. Keep going until you remain with one player who will be the winner.

17. Squirt ball race

Depending on the number of kids, divide them into two equal teams. Draw a line to mark the boundary between the two teams. Give each group a squirt gun and four balls. The idea is to use the squirt guns to get all the balls from the competing team. Teams are allowed to refill their squirt guns. The team that gets all the balls on their side wins the game.

16. A river at the beach

Carry buckets and beach shovels to the beach. Divide the kids into small teams. According to Mommysnippets, give each group a shovel and pail. Help the kids to dig narrow trenches close to water. Fill the tracks with water to make a stream of flowing water. The channels can be straight, but you can make it more fun by digging curvy and meandering streams. You can make the game more interesting by using paper boats to flow along the creek.

15. Slithery rope snake

Rope games are incredible to play on the beach. Bring along a skipping rope. Have two kids hold the skipping rope on both ends. The skipping rope will mimic a snake. Start by wiggling the rope slowly and then increasing the pace. The players are supposed to jump and avoid being caught by the snake.

14. Parachute toss

Parachute toss is an exciting beach game. The game requires a timer, beach towels, and a beach ball, and more than two players can play it. Guide the players to hold the ends of the beach towel. The secret is to keep as many corners as possible. Drop the ball on the towel and get the kids to toss it up and down as they try to balance it. The exciting part is to see how high the ball can go without falling.

13. Beach relay

Relay races are exciting and especially for kids. We are used to using spoons and eggs, but this game adds more spice to what we are used to. Carry buckets and plastic cups to the beach. Give the kids the buckets and plastic cups. Place the buckets in a row in front of each kid. Guide the kids to fetch water using the plastic cups and fill the buckets. They will have to run back and forth until the bucket is full. The one who fills their bucket first wins.

12. Beach treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are intriguing adventures that kids love. According to Pinterest, create a list of items that the kids need to find. Your list can consist of rocks, white pebbles, shells, seaweed, black pebbles, and feathers. Draw a printout and give each kid. The printout has the things that they need to find. Give each kid a bucket where they will place the collected items. The activity should be timed, and whoever collects all items required wins.

11. Beach golf

Beach gold is an exciting game for the kids. You will need a tennis ball, a wooden stick and several clubs. With the kids' help, dig several holes on the beach that will serve as collecting points. Help the kids unleash their inner Tiger Wood by hitting the tennis balls into the holes using the clubs.

10. Beach Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf is a fun and excellent substitute for the standard Frisbee. To make this activity enjoyable, you will need a Frisbee and an umbrella or a picnic basket. You will need to create three target points using a towel, an umbrella, and a picnic basket. You can have more target points. Give the kids the Frisbees and guide them to throw them to the target. The trick is to throw the Frisbee as close as possible to the target. If the kids are small, assist them by bringing the targets closer. Challenge older kids by increasing the distance between them and the target.

9. Beach dodgeball

Why not try playing dodge ball on the beach? Bring along a beach ball and a timer. According to Mommybundle, divide the kids into two teams. The idea is to chase the ball while avoiding it simultaneously. One player should grab the ball and try to throw the ball to hit an opponent player. The player that gets hit should sit down. The next player should take the ball and throw it to the opponent player. The winning team is the one that has the highest number of players by the time the whistle blows.

8. Beach volleyball

Volleyball is a game you can play anywhere. You can never miss people playing this game on the beach. Bring along a net, wooden poles, and volleyballs. Set up the playground by sticking the net to the two wooden poles. Divide the kids into two teams. Hand them the volleyball. Guide the kids on how to play the game by throwing the ball as both teams try to balance the ball and not allow it to touch the ground. For a team to win, they must have 21 points. You earn 21 points by ensuring the ball is clear from the net. There are three rounds, and the winning team has to win two out of three games.

7. How deep can you dig?

For smaller kids below five years, this will be an exciting activity. According to Parents, the game is appropriate for three to four kids. Carry buckets, shovels, and a timer. The idea is to get the kids to dig and fill the buckets with sand. The kids have to drill holes that are proportionate to their height. Use a timer as they explore, and the child that fills their bucket first and can fit in the hole is the winner.

6. Beach Sandman

Beach sand can offer more than building castles. The activity requires a beach bucket. Help the kids collect enough wet sand from the ocean's shores. Fill all the buckets with sand. Collect dry sand from offshore. Use the damp sand to mold ball-like structures. Once you have a ball, sprinkle the dry sand to make the ball firmer. Assist the kids in making both small and large balls. The idea is to use the balls to make a sandman. Help the kids arrange the balls, starting with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top. Use shells to act as the nose and mouth. You can use sticks to make the arms.

5. Limbo Beach dance

Limbos are fun on the beach. A beach version is more fun. You will need a music player and a rope or a beach towel for this activity. The kids will play individually. Get two kids to hold the rope or the towel horizontally. You can use bars to hold the rope of the towel. Play some music and make the kids go below the bar as they make some dance moves. After everyone has had their turn, lower the bar. The person who goes down low without touching the bar is the winner.

4. Tug of war

Tug of war is a game that you can play anywhere. It is even more fun to play this game on the sandy beaches. Divide kids into two teams. Make sure the teams have equal members. Use a rope with a knot to tie each group. Draw a line and cheer the kids as they pull the rope towards each other. The team that manages to pull their opponents on their side wins the game.

3. Beach hopscotch

Beach hopscotch is a thrilling beach activity for the kids. According to Activeforlife, you will need a stick to draw a rectangular hopscotch structure on the beach. One kid can play the game, but it is better to have two or three kids. Mark some boxes ‘s' which stand for sharks and others ‘w' for water. Guide the kids to hop on as they avoid the sand. A player loses if they jump on the shark box. Play as many rounds to see who wins.

2. Bocce Balls

You don't need a court to play bocce balls. Head over to the beach and try this game. Bring along your bocce ball. Place a target called a jack on the sand and help the kids to aim at the target using the bocce ball. Smaller kids can use pebbles instead of bocce balls. The ball or stones must move past the jack to win.

1. Musical Beach towel

It is a musical game that uses a beach towel. Place a long beach towel on the shores of the sea: the more the kids, the more interesting the game. If you have five players, use four towels. The idea is to use fewer towels than the players so that when the music is stopped, one player misses out, and they are eliminated. At the start of every round, play music, and the kids will go around the towel as they sing and dance. Stop the music abruptly. The player that does not run and sit on a towel misses out and gets eliminated. Continue the game until you get the winner.


Beach games and activities are one of the best ways to leave your kids with nostalgic memories. Children are creative, and they love to engage in social activities and learn new things. Activities such as collecting shells, treasure hunts, and making sand structures are creative ideas that help to boost your child's interpersonal and social skills. Ensure that your child wears comfortable clothes and applies sunscreen. Make the most out of the beach by encouraging your kids to follow the beach safety rules.

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