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The 20 Best Things to do in Florida With Kids

Blue Springs

It's always fun to go on vacation, but when you have kids, you have to take them into consideration as well. After all, there isn't a child alive that enjoys walking through a bunch of endlessly boring displays that are created specifically for adults. Kids like to have fun and they have a tendency to be more in the moment than adults. That's why it's important to pick places where kids can be comfortable, too. If you plan on visiting Florida, 20 of them are listed below.

Walt Disney World

20. Magic Kingdom (Buena Vista Lake)

What kid wouldn't absolutely love the opportunity to go to Magic Kingdom? With six distinctly different themed parks inside the main park, there is literally something for everyone to do. It doesn't matter what your individual interests are, you're not going to be bored here. Whether you enjoy doing nothing more than walking around and seeing the sights or you're of a bit more adventurous nature, there is something that will make everyone in the family happy here, including the kids.


19. Epcot (Bay Lake)

Virtually everyone enjoys the opportunity to imagine how things might be at some point in the future. Epcot gives you an opportunity to see all of that with the visual senses, thanks in large part to their future park. There is something there to be enjoyed for adults and kids alike, especially if your kids are interested in science fiction or any of the STEM programs in school.


18. Universal Orlando Resort (Orlando)

What kid doesn't love to go on a ride based on their favorite movie? This is an entire theme park with nothing but a bunch of movie themed rides, making it a perfect fit for a person of any age One thing is certain, you can definitely have a great time whether you're a kid or an adult here.

Animal Kingdom

17. Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Bay Lake)

Kids have a tendency to be more curious than most adults give them credit for. As a result, parents might think that their kids can't benefit from going to a place like Animal Kingdom because it's more educational in nature than anything else. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. As it happens, a lot of kids have a natural curiosity about things in nature. It only stands to reason that they would enjoy going to a theme park that centers around this type of thing because it gives them an opportunity to learn more and relax and have a good time all at once.

Hollywood Studios

16. Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Lake Buena Vista)

A lot of kids absolutely love the opportunity to do anything associated with Hollywood. In fact, many of them have aspirations of becoming part of that culture themselves. It doesn't matter if your kid wants to become an actor or if they simply love a good movie, this is a theme park that can really get kids excited about movies, and about entertainment in general.


15. LEGOLand Florida (Winter Haven)

Kids are going to love this park because the entire thing centers around Legos. Since Legos are an important pastime for most children, they're bound to be able to identify with it. There are seven different theme parks throughout the main park itself and there is a resort that you can stay at while you're also perusing the park. The best part is that the resort has separated rooms for adults and children, effectively giving the children all the amenities they need and making sure they're safe without you having to worry about a thing when they're with you.


14. SeaWorld Orlando (Orlando)

Most kids are intrigued by the sea. As such, they're equally intrigued by the creatures that inhabit it. Adults are indeed likely to find this part pleasing as well, but they're probably not going to get as much out of it as the kids do. There are plenty of exhibits and even some educational events that are held on a regular basis, usually several times throughout the day. It makes it a great place to take your child, especially if they have any interest in Marine Biology or a similar topic.


13. Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral)

Kids that are serious about science might find this to be one of the most interesting things they’ve ever done. Here, it's possible to learn about the history of flight as well as the space program. There are even educational programs that allow children to participate on a certain level. This gives them an idea of what it might someday be like to work at the facility. One thing is certain, if you have ever had a child who wanted to become a pilot or learning how to go to space, then you have definitely found the right place.

Typhoon Lagoon

12. Typhoon Lagoon Water Park (Orlando)

Most kids absolutely love water parks. That's precisely why this is a good idea. After all, there are few things that quench the heat better than a trip to the water park, especially on those extremely hot summer days where you can't find relief through any other means. Kids also love these types of parks because they often get to exercise their sense of adventure.

Key West

11. Hemingway Home & Museum (Key West)

You might not think of this as the traditional place where you would take a child. It all depends on the child though, doesn't it. The reality of the situation is that not all children will enjoy this particular trip but some definitely will. As a matter of fact, the aspiring writer in your family might find this to be one of the most interesting things that they've ever done.

Discovery Cove

10. Discovery Cove (Orlando)

When you visit Discovery Cove, you get to do something that virtually no one gets the chance to do, swim with dolphins. Since you're going to be involved in getting into the ocean it wouldn't be a good idea to bring some of your smallest children to an event like this, but it is a good idea for older children who already know how to swim. As a matter of fact, it might be an experience that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

St. Augustine

9. Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine)

While some kids might consider the idea of traipsing around a 17th century fort with natural drawbridges as the most boring thing they could ever imagine doing short of attending a classroom session, others will undoubtedly be completely enthralled with the entire experience. It's important to remember two things here. The first is that you shouldn't place your child in a box and assume that something isn't interesting for them when that might not be the case at all. The second is that every child is different. Some would far prefer to do something a bit more lighthearted, but for others, this is the perfect trip.


8. Perez Art Museum (Miami)

Again, this isn't an attraction that every child is going to enjoy but some will absolutely love it. It's one of the biggest and most impressive art museums that you're ever likely to visit. Any person who really loves art could probably spend the better part of an entire day here, no matter how young they might be. If you have an aspiring artist in the family, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Florida Aquarium

7. Florida Aquarium (Tampa)

The thing that you're probably likely to notice about the Florida Aquarium is that it is absolutely enormous. In fact, they have more than 20,000 different species of animals there. It's almost impossible to truly take in everything that they have to offer in only a single day. Again, it's a perfect fit for any child that has an interest in anything related to marine biology. Even if your child is not particularly interested in this line of work, there is bound to be some type of animal there that gets both your attention and their's.

Dali Museum

6. The Dali (St. Petersberg)

Again, this is a good option for kids that are interested in art but in reality, it can be a good attraction for the entire family. That is especially true on those hot summer Florida days when you are looking for something that you can do that is largely indoors. The truth is, the building itself is considered a work of art by some. Made completely of glass and concrete, perhaps the only thing in the area that is more interesting than the construction of the building are the art displays that take place inside of it. It may not be the first thing that you would think of when it comes to an attraction that is suitable for a child, but it can be very suitable indeed, especially if your children are just a little bit older.

5. Gatorland (Orlando)

If you're like most parents, you're probably thinking that this is one of the last places you would ever want to take your child because they feed alligators and they have a lot of snakes at this particular attraction. They also have something called swamp walks, where you are allowed to go through a guided tour through the swamp. However, you might want to think of it in this capacity. If you spend a lot of time in this area, one of the best things you can do for your children is help them to become well-educated about the area and the animals that live in it. That way, they can be conscientious when it comes to conservation and they can remain safe when they're out and about. What better way to do that than by using an attraction like this to help them learn? When you look at it in that context, this is a place that you might decide to take your kids to on a regular basis.


4. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (Key Largo)

There are a lot of different things that you can do here with the kids. For starters, they have trips that take place on glass bottom boats. This gives you an opportunity to see the coral reef without forcing you to get in the water, unless that's something that you want to do. By the way, they also have that covered as well. You can go snorkeling or even participate in a kayak ride where you can enjoy the water at your pace. It's a great opportunity to spend time with your older children and even younger children who are more adventurous, provided they know how to swim and behave around water.

Lowry Park Zoo

3. Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park (Tampa)

What kid doesn't love an opportunity to go to the zoo? This is definitely one of the best in the country, so there is no reason to believe that your children won't be excited to go there as well. They have plenty of exhibits, but there are also shows that take place with some of the animals geared toward helping people better understand how they live in their natural habitat. By the same token, participants have an opportunity to interact with some of the animals such as feeding stingrays or even interacting with a few lemon sharks. It truly is an experience that they'll never forget.

Fort Desoto

2. Fort De Soto Park (Pinellas County)

This is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and genuinely teach them about nature to begin with. There are no expensive attractions here, only you, your children and the great open spaces. There is plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed in the area and a number of islands that are connected, giving you an opportunity to spend as much or as little time as you want to go exploring.

Blue Springs

1. Blue Spring State Park (Orange City)

This is probably one of the most beautiful natural parks in the entire state. It gives plenty of space for water activities, without the commercialization that comes with some of the other attractions. It's a great place for families to get away for a long weekend.

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