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10 Reasons You Should Visit Kingsley Lake in Florida

Kingsley Lake

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destination states in the USA. If you're planning a trip to the Sunshine State, but you're not sure which spot to pick for your getaway, we have a recommendation. Kingsley Lake is one of Florida's best gems that often gets overlooked. We think it's one of the most versatile destinations with the most to offer anyone who loves to be out in nature and has diverse recreational interests. Here are ten reasons you should visit Kingsley Lake in Florida.

1. Kingsley Lake has a rich and storied history

According to Florida Backroads Travel, Kingsley Lake was owned by a slave trader before it changed hands. It is the former home of Strickland's Landing, formerly a recreation area for families with swimming docks and landings. The lake is a large ancient sinkhole fed by a spring that is 90 feet deep in the middle. It is a 20-acre lake that is two miles across, forming a perfect circle. It's a wonderful sight to behold.

2. There is a Memorial Park and Museum to visit

Whether you're a history buff or you but enjoy seeing cool exhibits from the Vietnam War, the Korean War, World War Two, or Desert Storm, there are a lot of exhibits to see at the Memorial Park and museum. This area is open to the public and you can visit during its hours of operation.

3. It is a geological wonder

Kinglsey Lake holds a mysterious appeal with its perfectly round shape. The lake is a geological wonder that is inviting for students and professionals interested in exploring its aquatic environment and learning more about its formation. It is not only the oldest lake in Florida but also the highest.

4. The fishing is great in Kingsley Lake

Kingsley Lake has earned its reputation for its outstanding sportfishing. It is one of the most popular places to fish for bass, black crappie, and other types of sports fish. It's known for being home to some of the largest bass in the entire state. This is because of the ideal aquatic environment that gives them everything they need to thrive and grow healthy and large. It's typical to pull bass out of the lake that is more than 8 pounds and more.

5. The bass numbers are disproportionate

Kingsley Lake is a mecca for fishermen. It's like a dream come true. The waters are teeming with bass in disproportionate numbers. This makes it easier to catch them. There is something unique about the bass in this lake that makes them stand out from other fishing spots in the state. They have a longer lifespan which allows them to reach a larger size.

6. It's ideal for winter sportsmen

Florida's Kingsley Lake is the ideal spot for sportsmen and women in the winter months. The climate is temperate and the fishing is great year-round. The lake is surrounded by a military base and private residential homes. Almost every homeowner has a dock that extends out into the lake for recreational purposes.

7. You don't have to fight the crowds

It's not easy for people to gain access to the lake unless they own homes on the shores. There are no public boat ramps, which many people see as a deterrent. According to Bassonline, It keeps out the hordes of visitors so those who do gain access can enjoy more privacy without fighting the crowds. You can book a guided fishing trip to enjoy fishing in waters that contain some of Florida's largest trophy fish ever recorded.

8. The lake is calm and stable

Kingsley Lake is a calm lake with a sandy bottom that is exceptionally stable. The waters are clear and clean. It's one of the best choices for fishing and water-skiing. It's not a problem to contact one of the local guide agencies to plan your trip. Imagine skiing across smooth and pristine waters. There are also great places along the lake for swimming.

9. You can see the fish swimming beneath you

When you book a guided fishing excursion on the lake you will have all the supplies that you need to catch the big one. This lake has waters so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake in most places. You will be amazed at the large schools of fish that are swimming in its waters. It's thrilling to watch them swim by and to entice them to bite on your lures. You must book your trip in advance because of its popularity, but it's well worth the wait to get your turn to fish in the lake's pristine waters. It offers you the trip of a lifetime. The guides have exclusive access to the best fishing spots on the lake. You'll be thrilled by the experience.

10. There is a lot to do in the area

When you've fished to your heart's content, there are plenty of other things to do after the trip. There is an arcade center called Fun Point not far away. It's loaded with cool arcade games with pizza and sandwiches available for snacks. The Cognito Farm is a great farmer's market to visit for fresh produce and novelties. You can also visit the Rooterville Animal Sanctuary for a tour of the 20-acre farm, visit the Waldo Farmers and Flea Market, and more. You can go horseback riding at the Highland Farm, water ski on Crystal Lake, or take a rafting or kayaking trip at the Santa Fe Canoe Outpost. They also offer paddleboarding and have lifeguards on duty. Top Squad Games offers laser tag adventures, or you could travel up near Gainesville and check out the Lake Alto Preserve. It's a great place to watch the sunset. There are so many things to do in the area before and after your guided fishing trip on the lake.

Outside of Kingsley Lake, there are many other great places to visit in Florida.

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