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What is the Grand Canyon in Arkansas?

Arkansas Grand Canyon

The state of Arkansas is home to the Grand Canyon, but it's not the one that is listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world. It's the Arkansas Grand Canyon, and it's spectacular yet different every season of the year. If you've not experienced this beautiful expanse of wilderness, we can tell you that it's worth checking out if you're ever in the vicinity of Jasper, Arkansas.

What is the Grand Canyon in Arkansas?

The Grand Canyon in Arkansas is a series of deep valleys with moderate mountains along the rims. These deep valleys create a landscape that forms a massive canyon. The Arkansas Grand Canyon is best described as a massive valley that begins in Jasper, Arkansas, and runs through the Ozark mountain range through the length of the Boxley Valley, according to The valley lies to the southeast of Jasper. It is highlighted as one of the biggest attractions in Arkansas by many online tourist websites.

The history of the Arkansas Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arkansas is a real thing. Arkansas Online has dubbed this valley the Grand Canyon of Arkansas. It started as a nickname that stuck, and now some signs point the way for curious visitors and tourists. The valley is the deepest geographically in the entire state. Before it was called the Grand Canyon, the name of the location was Vendor Valley. Chris and Jane McNutt went on a marketing campaign to draw more business to their Jasper-based Inn called the Cliff House, in the early part of the 1970s. As a part of their strategy, they changed the name of Vendor alley to the Grand Canyon of Arkansas. The valley views are scenic and nothing short of spectacular. Although it's not a canyon and it's not nearly as large as the real Grand Canyon, it's a suitable name that makes a fair comparison. The couple was in their early twenties when they purchased the inn and came up with their plans to make a go of it. They were young and innovative and the name they chose became a common term for the valley. Locals caught on and liked it well enough to start a new trend. It took a while but after several years, signage went up and new generations only knew the area to be called the Grand Canyon of Arkansas.

What is the Grand Canyon of Arkansas like?

The Grand Canyon in Arkansas is a lush valley that is located in the Ozark Mountain range. Unlike the desert canyon, it is populated with trees and shrubs with natural water sources to keep the floor of the valley green in the warm months. Rolling hills add depth to the deep valley that is more like a gorge than a canyon. There are few step cliffs or abysses, but the expanses go on for miles. The valley changes with each of the four seasons. Springtime awakens new growth of shrubs and trees with lush greenery that deepens through the summer months. Fall brings spectacular colors to the leaves with deep yellows, golds, reds, and oranges until the trees become barren in winter and covered with snow. Four distinct seasons change the landscape, making it spectacular in different ways. The sunrise and sunsets are spectacular in the valley.

Where to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon of Arkansas?

You have your choice of several exceptional places to stay on your visit to the Grand Canyon of Arkansas. To enjoy the full historical experience, the Cliff House Inn is a good choice. It's the place where the recreational area all began. Guests enjoy the scenery from the deck that overlooks the Arkansas Grand Canyon with its breathtaking views. The rooms are clean and comfortable, but they are small. The staff is friendly and helpful and the food gets a thumbs-up rating. The Inn is located at 8 Arkansas 7, 6 miles south of Jasper, Ar on Hwy 7. You can learn more by visiting their website. There are a few other highly recommended places to stay when visiting the Grand Canon. The Arkansas Grand Canyon Get-A-Way is a bed and breakfast in Jasper that has a 5-star rating. There are campgrounds at the Arkansas Grand Canyon State Park in Jasper if you prefer to bring your RV or tents to experience more of what nature has to offer. You can also rent a cabin through Arkansas Grand Canyon View Cabins which offer a choice of cabins that give you pristine views of the canyon with all the comforts of home. You can have your choice of a variety of different accommodations including upscale hotels or outdoor campsites.

Final thoughts

Yes, there is a Grand Canyon in the state of Arkansas, but it's a lot different than the famed Grand Canyon of Arizona and New Mexico. This canyon is more of a deep valley. It's a massive series of deep valleys joined together with a few low mountains to further accent the depth of the valley and give us all breathtaking views and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The Grand Canyon of Arkansas has evolved since 1970 to become one of the best attractions in Jasper, Arkansas. There are several places to stay in the area, that offer rooms with views of the canyon and the surrounding flora and fauna. If you're looking for a place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend giving the Grand Canyon of Arkansas a try. Whether you prefer to kick back in a secluded cabin rental or stay at one of the various lodges, you will find plenty to do while you're there. It's become a tourist attraction for people from all walks of life. Feel free to explore the designated public areas or take a guided tour of the canyon to learn about its history.

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