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A Closer Look at Grönefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch

Grönefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch

Unlike other sports watches that only feature visual cues without the practicality or durability, Gronefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch is designed with everything you would want in your sports watch. The brand's manufacturers, Bart and Tim Gronefeld, better known as the 'Horological Brothers, ' are exceptional watchmakers known for releasing elegantly finished timepieces equipped with some of the most accurate movements on the market.

Inspired by the Dutch 'DeltaWorks,' the Gronefelds are not only proud of their home nation but also take pride in launching their first ever first sports utility timepiece, the 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch. This new sports watch model is designed to withstand the different perils of water while still maintaining the elevated standards of traditional craftsmanship and horology that are often associated with the Gronefeld name. In this post, we will take a closer look at Gronefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch.


As mentioned earlier, Gronefeld's 1969 watch was inspired by the Dutch Delta Works, which is a series of water management projects such as dikes, surge barriers, and dams that help protect the lowland region of the Netherlands from flooding. Since this new sports timepiece is designed to manage shock absorption and water resistance, the Gronefeld brothers decided that DeltaWorks would be the perfect name for their newly-released timepiece. The number 1969 in the name of this watch is a reference to the year that Bart Gronefeld was born. When making this watch, the Gronefeld Brothers wanted to design a model that was best suited for purists with a wide choice of amazing styles and colors. As a result, the 1969 DeltaWorks Sports Watch comes presented in five straps, three dial colors/designs, and a choice of FKM color-coordinated rubber-clad or stainless-steel inserts.

The three different dial color options include white, black, and khaki. These are options with any of the five rubber strap colors such as orange, blue, white, olive, and black. Additionally, the watch has four sections of the case flanks around the four, ten, eight, and two o'clock marks. These have a titanium core with an FKM rubber coating matching the color of the rubber straps. The 1969 DeltaWorks is the ideal sports watch due to its thin proportion. It has enough water resistance for most aquatic activities. As the brand plans on making its first debut in the world of sports watch manufacturing, the Gronefeld 1969 DeltaWorks timepiece further highlights the brand's distinctive aesthetic and watchmaking prowess with a sporty look and feel.


Below are some of the notable features the Gronefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks sports watch:

  • Brand: Gronefeld
  • Model: 1969 DeltaWorks
  • Case Material: Stainless steel, brushed and polished
  • Case Dimensions: 12.5mm height x 44.5mm diameter
  • Dial: Multi-layer grained dial
  • Lume: Super-LumiNoxa X1 coating on the hands and markers
  • Crown: Side inserts are available in color-matching FKM rubber clad and tightly screwed down with sapphire crystal front
  • Lug to lug distance: 53mm
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
  • Movement: In-house caliber; unidirectional central rotor, automatic
  • Power Reserve: 56 hours; variable inertia balance wheel
  • Frequency: 3Hz (21,600 vph)
  • Bracelet/Strap: color-coordinated FKM rubber strap with stainless steel fold-over push-button clasp
  • Price: $49, 315


Salmon dials have been very popular among most Gronefeld model releases, and the brand has made it a signature color, featured in most of its sports collections. This 1969 DeltaWorks watch also re-introduces the third black dial and Khaki dial, which is a new colorway featuring two-tone salmon and sand dial. The different dial designs in this new sports watch take inspiration from Gronefeld's 1941 dial, with its recessed center and elegant graining.

The main modification with the 1969 DeltaWorks dial is a 12 o'clock numeral and applied baton markers. The Gronefeld's signature Lancette hands and markers have high-quality Super-LumiNoxa X1 coating allowing the wearer to easily read the time, even in poorly lit conditions. Large hands and markers help add to the boldness of the watch. The dial-in Gronefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks sports watch is available in three different colors that include' khaki with orange and blue accents, orange/salmon with blue accents, and black with orange accents.


One of the main selling points of the Gronefeld 1969 DeltaWorks works is its exceptional stainless steel case. The brand has introduced a new and average-sized 44.5mm case to its recent sports watch collection. It has inserts along the sides and well-rounded lug tips. Unlike other sports watches, the case elements in the 1969 DeltaWorks works are unique and high-quality. Gronefeld also allows you to choose between a simple stainless steel match case. Additionally, five different shades of FKM-coated titanium that coordinate with the selected strap.

These straps are on the watch's case, and they are not removable. This helps provide the watch with additional protection from the different risks of adventures. It also allows the wearer less worry about damaging his or her expensive timepiece. The 12.5 mm-thick case has a very thick domed sapphire crystal and a tightly screw-down crown. It provides the watch with up to 100m water resistance. The inclusion of colored case inserts is very effective in deflecting contact. It prevents the risk of scratching the case.


According to Hodinkee, the Gronefeld 1969 DeltaWorks sports watch is powered by the in-built Gronefeld Caliber G-06, hand-finished to the same impressive standards as all Gronefeld's watch movements. The 1969 DeltaWorks movement takes inspiration from the Principia 1941 Automatic watch. It entails the Gronefeld brothers' double-arm trademark gear train and stainless steel bridges with well-polished bevels.

The rotor, which is double-arm, is hand-made with a ceramic ball-bearing mount providing additional shock protection. The movement includes a free-sprung balance, a 56-hour power reserve, 31 jewels. It vibrates at a frequency of 3Hz (21,600 vph). The 1969 DeltaWorks watch's movement is by one of the finest watchmaking brands across the globe.

Price and Availability

According to Gronefeld, if you plan on buying Gronefeld's 1969 DeltaWorks watch, you will be required to pay a 30 percent deposit followed by an unspecified wait as the ordered watch is produced and delivered. While the watch is not specifically a limited edition, its production is only 20 pieces annually. The Gronefeld 1969 DeltaWorks sports watch is $49,315.

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