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How Hideki Matsuyama Achieved a Net Worth of $35 Million

Hideki Matsuyama

Matsuyama Hideki is a Japanese golfer. He is notable because he won the Masters Tournament in 2021, which made him the first Japanese golfer to win a men's major championship. It remains to be seen whether Matsuyama will be winning more men's major championships in the future. Whether he does so or doesn't do so, his name is already in the history books.

What Is Matsuyama Hideki's Net Worth?

It is important to note that Matsuyama is very far from being a newcomer to the world of professional golf. For proof, look no further than the fact that Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he has a net worth of $35 million. Matsuyama earned $2 million from the Masters Tournament in 2021, so everything else is a reflection of his successes both before and after that win.

How Did Matsuyama Hideki Reach His Net Worth?

Amusingly, Matsuyama was born in the city of Matsuyama. For those who are curious, said city can be found on Shikoku, which is one of Japan's four main islands. Specifically, the biggest island by a considerable margin would be Honshu. Meanwhile, Shikoku would be the one situated south of Honshu rather than the one situated southwest of Honshu or the one situated northeast of Honshu. The city of Matsuyama has a number of claims to fame. For example, it is the most populous of the cities that can be found on Shikoku. Furthermore, it is home to a lot of hot springs.

In any case, Matsuyama's father introduced him to golf when he was still a child. Subsequently, he became very interested in the sport, so much so that he transferred to a different school in a different prefecture during the eighth grade because the region offered a better golfing environment. Later, Matsuyama went to Tohoku Fukushi University, which can be found in the city of Sendai on the island of Honshu. A number of Japanese athletes are known to have come from said school. There can be no doubt about the fact that Matsuyama is one of the most notable of their number. Matsuyama had his first notable win in 2010. Then, he competed in what was still called the Asian Amateur Championship, which is now called the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, an amateur tournament in the titular region that is held on an annual basis. Winning the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship provides the winner with a number of invitations. As such, Matsuyama's win in 2010 enabled him to go on to play in the Masters Tournament in 2021. He wasn't the first Japanese player to compete in the Masters Tournament. However, he was the first amateur Japanese player to do so. Moreover, Matsuyama did quite well at the competition. After all, he walked away with the Silver Cup, which is handed out to the lowest-scoring amateur.

From that point forward, Matsuyama continued to do well. For example, he claimed a gold medal at the World University Games in 2011. Similarly, he won the Asian Amateur Championship a second time in 2011. By 2013, Matsuyama had made the decision to become a professional golfer. After which, he continued to do well. Just in 2013, Matsuyama won multiple events on the Japan Golf Tour, with the result that he became the first rookie to reach the top of the Japan Golf Tour's money list. On top of this, he competed at the U.S. Open. He didn't even come close to winning the competition. However, Matsuyama still did quite well because he managed to finish in the top 10, which was no mean feat considering his status as a rookie. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, Matsuyama continued to do well in competitions situated in both Japan and elsewhere. There were clear signs that he was becoming more and more capable. For instance, Matsuyama finished fifth at the Masters Tournament in 2015, which was his best performance at a major championship up to that point in time. Unfortunately, Matsuyama didn't represent Japan at the Summer Olympics in 2016 even though he was the country's top male golfer. The Zika virus was running wild at the time. As a result, Matsuyama was one of the many golfers who made the decision to withdraw from that particular golf competition because of the epidemic.

However, that didn't sap Matsuyama's momentum. If anything, he did even better in 2017 than before. After all, he won three PGA Tour titles, which were in addition to a number of other successes in that year. Combined, those achievements were enough to make Matsuyama number two on the money list as well as number two on the Official World Golf Ranking at various times in 2017. The latter was particularly impressive because that was the highest position that a male Japanese golfer has ever reached upon the ranking. Still, Matsuyama's performance in 2021 was even more eye-catching. After all, he won the Masters Tournament in that year, which made him not just the first Japanese golfer to do so but also the first Asian golfer to do so. Sadly, while Matsuyama competed at the Summer Olympics in 2021, he just missed out on a medal at said event. He was in the seven-man playoff for the bronze medal, but he didn't manage to claim it. Since that time, Matsuyama has continued to compete and has continued to perform well. He did get disqualified from the Memorial Tournament because he had a paint-like substance smeared on his 3-wood, which had apparently been applied by his equipment technician for the purpose of helping out with the alignment. However, he also managed to win the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Further Considerations

Summed up, the source of Matsuyama's net worth isn't exactly mysterious. He has been very successful at golf even before he became a professional. Since then, he has managed to do even better. As such, it seems safe to say that a good chunk of his net worth came from his winnings. Moreover, Matsuyama has presumably benefited much from his status as the top male golfer in Japan.

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