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How Do You Keep Employees Engaged in the Era of Hybrid Work?

Office design professionals agree that the move to a hybrid and remote work model has had a significant impact on the employee experience. Methods that were once effective in enhancing engagement in the office environment are now losing relevance. There is an emerging need for new types of facilities that will improve the efficiency of the hybrid model. There is a growing need to support physical health, mental health and wellbeing. These changes have contributed to the need for new management strategies for distributed team engagement.

What is the function of the office in a hybrid world?

The flexible hybrid model is changing the way offices operate. They are becoming spaces for productive work and for social interaction, and help to keep the professional and private spheres clearly separate. 

Hybrid mode offices should be designed for people who find it difficult to work effectively in a home environment. With an even-keel mix of open and private areas, they enable effective individual work and team collaboration. Offices are transformed into places of unrestricted face-to-face interaction, the feature that virtual communication has no answer to.

With carefully designed acoustic solutions in the office space, companies will enable their employees to carry out focused work and effective discussions without the risk of disruption. These advancements are also indispensable in shaping organizational culture, as they create an environment that promotes mental wellbeing and supports personal development. 

Strategies for strengthening team engagement in a hybrid work world

Keeping employees engaged in the era of hybrid work model requires a conscious approach to team and workspace management. These strategies should include engaging staff in the process of reorganizing and adapting the office so that it becomes more functional and responsive to the new needs of the teams. The aim is to create a work environment that attracts employees to the office and helps them to work more productively.

The hybrid model as an opportunity to revamp the office 

The hybrid work model is a way to address employees' changing expectations of their workplace, but also a unique opportunity to redesign and improve the office space. You can make the office a more attractive place to work in through the introduction of changes. It will attract both the team to come in more often and also the attention of best talent on the job market.

It is important to remember that for many people, the office space is an area where they can focus on work, avoiding the distractions of home office. For this reason, ensuring the right acoustics is a good step forward. By slightly altering some of the office zones, you can create spaces where employees can carry out work without having to tackle distracting sounds.

If noise is a major issue in your office, consider Hushoffice acoustic work pods and meet pods. These cabins and booths will bring the quiet those amid the commotion of an open floor need. Their efficient ventilation and adjustable lighting ensure the wellbeing of the users. 

The office must support the neurodiversity of employees

Understanding that each employee processes sensory stimuli in a unique way has a major role in office rearrangement. Addressing the needs neuroatypical staff has in terms of communication, workspace, meetings and barrier reduction helps to support their strengths. 

It is a good idea to design separate areas for different activities (online meetings, quiet work, phone calls) to make the office a more inclusive place. You can achieve this by equipping the open space office with several single-person acoustic booths like hushHybrid.

Creating a work environment that supports neurodiverse people has a positive impact on a company's image and can attract highly skilled employees.  

Organization of routine office meetings 

People who spend most of their time on video calls and virtual meetings run the risk of burning out quickly. Face-to-face interactions remain as the human element of contemporary work environment. Face-to-face meetings and the regular exchange of ideas promote faster communication and better commitment to the work at hand. Employees show more focus and are more engaged in conversations in face-to-face meetings.

This makes all the difference because business is based on relationships. Office work and meet pods like hushAccess.L provide a natural space for sustained contact. Certain types of meetings are just more productive when held in person rather than in a virtual format. They make it easier to spot small non-verbal gestures or to resolve team conflicts. 

Gamification or breaking the routine of remote working

Using game design elements during daily work can better motivate a distributed team to interact with available material or projects. Through the use of game mechanics such as scoring, badges, leaderboards or challenges, employees are encouraged to achieve career goals in a more engaging and interactive way. The gamification elements make remote working more efficient and rewarding, benefiting both employees and the organization as a whole.

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