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How Erica Mena Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

Erica Mena is an American TV personality who doubles as a video vixen and a model. Born in 1987, Erica has created a name for herself, especially after appearing in the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise that covered the New York and Atlanta versions from 2011 to 2020. Her reputation and fame have left many global fans wondering how much the beautiful model could be worth. So, what is Erica Mena net worth? Reports show that Erica was worth $1 million as of April 2023. Let's dive deeper into this subject to get a clear image of this individual and more information about her for a better understanding.

Who Can We Say Erica Mena is?

Erica Mena was born on 8th November 1987, meaning she's headed for her 36th birthday in November 2023. Her parents are Sonia Mena, a Puerto Rican woman, and Brian Mena, a Dominican man. This means she shares those two ancestries. One fact that many global fans want to know about this idol is her sexuality. In an article published in 2015, Ms. Mena admitted being bisexual, meaning you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that she’s interested in more than one gender.

Nonetheless, she has been in relationships mostly with men, starting with Bow Wow and then Raul Conde, a rapper, video director, and Fat Joe’s Terror Squad member. Together they sired a son born in March 2007 and is known as King Javien Conde. A common wrong notion among many people worldwide is that celebrities aren’t learned, since they presumably have their lives on a golden plate.

Don't be mistaken, because Erica graduated from New York's Newburgh Free Academy. Back to her dating life, Erica was engaged to Safaree Samuels on 24th December 2018, with whom she tied the knot on 7th October 2019, six days after Erica announced that she was expecting Samuels' child. The girl was born in 2020, and on 4th May 2021, she confirmed she was expectant of their second child. Besides her career, Erica is a great mother of three beautiful children. On 25th May 2022, reports from TMZ revealed that Ms. Mena had filed for divorce from Samuels.

Let’s Look at Erica’s Career, Transformations, and Effects on Her General Life

Involving yourself with big names on the celebrity list, such as Bow Wow and Safaree Samuels, will surely land you a position at the high table. However, Erica is a proud model who has worked her way up her modeling career almost independently. Blending video vixen, modeling, and acting isn’t easy, but Erica has managed to pull it off effortlessly.

Modeling was her first venture, with appearances for photo spreads in several men's magazines. Such include Maxim, XXL, and King. She has also indulged in campaigns for reputable brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Roca Wear, and L'Oreal. Erica's video vixen career came to the limelight after appearing in blasting music videos by global artists, including Akon, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, and Fabolous.

The model has also created quite a name for herself from TV appearances, which exposed her to a more extensive audience and an enlarged global fan base. Her memorable appearances include the Love & Hip Hop franchise, which encompasses Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She also featured in Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, an appearance she made while working at Dash, a store that Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian own.

Her height is one of the critical contributors to a successful career as a model. Erica stands at 5ft 9in, an ideal and recommendable height for models worldwide. Very few magazines and modeling agents can resist such an incredible height. It also contributed to Erica being one of the best video vixens, the main reason Chris Brown, Fat Joe, and other mentionable artists chose her for their videos.

Video vixen and modeling are the highlights of Erica’s career. Nevertheless, she’s also embarked on a different career path as an author, with Underneath It All and Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette beginning her autobiography list.

Can We See How Erica Makes Her Money? I Think We Should

By now, you know this gorgeous lady has a lucrative career as a model and video vixen. These are some of her top income sources. A reliable source has confirmed that Ms. Mena makes approximately $100,000 per annum, translating into about $8,300 per month. One can do so much with such an amount, including venturing into other lucrative industries, such as real estate. As they say, ‘money is what it does.'

Talking of real estate, there've been reports of property that Safaree bought a young model in July 2020 for $848,000, which she sold a week later at a profit. She sold the property for $1.3 million, its original asking price. Therefore, we can also conclude that she has an entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, Erica makes money through sponsored posts on her much-followed social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This money comes from brands that wish to create sponsored posts on any of Erica’s accounts. She reaches a payment agreement with the brand, creates a post, and gets paid. All these revenue-generating undertakings significantly contribute to Erica Mena net worth. This's why we encourage you, the reader, to think of several sources of income.

It’d Be Appropriate to Learn about Erica Mena’s Awards and Nominations

Awards are every celeb’s dream, although nominations are valuable, too, among this elite population. Erica hasn’t been left behind in getting on the red carpet. Unfortunately, there’s no record of her winning any award, despite creating an elevated career as a model, video vixen, and actress. However, in 2021, Ms. Mena was nominated for The Reality TV Star of 2021 award for her role in the 2012 TV show – Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Did You Know about Erica Mena’s Controversies?

The celebrity world is extensive. Some have worked hard at keeping their heads under the water, with few or no controversies. Like many idols, Erica has a few skeletons in the closet. Nonetheless, one of the controversies that came to light was back in 2018 when she was arrested with Clifford Dixon, her boyfriend at that time.

It was a case of a domestic dispute that Mena's roommates at her Johns Creek, Georgia, reported to the police. The disturbance and commotion happened after Dixon kicked down the bedroom door where Erica was hiding. They were both arrested but on different accounts. Dixon was apprehended for trespassing, while Ms. Mena was arrested for being in possession of marijuana. Fortunately, both were released while in the bail posting process. This may not sound like a critical offense, but it's worth mentioning to show you that anyone can get into trouble with the authorities for even meager law violations.

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