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Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois is a multi millionaire who just donated his home. He has been labeled as eccentric by the press and some others who don't really understand his rationale. He does as he pleases regardless of what others may think. He is an interesting person to say the least, but is eccentric the best way to describe his actions? He has recently taken some pretty interesting actions that are a bit off of the beaten path and it has people guessing just a bit.

Most millionaires are not in the habit of giving away large portions of their wealth, but it has happened before. In order to understand a little more about why this gentleman makes such sizeable donations, we're going to take a closer look at the man so we can get an idea about why he has made such generous donations. Here are ten things that you most likely did not know about Jean Louis Bourgeois. Although by now it has become common knowledge that he has given a Native American tribe his home which is valued at four million dollars claiming that it belonged to them from a long time back and that he is just righting a wrong.

Here are the things about him that we think make him more interesting than eccentric.

1. Bourgeois attended an "Occupy Wall Street" protest

While this may seem an unlikely place to find him, it is where he met Cree Tribal member Joseph Scabby Robeand the Ramapough Chief Anthony Jay Van Dunk. This is where Bourgeois began making concrete plans for the return of the land to the tribes. He confessed that this was something that had been on his mind for several years and the meeting was the factor that caused him to turn his plans into reality. Even more important than the house, his goal was to return the land. Not just anyone would hand over a four million dollar estate but it appears that more than his love of money and wealth, Bourgeois values doing what he considers to be the right thing.

2. Bourgeois took part in a native American ritual before conducting financial business

His spiritual side was revealed as he partook for a pipe with a smudging ceremony prior to conducting the deal to transfer the property to the tribes. Bourgeois honored the customs of the tribe by opening his hearts to the spirits and entering into the event to let healing for past hurts begin.

3. Bourgeois participated in a protest of the North Dakota access pipeline

In an unlikely setting for a multi millionaire, he joined with Native Americans in this gesture to help protect the land that would be affected by the operation. In addition to this he made a donation of six hundred thousand dollars to the Oceti Sakowin which resides within the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

4. Jean Louis Bourgeois had famous parents

Not everyone knows that Jean Louis' fathers was Robert Goldwater the famous art historian and his mother is artist Louise Bourgeois. His parents were both educated. In addition, they were successful in their chosen vocations. This gave Bourgeois a solid background and set him on his trajectory towards his own success.

5. Bourgeois is a Harvard man

His education is primarily in architectural history and literature. These were his chosen areas of study at the prestigious university. He put his knowledge to good use in his work at ArtForum. This was his vocation prior to fulfilling his intense interest in the history of architecture using mud brick. He authored a book on the topic and became recognized as an expert.

6. He is an architectural conservationist

Bourgeois is actively involved in the preservation of great architectural structures. He is deeply passionate about this effort. He was involved with the efforts to preserve the Great Mosque of Djenne. He lived there and was active in opposing the project for the Talo Dam. He has been quite involved in several worthy causes. His love of architecture, particularly that which involves adobe and similar materials is evident.

7. Bourgeois is at home in Djenne with a degree of acculturation

He owns a home in Djenne, Mali and has become well known in the region. His preservation efforts and the amount of time that he has spent there has been enriching from a cultural perspective. He fits in well with the culture of Djenne. This is proof of his adaptability.

8. He is multi-faceted

Bourgeois is a man of many talents. He has traveled the world and is involved with several worthy causes. We see in him the man who has built a career in the architectural world. His deep passion for architecture and protecting the beauty of both nature and man made structures places him within two worlds simultaneously. He has managed both magnificently showing an excellent balance between them. He appears to have deep perspective on how things should be and a devout sense of right.

9. Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois is more passionate than eccentric

It is entirely possible that the actions of Mr Bourgeois have been misunderstood as odd when they are actually driven by his intense sentiments. It is clear that he has all of the financial security that he will ever need in this life. At the age of 76, he sees fit to donate large sums of money and assets to causes that he believes are worthy of the allocations. In addition to this, he also takes action and physically becomes involved in the causes that he believes in. He doesn't merely support them financially, but rather is found at the heart of them doing his part as a body to be counted in demonstrations, lending his voice as well as his pocketbook. This might be considered by some to be eccentric behavior, but on the other hand, it could well be that he is living his life every day in a way that brings him personal fulfillment. Perhaps he is simply honoring his sense of right doing.

10. Net Worth of Jean-Louis Goldwater Bourgeois

We can read all day about the wonderful things that he is doing to help others. His books give us yet further insight into the wealth of knowledge that he has amassed. His mother's estate was divided among the children (He and his brother Alain), but there is no definite confirmation of the value of his share of the family fortune or of his current net worth. We know that it's in the millions but are unable to find a definite valuation.

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