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A Closer Look at the Joe Freshgoods New Balance 9060

Joe Freshgoods New Balance 9060

The Joe Freshgoods New Balance 9060 is a result of a collaboration between Joe Freshgoods and New Balance. Their sneakers combine three materials: suede, leather, and mesh. Besides combining materials, they have also combined different colors like grey, tan, orange, and green.

According to Sole Savy, the colors are a take on the retro-infused chunky 9060 silhouettes. Other notable characteristics of the sneakers are their outsoles and heels. The outsoles are wavy, and they leave behind an arch-shaped feature.

As for the heels, you will see the inscriptions "JFP" and "Inside Voices." "JFP" denotes the collaboration between the two partners, while "Inside Voices" denotes the other name of these sneakers. Besides appearance, functionality matters in sneakers. So, what features make these shoes functional?

Here are four characteristics of these sneakers that make them useful.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Insoles

TPU is a material commonly used in the production of soles. The material is liked for its excellent aesthetic and elastic properties. TPU insoles offer comfort for your feet in several ways. First, they reduce foot pain. You are likely to experience inflammation around the arch, toes, and heel during a game.

Certain sections of the feet experience more pressure than others due to the uneven distribution of pressure. Therefore, the insoles help distribute the pressure evenly so that no part of the feet feels the pressure. Besides reducing pain, they also improve posture. Without insoles, part of your feet will be raised while some parts remain low.

As a result, your feet will not be completely flat, which will lead to problems like foot fatigue and slipping due to instability. To reduce such problems, the insoles keep your feet flat, thereby improving your overall body posture.

Upper Materials

As noted earlier, these sneakers are made of leather, suede, and mesh. Each material is beneficial to the sneaker. Leather is good for breathability, which means it is able to expel water from your feet. For instance, you are likely to sweat when you wear sneakers throughout.

As the sweat accumulates, bacteria consume the sweat and release chemicals that cause foot odor. Luckily, leather will eliminate the sweat since it is porous. That means some air will get into the feet and get rid of the sweat. Suede contains soft fibers which feel warm and pleasant to touch.

According to Liberty Leather Goods, its softness is the reason it is popularly used in gloves, jackets, and upholstery. In addition, the soft fibers make your feet comfortable, and they also cushion your feet from any external pressure. Lastly, the mesh is lightweight, a useful feature while performing basketball stunts since you have to jump, especially while performing dunks.

To jump, you would need light shoes. If the sneakers were heavy, you would quickly experience foot fatigue. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about experiencing any foot fatigue with mesh.

Joe Freshgoods Midsoles

The midsole is the part of the sneaker that is sandwiched between the upper and the outsole. Midsoles are also important for athletes who wish to use these sneakers for athletics. Compared to most sneakers, the midsoles are thicker. Due to their thickness, they outperform sneakers with thin midsoles.

For instance, the midsoles provide foot stability. In a basketball game, the basketballers are each built differently. We can use weight as an example. Huge people are likely to move in an unstable way due to their weight. It would thus be unfair to make them compete with light people.

Fortunately, with the sneakers' thick midsoles, athletes of different weights can compete equally. Also, the thickness of the midsoles protects your feet from pain felt during jumping or stepping on a sharp object. If you were to jump with thin midsoles, you would feel the impact.

So, the midsoles provide cushioning, which acts as shock-absorbing agents. If you step on a sharp object with sneakers with thin midsoles, you will immediately feel pain. This is because some objects are sharp and hence pierce through the thin midsoles.

To avoid any sharp object from piercing through your shoe, these sneakers have thick midsoles to block the entry of sharp objects into your shoe. Lastly, its midsoles cushion your feet for your general comfort. Cushioning is important since you will not experience any foot fatigue. After all, people wear shoes for the better part of their day. To be able to withstand long periods wearing sneakers, the thickness of these sneakers is what makes these sneakers one of the best to get.

Outsole Material of the New Balance 9060

The outsoles are made from rubber. Rubber makes these sneakers advantageous in several ways. For instance, it is slip-resistant since it offers a firm grip on the surface. Rubber outsoles are especially useful during sports. For example, there is a lot of running involved in a basketball game, and the basketball pitch is always slippery.

Fortunately, the basketballer who wears sneakers with rubber outsoles will not slip. Also, rubber is a good shock absorber when you walk or run; your feet won't hurt from the shoe-ground impact. Without rubber, you would feel the impact on your soles when moving.

Consequently, you would end up feeling pain in the soles. As long as these sneakers have outsoles, you can jump as hard as possible without impacting your soles. Lastly, rubber protects your feet from burns or high temperatures. According to Kaliber, rubber can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C. So, even if you accidentally stepped on acid or fire, there is no reason to panic.


People desire different things in sneakers. Some people are after aesthetics, while some prefer functionality. Whichever you desire, the Joe Freshgoods New Balance 9060 sneakers deliver on both aspects. For instance, the sneakers use a combination of different colors. So naturally, incorporating many colors make sneakers attractive.

Also, their color combinations can be combined with several casual outfits. If functionality is your preferred aspect, you will be pleased to know that the sneakers are made with different materials. For instance, they are suitable for combating foot odor. However, an essential factor is that they keep these sneakers durable. As a result, you will not frequent the mall for replacements.

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