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A Closer Look at The New Balance 990v2

New Balance 990v2

While the word ‘iconic’ is constantly thrown around in the world of sneakers, the New Balance 990 is truly iconic. Since its debut in 1982, it has established itself as a quality running shoe throughout the 80s and 90s.

It has epitomized itself as a quintessential throwback ‘dad shoe’ in the mid and late 2010s. To celebrate the 40th anniversary and longevity of this legendary 990 version series, the brand has announced the release of the New Balance 990v2.

First released in 1998, this version series adds subtle details to commemorate the achievement. Here is a closer look at the New Balance 990v2 and what it has to offer.

New Balance 990v2 Overview

True to the original release, the latest 990v2 classic running shoes come with an iconic grey color scheme with an added bold new red hit as an honor of the 990’s ‘ruby’ anniversary next year.

These components are a nod to the deed and rich heritage of New Balance’s MADE products and a sign of the timelessness of MADE. One of the features you will like about this shoe is that New Balance keeps the pointy toe shape, although they are also beginning to introduce a distinct look to the toe box.

More so, the midsole is super fancy, with the large, bulky, and somehow oval piece towards the back sole. The shoe package includes a special dust bag and extra laces in the OG-style box to complete the fantastic vibe of this release.

Additionally, the shoe’s outsoles, insoles, and accompanying dust bags will depict the clock tower at the New Balance factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts. While some might find the all-grey New Balance to be kind of boring, if you actually get the brand, you will see why the 990v2 is a special release.

Details/Materials of the 990v2

To begin with, the grey 990v2 pair has a white 990 New Balance made in the USA stitched on a grey microfiber tongue and an N stitched on the lace stay. At the top is the tongue’s microfiber and mesh as you go down. The shoe has premium pigskin suede eyelets that lead down to the mesh toe box.

The toe box features a 3M piece at the top with a microfiber overlay consisting of a grey suede mudguard wrapping it around. On the side of this brand shoe is an all-grey suede with several small mesh panels. The N logo is elegantly overlaid in 3M. Below the logo on the midsole is the ABZORB logo.

The back of the shoe features more grey suede and a 3M hot showcasing the USA stitched in grey. Below this, you can hardly see the ABZORB logo on the foam via the bubble, and above is a microfiber back tab. The 990v2 comes with a white insole with an NB logo and New Balance classic in black.

On the other hand, the outsole is black and navy, with the New Balance indicated in white towards the back. It also has an oval piece with an N and some blue gradient. This version series features flat white laces for the grey pair and is packaged in a standard Made in USA box.

New Balance 990v2 Quality

The Made in USA New Balance calls up for a high standard, and the 990v2 lives up to the set standard for the suede material. The material is lush, soft, and features a visible backstroke. The price is likely covering the high-quality suede material used on these New Balance 990v2.

It features decent craftsmanship, and while you might find some loose thread and small glue things, there is no major shortcoming. The design comes with a smaller ‘N’ emblem against a white border in dark grey. It has a medium grey premium pig mesh/suede upper for durability and comfort.

The insoles feature a co-branded graphic with the two-tone gray ABZORB midsoles finalizing the look. The 990v2 White/grey ABZORB midsole for the popular New Balance cushioning that will have you running for miles without discomfort.

Most outstandingly, however, the colorway allows you to properly toe the line between complacent suburban fatherhood and stylish youthfulness. Eventually, you will get the value you pay for, and you will barely be disappointed by investing in this shoe.

New Balance 990v2 Comfort and Fit

Thanks to its incredible features, the New Balance 990v2 is true to size and will comfortably fit your size. Compared to the previous versions, the toe is temperately aerodynamic, lacking a quite spacious toe box fit. However, the toe box is not very narrow for you to go up in shoe size when buying your perfect fit.

Because most of the shoe makeup is soft mesh and suede, the shoe is very comfortable on the upper side. It finely fits immediately and has no break-in.

Compared to the previous 990 series, this model provides a more glove-like feel from the upper. Similar to other 990 series retros, the 990v2 has remarkable, sturdy underfoot cushioning. While it’s nothing mind-blowing, this is sufficiently comfortable to wear around for several hours without your feet hurting.

You can wear these shoes all day without any aching. This is exactly the kind of shoe you don’t want to take off after putting them on.


The New Balance 990v2 series; will be released on the official New Balance website and some select New Balance retailers on July 16 at a retail price of $185. You can undoubtedly expect the shoe to fly off shelves immediately after the release, so don’t sleep if you want to cop for retail.

Bottom Line

The New Balance 990v2 is a definitive grey combo shoe that looks very crispy both in hand and on your feet. The comfort provided by this shoe is as per the expectation of the brand.

Respected by all the sneaker enthusiasts worldwide as well as the new consumers, the 990v2 series is a symbol of Made in USA craftsmanship and the subtle stylishness that transcends the recurrent nature of the trend. Ultimately, the best thing about these shoes is how great they look on the feet.

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