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How Joey Chestnut Achieved a Net Worth of $1.5 Million

Joey Chestnut

Imagine being paid to eat. While this may seem to be a pipe dream and something from an afternoon lazy fantasy, for Joey Chestnut this is his reality. He is a competitive eater who takes the top rank in Major League Eating. Competitive eating, just as its name indicates, is a competition to see who eats the most food in the shortest time.

This has been Joey's line of duty for almost fifteen years. Many of his followers who follow his exploits on the table are curious about how much he makes and what his asset base is. At the moment, his eating adventures have cooked him up a sum of $1.5 million as his net worth.

So how did he come across this fortune? Before looking at the Joey Chestnut net worth, let us look at his history to understand how he made his footing to the competitive eating table.

Joey Chestnut Early Life And Growing Up

Joseph Christian Chestnut was born on the 25th of November 1983, which makes him 36 years of age presently. He was born in Fulton, Kentucky, but he grew up in Vallejo, California. According to Gossip Gist, an online entertainment site, Joey was raised by his mother after his father left when he was only two. It is not clear whether he has siblings.

He entered into the competitive eating scene when he was a student at the San Jose State University in 2005. Chestnut made his presence in the competitions felt when he took part in the fried asparagus eating competition, where he floored the seating eating champ, Rich LeFevre. He ate 6.3 pounds of asparagus in less than 12 minutes as supported by his Wikipedia page.

Over the years, he has been a common feature in the Major League Eating competitions, taking part in hotdog, chicken wings, hamburgers, and other heavy serving meal eating fetes. His achievements in eating have seen him break various records in the scene and emerge as one of the key players in the scene.

His Engagements Leading To The $1.5 Million Figure

Competitive Eating

The world of Joey revolves around eating, and that is where he makes his bread. He has been in the scene for 15 years as earlier hinted, and his first competition made him an entrant to the famous Nathan eating contest. In this contest, he came third in the hotdog eating competition after downing 32 hotdogs. This feat showed off his potential, and he started leaning towards this sport professionally.

According to the Sporting News by 2011, he had become a force to reckon with in the field having bagged his fifth Mustard Belt. Seeing how pro he was heading, he quit his job in construction management.

His exploits in eating competition have brought him 49 records as you can see from Major League Eating’s website. He is a significant player at the Nathan Hotdog Eating Contest, which pays its winners $10000 yearly. You can do the math when you look at the 12 wins that Joey has under his name to know how much he has from Nathan's alone.

There is also the prize money for other competitions, some which sneak past the six-figure value. As he emerges victorious in such contests, his bank account also widens in value. His ventures in eating have also created a pathway in other ventures where he tries out to improve his value.


Just like any other sport, eating competitions also attract sponsors who want to invest in the games. Joey receives some sponsors who have his back when getting into the face-off table. Here it is a win-win situation where Joey gets ample financial support from the sponsors, and he serves as an awareness creation factor. This works in the same way as advertising. Most of his sponsorship deals are in the dark, though they are contractual and may line his bank accounts for months or even years.


Capitalizing on his achievement on the cut-throat dinner table, several food companies have approached him for endorsement deals. He gives them shout outs and serves as their advertising partners to provide them with much-needed awareness.

Some of the companies he has such contracts with include Hooters, Old Navy, Heinz, Hostess and many more. Just like sponsorships, endorsements are mostly contractual, and they may have relationships extending for a long time.

Social Media Influencing

Considering that he has immense popularity, several companies approach him for social media influencing stints. It works in the same way as endorsements, only that in this situation, social media platforms are the main media of communication. He has a lot of followers on his social media handles, and it provides the numbers required for a successful marketing campaign.

Other Business Ventures

Aside from his eating conquests, he has other business interest, such as his line of food condiments. Among his products include the Firecracker Mustard, Deli-style mustard, and Boardwalk coney sauce. The products range between $5 and $6, and the profits also contribute to his immense wealth.


Joey Chestnut is a unique type of competitor who gets paid to eat, which is a dream for many, more so the food lovers. He is a competitive eater, and at the moment he has the top rank in the eating circles with over 40 accolades to his name.

The Joey Chestnut net worth has been a key focus point for most of his followers who want to know his value. It is in the open that he now has a value of $1.5 million, and it will be growing with time as he takes advantage of endorsement deals as his condiments' business thrives on the side.

Above are some of his ventures that have helped bring him to the millionaire classification. If you are into sports, you can catch him in action in the various food competitions that come up seasonally.

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