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How John Goodman Achieved a Net Worth of $45 Million

One of the oldest faces in stand-up comedy, sitcoms and even on the big screen is John Goodman. For several decades, he has been an American fixture and his net worth of $45 million currently reflects that popularity. John Goodman has generated his net worth from a variety of different income sources over the years as listed below.

Early Acting Career

John Goodman's first dream was to pursue football professionally, and he even attended college on a scholarship. After a significant injury, he decided to pursue other interests, such as acting and comedy until he graduated from Southwest Missouri State University.

Once he was ready to pursue acting, John Goodman ventured to New York, where he took on odd jobs for dinner shows and off-broadway productions trying to establish his name. He accepted roles with small salaries and little contribution to his overall net worth for several years. He had small roles in a few films during this time. For over a decade, he also pursued some comedy, although he never made it to any large comedy tours that would generate much to his net worth.


John Goodman's net worth skyrocketed to the millions in the early 1990s after accepting the role of Dan Conner on Roseanne. For nine seasons, he was America's dad, and his earnings for each of those episodes was $250,000 per episode. at the time of the show, this was one of the highest negotiated salaries, and he is considered one of the highest-paid sitcom actors because of it. While the first few episodes did not earn this much, Goodman had grounds for negotiation once it was known Roseanne would be a hit. He was the perfect selection for Dan Conner and attempting to replace him would ruin the show's dynamic.

Feature Films

While filming Roseanne during the 1990s, John Goodman was sought out for several feature films, taking on lead roles, such as Fred Flinstone in "The Flintstones." This movie earned him over $3 million dollars for a lead role, which was one of the highest actor salaries for films at that time. This salary set the stage for his future films in the 2000s, where he would do voice overs for both Disney and Pixar. These salaries ranged from $3 to $5 million dollars each.

As the voice of Sully in the Monsters franchise, John Goodman was able to increase his overall salary to nearly $10 million with the last installment. Throughout this time, he has roles in several large films, including "O Brother Where Art Thou" alongside George Clooney. These different salaries combined have made up nearly 40 percent of John Goodman's overall net worth.

John Goodman was also one of the main characters in "10 Cloverfield Lane" which required a different set of acting abilities that fans are used to from Goodman. His ability to utilize a larger skill set other than his comic relief and sheer size of a man has allowed him the opportunity to expand his personal net worth.

Continuing a TV Career

Returning to Comedy after Roseanne, John Goodman did some guest appearances on Saturday Night Live that contributed to his overall net worth. He has also been paid for cameo appearances over the years and on several television shows. With a lead role on "Alpha," Goodman accepted a salary of $200,000 per episode until the series ended. In 2018, Roseanne was briefly reprised until some unsavory actions by Roseanne Barr ended the show. That didn't keep Dan Conner from the TV screen, however.

The Conners

The Conners was a spin-off of Roseanne that allowed all the different characters to return after Roseanne's passing on the show. John Goodman returned again as Dan Conner, but this time, his salary requirements were steeper than the first time. This show is still producing new episodes, and his current salary is $400,000 an episode. This guarantees several million dollars annually in a salary to John Goodman each year the show continues.

Real Estate

Believe it or not, John Goodman has invested his net worth into real estate across the country, having a handful of properties he owns from California to Calabasas. Like most actors, John Goodman resides in Los Angeles and purchased a large 5-bedroom estate in 2007. At that time, the home sold for $4.6 million dollars. Currently, this home has a property value around $8 million. This is not the only home he owned, however.

John Goodman purchased the Merrick Jones House in New Orleans back in 2005. The price tag on this property was almost $2 million dollars and has grown to be valued at closer to $4 million today. He also has a home in Calabasas that cost him nearly $1 million dollars as a vacation property for both him and his family to enjoy regularly. John seems to enjoy having his own properties in areas where he spends a lot of time.

Classic Car Collection

What many fans do not realize about John Goodman is that he is a classic race car enthusiast with a collection worth nearly $10 million dollars. Some of the highest-valued cars in this list include the 1971 Ferrari 312B, 1972 Ferrari 312 P, and 1978 Tyrrell 008. Most of these cars are securely stored in Los Angeles close to John's permanent residence. Because John Goodman loves cars, there are also several newer cars and trucks at each of his properties that are high value, as well. Only a few of the classics are kept off-site from his permanent home location.

Moving Forward

Because John Goodman is still active on TV and taking on small roles in several movies, the John Goodman net worth is expected to continue to grow. Owning multiple properties and a vintage car collection will only add the value and you can expect his net worth to grow substantially over the next decade. There doesn't seem to be any sign of "The Conners" ending soon, so that current salary will be around to sustain this net worth and continue growing it for the next few years.

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