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How Kelsey Asbille Achieved a Net Worth Of $3 Million

Kelsey Asbille is best known for her current role on Yellowstone but many are unaware of her long and storied acting history. As a result of her consistent work ethic, she has been able to amass an impressive net worth. In fact, there are many who are surprised by Kelsey Asbille net worth and it is easy to see why.

When an actor or actress is typically associated with a particular role, people will assume that this is the only role that they have played. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the career of Kelsey Asbille, though. Let’s take a closer look at her net worth and how she has been able to establish herself as a consistent working actress.

How Did Her Career Begin?

While many associate her with Yellowstone, there are others who remember her from One Tree Hill. These are her defining roles, to be certain, but they are not the only ones that she has played over the years. She was born in South Carolina to Chinese and American parents. Her given last name was Chow and she has prided herself on incorporating her heritage into her roles.

From the years of 2005 to 2013, she played Gigi on One Tree Hill before transitioning to a role on Pair of Kings as Mikayla Mikoola. She was credited as Kelsey Chow in all of her roles until 2017. The shift to the Asbille surname did not take place until then.

After establishing herself on One Tree Hill and Pair of Kings, Asbille continued to pile up the acting credits. She built on the connection that she made with Disney for Pair of Kings, appearing in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, as well as the Disney Channel original film Den Brother. Asbille even made an appearance as herself on Disney’s Friends for Change Games.

Of course, an actress cannot subsist on Disney Channel roles forever and Asbille would soon start to spread her wings outside of the Disney umbrella. She can be seen in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, although she was only credited as “Hot Girl”, although we suppose there are worse fates.

The Role That Changed Her Career

From there, she began to take on different types of fare, pivoting away from network television and superhero films to appear in a romantic drama entitled The Wine of Summer. She also took roles in the feature films Run and Full of Grace, in addition to the short films Found Footage and Sanitation. All of these additional film roles took place between the years of 2013 and 2015.

Once 2015 rolled around, she chose a new role that would define her career to a new generation: a recurring role as Tracy Stewart in the MTV reboot of the classic film Teen Wolf. After the reboot reached its conclusion, she also played the main role in Embeds and took on a role in the made-for-TV film Brimming With Love.

2017 was a big year for her, as she won a role in Taylor Sheridan’s hotly anticipated Wind River. He was fresh off the critical successes of Sicario and Hell or High Water at the time, drawing a wide range of highly respected thespians for Wind River. This gave her the chance to act alongside stars like Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen.

After taking on another recurring role in Splitting Up Together, Asbille was given the opportunity that would open her up to a whole new generation of fans. She now stars on the smash hit Yellowstone, in a main role as Monica Dutton. This is a testament to the connection that she forged with Sheridan during the making of Wind River, as he is the co-creator of Yellowstone.

What Is Kelsey Asbille’s Net Worth?

Multiple sources have set her net worth at $3 million, a tidy sum for an actress that has been working since she was old enough to do so. As someone who has been able to land roles on a number of well known television shows, as well as a Spider-Man franchise film, these figures should not be too surprising.

Her current success is the result of nearly two decades of working consistently and remaining a viable choice for a wide range of directors and networks. She vacillated between Disney Channel fare, dramatic roles and short films before she found a truly defining role. Of course, there are those who are always going to see her and think of her as the girl from Pair of Kings or One Tree Hill.

Unlike many actresses of her ilk, we know precious little about her personal life and that appears to be the way that Asbille likes it. All that anyone knows for sure is that she is not currently married. To the best of our knowledge, there is no boyfriend that she has shared information about publicly.

Does Kelsey Asbille Have Any Additional Streams of Income?

Some may see the $3 million figure and wonder if Asbille is supplementing her acting income with any additional ventures. When she is not acting, Kelsey has been modeling as well, but these earnings are not believed to have any sort of major effect on her net worth. In a world where actors and actresses always seem to have some added venture that they are promoting, it is somewhat surprising to see Asbille focused on acting as a primary means of income.

Perhaps now that Yellowstone has become a runaway smash, this will set the stage for her to expand on her modeling passions. In the meantime, there are no additional streams of income to be reported.

What’s Next For Kelsey Asbille?

After establishing her versatility with nearly two decades of different roles, many are wondering what will come next for Asbille. Yellowstone is going to be reaching the end soon, as her co-star Wes Bentley recently shared. Fans of the show can rest easy, as the show does not have a definite expiration date at the moment.

That does not mean that co-creator Taylor Sheridan does not have an exit plan in place. For many actors and actresses, this type of planning can come as a major relief, as many of them do not enjoy playing the same role for years on end. “He has said to me, he knows how he wants to end it,” said Bentley at a recent panel, where he was accompanied by the other key players from the series, including Asbille.

“That was a while ago. I’m sure he didn’t know how we were going to get there but he knows how,” Bentley continued. In the present day, Asbille is dealing with the added fame that comes with being on a hit show of this magnitude. However, there are still moments of levity in the midst of her day-to-day routine. On the same panel, Asbille shared a funny story about a fan encounter.

A police officer approached her while she was in Walgreens because he knew that he knew her from somewhere. He did not put 2 and 2 together until he saw her father wearing a t-shirt from the show. This speaks to the anonymity that she has cultivated and has us wondering what will come next for her once Sheridan’s conclusion has been reached.

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