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10 Things You Did Not Know About Komodo Health CEO Arif Nathoo

Arif Nathoo

In this age of technological advancements, no field is escaping the touch of innovation. The healthcare sector, for example, has a lot to show in terms of the influence of technology. Komodo Health is one concrete example of the correlation of data technology and the health sector. As from its about section on LinkedIn, it is a company that seeks to boost patient care through data-driven insights. With the data in its possession, it comes with a platform based on predictive analytics to help manage diseases and curb their spreading. At the steering wheel of the company, is Arif Nathoo, who is the company’s co-founder.Arif is very reclusive, and as such, not much information about him is available. However, if you want to know more about him, then stick on as we provide you with ten things you probably didn't know about him.

1. Early Life

Mr. Nathoo is very private about his personal life; as such, not much information is available on his life. His date of birth, family, and where he grew up are still in the dark, and it seems it is a move to draw a boundary between his personal and professional life.

2. His Ethnicity

Nathoo is an American national, though by looking at his facial features, you will get a hint of Asian ancestry. It is a possibility that he has a connection to India or Pakistan or other countries in the Indian subcontinent.

3. Education

When you take a look at his profile on The Org, you get the idea that he is a learned fellow. He attended the prestigious Harvard University for his undergraduate studies from 1996 until his graduation in 2000. He majored in Neurobiology. He followed it up with an A.M. in molecular and cellular biology, still in the same institution. An MPA in health policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and an M.D from the Harvard Medical School sealed his educational pursuits in 2005. In Harvard, he was a high achiever, and he graduated with a magna cum laude, which is the highest distinction achievable.

4. Venture Into The Professional Circles

After he graduated from medical school in 2005, he began his professional career, with his first stop being McKinsey. McKinsey is a management consulting firm, and Arif Nathoo took on the role of an associate principal. He had a relationship with the company for seven years until 2012 when he went independent as a senior advisor. Taking critical lessons from his stint in McKinsey, he went on to cofound Komodo Health together with his partner, Web Sun.

5. The Founding Of Komodo Health

According to Vator, the company came through to map individual health identities. The health mapping field receives its inspiration from the data science field. It is a growing field that is the basic unit of predictive analytics, which helps in understanding the spread of diseases in a particular community. It assists in the control of illnesses before signs and symptoms start to show, which means the condition is past the incubation period. The company was a joint effort between Arif and Web Sun, his co-founder, and came to be in 2014. Over the five years it has been in existence, it has gone through a phase of expansion, acquiring over 200 employees and two offices in San Francisco and New York.

6. He Is An Avid Book Reader

From his many interviews, Arif is not ashamed to show off his love for books. He says he always has a stack of books decorating his desk and will shuffle through the pages when he gets time. He, however, fears that he may fail to read all of them, though he never hesitates to get new ones. It is not clear which genre he loves most, but a reading mind is always a creative mind.

7. If He Was Not In Charge Of Komodo Health

The professional life has many in its trappings, as they seek to make a name for themselves as well as grow their entities. The situation applies to Nathoo, though he thinks it would be different if he were not in charge of his company. He pictures himself traveling with his wife and little ones exploring the world and having a good time.

8. His Relationships

As earlier hinted, Arif Nathoo is very reclusive, and much information about his life outside Komodo Health's offices is in the dark. The same applies when it comes to his relationship. In interviews, he hints at having a wife and kids, though he has kept their identities a secret. In the work setting, this is a good move and maintains a touch of professionalism and exclusivity.

9. Stint In Research

During his days at Harvard, he was deep in to research and had several publications to his name. A look at Research Gate, you see his work in research totaling to eight publications. Among the studies, he conducted include the Optical aberrations of the human anterior cornea. Here, the main objective was to investigate the distribution of anterior corneal higher-order aberrations in a chosen population. He conducted the study in 2003. When it comes to his company, he often uses his expertise in research to achieve its goals.

10. Social Media Presence

Social media is evidence of technological milestones in the field of communication. Nathoo has a mild presence on various social media platforms. He has twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts with a decent number of followers, but he does not post frequently.


The link between the fields of data science and healthcare is evident with the presence of Komodo Health. It is a company that looks ta the mapping of populations in terms of detecting the spread of diseases. The chief executive officer of the company is Arif Nathoo, and above are some of his lesser-known personal details. You can follow him on LinkedIn to have a hint of what he is up to in the corporate world.

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