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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Land Rover LR4

The Land Rover created the LR4 to be the ideal vehicle for drivers and passengers who live an active lifestyle but insist on high quality. It's a premium SUV that is known for its versatility and capability in most driving conditions. It's perfect for off-road endeavors as well as for driving across town to do some shopping. If you're not a landrover owner but you've been an admirer of the LR4 model then here are 10 things that you probably didn't know about it.

1. It's fun to play with

The Land Rover LR4 is an SUV that is simply fun to play around with while you're learning about all of its different features, and there are a lot. There are a ton of computer-controlled off-roading features and you'll be amazed at the difference it makes when you activate them. We recommend taking it off-road for some fun and discovery.

2. You can adjust the suspension by using the center screen

The Land Rover LR4 comes equipped with a feature that they call Trailer Stability Assist. The system actually senses the trailer being towed and will let you know if it begins to move side to side. It also comes with Gradient Acceleration Control to help you maintain a steady speed when traveling over uneven highway roads with hills and valleys

3. It's a great bike hauler

The cargo space in the Land Rover LR4 is pretty awesome. There's plenty of room to load a full-sized Schwinn bicycle in the back and have room to spare. It gives you ample space for hauling even two bicycles. It's popular for is space for luggage, groceries, camping gear and a lot of other bulky items.

4. Passing is not a problem

When you're stuck behind a long line of farm equipment on a country road, you'll be able to pass with confidence. While some vehicles just don't have the get-up and go to zip around a long line of cars, the LR4 is packed with plenty of passing power. This is all thanks to its 340 horsepower supercharged engine. It has a decent kick to it when you punch it.

5. It's one smart vehicle

Thanks to Land Rover's Incontrol Appstm, you can charge your smartphone while you're sitting or going down the road, but that's not all. The patented technology also allows you to use vehicle optimized apps for your smartphone on the LR4's handy touchscreen. It comes with a range of optimized apps from the tech companies that Land Rover has partnered with and they're releasing new apps for upgrading all the time.

6. There's room for seven adults

The Land Rover LE4 is made for comfort on the interior. As a luxury SUV, they didn't skimp on leg room. It's made to comfortably seat up to seven adults. It's fully equipped with stadium seating so everybody gets a great view from where they are seated. They're kept entertained with a top of the line infotainment system and an array of technologies geared for comfort, relaxation, and entertainment.

7. The inner workings are reconfigured at the touch of a button

The Land Rover LR4 has a switch called Terrain Response 1. This amazing innovation actually reconfigures the traction settings, the throttle, the transmission, and the engine. It gives the vehicle the ideal mode for driveability. This means you can drive through practically any road conditions and environments including rocks, sand, snow, mud, gravel, ruts, grass or over the pavement with a whole lot of ease.

8. It's a heavy phenomenon

While this high-performer can be described in jargon like heavy, cool, radical and so forth, we mean that the car actually weighs just under three tons. It's a heavy vehicle that weighs in at 5,655 pounds. This is part of its rugged toughness. In a hard wind, it has the heft and the bulk to stay firmly on the road. When compared to a Ford Focus, it's near twice as heavy.

9. The LR4 gives you the best of two worlds

What makes the Land Rover LR4 so special is the fact that it drives like a sports car. It's an SUV that is tough and rugged. It can handle most terrains and driving conditions like a beast. When you get the vehicle back onto the pavement, it's like driving a luxury sports car. The dual-purpose of this vehicle is what people love about it so much. It's like having two spectacular high-performing vehicles all rolled up into one.

10. The 2016 LR4 is the last of its kind

Land Rover made the decision to make the 2016 model of the LR4 the last in its line. You won't see any new editions coming out after this because it has officially been retired. That doesn't mean you can't still get your hands on one. There are still used LR4s out there for sale, but they are few. There were talks of altering the model and offering it under a different name.

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