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A Closer Look at the Moritz Grossmann Tremblage Watch

Moritz Grossmann Tremblage Watch

The heart of a watch enthusiast with discriminating tastes for the finer things in life is sometimes moved by a feature or an aesthetic that jumps out to capture the imagination. Moritz Grossman delivered the goods with its Tremblage Watch. It's a special timepiece that bears such uniqueness that it captures your interest to draw you in to discover more because of its visual appeal. The first thing you notice is the texturing of the dial that begs a second look, leading to the strong desire for a closer inspection of the fine details to learn more. The Moritz Grossmann Tremblage Watch is such a timepiece.

The Moritz Grossmann tradition

Before we get into the finer details, it's worth noting that Moritz Grossmann prides itself in producing handmade timepieces that pass through the hands of many master craftsmen before they're offered to the general public. The brand has a habit of creating unique designs with visual features that fall just short of jolting. The masters of horology explain that it's their conviction and philosophy to present striking and distinctive features that set each example within their collections apart from the sea of luxury watches. They've carved a niche in the watchmaking industry, establishing a reputation for high-quality movement finishes with the application of artisanal decoration that accounts for the most minute features, which combine to produce the differences that put them in a class of their own. We emphasize that Moritz-Grossmann achieves uniqueness through multiple time-consuming processes with attention to each example, passing from one master craftsman to another until they attain perfection.

A closer look at the Tremblage

SJX explains that the Tremblage is named for the process that creates a truly unique aesthetic with a textured dial. Hand engraving methods create a granular texture in fine German silver. At a glance, it has the appearance of parchment in grey tones. Trembling is a method for achieving texturing that begins with machining German silver and hand-finishing the surface to achieve the perfect visual effect. Hour markers are raised to make them legible above the dial pattern in a simple and minimalist styling with polishing that makes them pop. They're not applied, but instead, they're raised. This method is a time-consuming approach. Moritz Grossmann's techniques make the model a rare work of craftsmanship with methods not generally employed by other watchmakers. The minute's scale is inset around the outer perimeter of the dial for a lovely yet functional framing effect.

Other features

A subdial inset at the 6 o'clock position features the same blocked pattern for its seconds' indication with a needle-thin hand. The hour, minutes, and second's hands receive heat treatment. The method delivers a brownish violet color. , emerging as a trademark of the brand that contrasts nicely with the silver and white color elements for a splash of color that is not overdone. This application applies only to the rose gold variant. The stainless steel version blued steel hands. The Moritz Grossmann Tremblage Watch is available in Stainless Steel or Rose Gold. The case is classically round, measuring 41 mm in diameter with a flat polished finish. The back features an exhibition style. The sapphire crystal allows you to view the intricacies of the delicate movement beneath. It's a visual feast for the eyes. The timepiece is almost as attractive when flipped over as when viewed from the front. The depth of the case is 11.35 mm, with a small pusher near the 4 o'clock position to reset the crown to winder versus time setting.

The movement

A Blog to Watch describes the element that powers the functions of the watch. The movement of the Moritz Grossmann Tremblage Watch is a caliber 100.1, beating at 18,000 vibrations power hour with a 42-hour power reserve. Its two-third bridge, observable through the case back is crafted of German silver featuring a finer granular finish, gold chatons, and white sapphire, for an added element of rarity. The text is hand engraved and dark violet screws add more variation for the eyes.

Pricing and availability

the Moritz Grossmann Tremblage is not a limited edition, but there are limited numbers of timepieces produced by the brand each year. The brand's hand-made watches are time-consuming with somewhere between two to three hundred produced annually. The limitations on production numbers are not for the sake of sequestering the numbers or enhancing rarity, it's just the quantity they're able to produce while holding to the traditions and values of the company. Achieving excellence in quality is essential for Moritz Grossmann. You can find the stainless steel version of this watch for a suggested retail price of $36,000, with a rose gold variant available for $48,400.

Final thoughts

Moritz Grossmann revived its production of exceptional watches featuring premium quality in both materials and workmanship. It is in the unique features that command our attention that our investigation reveals the real story behind this simple yet innovative piece. The striking design features immediately command the attention of casual onlookers to draw them in for a closer look and inspection. It's too easy to move on unless you understand the processes involved in crafting a hand-made timepiece. The hours of work that go into each example produced by the brand elevates them to unique posturing within the luxury watch industry. While it's not uncommon for watchmakers to take a hands-on approach versus heavy machining, a brand would rarely offer such masterpieces at the price we see from Moritz Grossmann. The serious watch collector and purveyor of luxury accessories would describe the pricing as nothing short of a steal. The Tremblage Watch may not be everybody's cup of tea. We fell in love with its deceptive simplicity. The finer details insinuate there must be stories behind its manufacture. These remain suggested by the uniqueness that makes it an uncommon model in the sea of luxury watches.

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