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The 10 Most Expensive Airlines in the World

Qatar Airlines

Are you satisfied with the flying experience that you last had? Unfortunately, most people never get to enjoy their flying experience. Remember, 'you get what you pay for.' So, don't expect to have the best experience for less. But, if you are willing to pay more and be treated like royalty on the airplane, this article is for you. What makes some airlines expensive? The comfort, luxury, and personalized experience that a specific air company creates dictate their flight charges. Airlines committed to delivering exquisite services to their passengers charge more. This article explores the ten most expensive airlines known to offer a serene and magical flight experience.

10. Cathay Pacific Airways

Your love for napping on a comfortable bed while traveling should take you to Cathay Pacific Airways. Not to mention their extensive choice of entertainment that take away your flight anxieties, delicious gourmet meals, and a wide range of international wines. However, prepare to pay an average of around $34,000 for a return flight from Hong Kong to New York City. You'll enjoy the first-class treatment that comes with comfortable private cabins, ubiquitous skincare products, and travel kits for their passengers. The suites are spacious and perfectly equipped to offer both working and relaxing space. Cathay Pacific Airways flies to 88 destinations in 35 countries.

9. British Airlines

British Airlines, the United Kingdom's flag carrier Airline, has a fleet of 276 aircraft and connects 183 destinations. They are one of the world's famous airlines. Their quality of products and services has seen them step into the luxury zone, making them expensive airlines globally. Expect your round trip upper-class ticket from New York City to London to range anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. But, the plane tickets can go lower or higher depending on your flight destination. Flying first class with this 4-star certified airline allows you to enjoy a lap of luxury settings in recent times. Amazingly, this airline gives its travelers skincare products for free.

8. Singapore Airlines

Looking for a tranquil flight experience? Singapore Airlines offers lavish travel settings at an average cost of around $10,000 to $30,000 for a first-class round trip. This ticket gives access to comprehensive and exclusive menu options, and you get to choose your chef. This airline's suites have separate units with the best features, including a 78-inch bed, LCD TV, over 1,500 entertainment options, and blinds for enhanced privacy. Ultimately, their high-priced tickets are worth considering the top-notch onboard service, dining, and hospitality you'll experience. This airline carries various crowns. They've been awarded for being the best first-class airline globally. They were also crowned for the best economy class onboard catering and best cabin crew. Singapore Airlines connects 62 destinations in 32 countries. Board a Singapore Airlines flight, and you'll be issued a 'Book of the Cook' to pick your preferred delicacy from their extensive food options. If you love entertainment, they have the best.

7. Qatar Airways

This lies among the youngest airlines, yet it is now among the 5-star airlines globally. With an average cost of about $9,000 for a first-class ticket, you'll appreciate the refreshed and relaxed fight experience this airline strives to offer. In addition, their level of hospitality, hygiene, and safety standards are to be admired. Fly with Qatar Airways and enjoy an all amenity kit and different Q-suites seat configurations that offer a new comfort level. This airline is also highly rated for its fast services, multiple options of quality food, and an array of entertainment. They serve in over one hundred and forty destinations worldwide. In addition to in-flight services, Qatar Airlines has lounges available for their high-class passengers.

6. Swiss International Airlines

Expect expensive flight tickets from an airline that offers exquisite services like Swiss International Airlines. They operate from Geneva and Zurich and have maintained a seamless travel experience over the years. To have a taste of a luxurious flight experience from New York to Singapore, book their first class at around $22,000 for a round trip. You'll be set to access various entertainment facilities, seven-course meals, and adjustable seats available on their flights, making traveling above the clouds exciting and comfortable. Swiss International Airlines serves 100 destinations in 40 countries globally.

5. Virgin Atlantic Airways

Operating in London and Manchester is the Virgin Atlantic Airways. This British airline ranks among the most expensive airlines globally. Expect to pay around $20,000 first-class ticket from New York to Singapore. Even so, their customers continue to admire the seamless and outstanding travel experience Virgin Atlantic Airways offers. The comfortable seats that can be adjusted to bed, the extra in-flight services including spa and massage, and silence zones with entertainment systems explain their high-priced ticket rates. They also offer private travel services to and from the airport, just what a modern traveler desires. Virgin Atlantic Airways covers over 200 destinations.

4. Japan Airlines

It is Japan's flag carrier and the first airline in the country. Japan Airlines has a fleet of 167 aircraft covering 92 destinations. Expect to pay a first-class flight ticket at an average cost of around $ 20,000 to get access to their first-class suites with a meal of your choice prepared by a celebrity chef, board a Japan Airlines flight. They also avail handset, 23-inch TV, reclining beds, secret storage compartments, and USB ports to boost their passengers' travel experience.

3. Emirates Airline

Emirates Airlines has maintained a standard and reputation for being the safest airline globally. In terms of popularity, they also top the list. Flying from Los Angeles to Dubai will set you back at around $15,000. However, the ticket will give you a royalty flight experience, well mimicked in their cabin's design. With Emirates, the entertainment starts in their lounges inside the airport. What a great way to relax before boarding your flight! Then while onboard, you get that own space similar to what you'd feel when flying a private jet. Fly with Emirate Airlines, and you'll keep narrating the unmatched experience you had throughout your stay and even after landing. They'll offer you transportation services in a BMW with comfortable leather seats and a built-in WIFI.

2. Lufthansa Airlines

If in search of an airline that offers first-class cabins, Lufthansa Airlines qualifies to be on your list. This five-star Skytrax rates airline has various options for priority boarders. Their 1st class round trip ticket from New York to Hong Kong will cost you around $ 43,000. They allow you to book limousine service, and guess what; they'll take your dining experience to a different level with a caviar course. They also have in-flight entertainment systems and offer the best wines to their customers. Not to mention their services are super-duper quick, and they always treat their customers like royalties.

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airline offers you 'The Residence' suite with hard-to-beat lavishness along with personalized services for all its passengers. This carrier's "Residence' is the highest-priced first-class ticket globally. Expect to pay around $64,000 for a one-way trip from New York to Abu Dhabi. Their expensive flight tickets give you access to lavish suites, which come with a lounge, a bedroom, and a bathroom for two. Moreover, you get a chance to play your media and advanced massage facilities. If you want a private lounge, private transport, or check-in services, they also care for such needs. But don't expect The Residence suite on each of their flights. They operate in 5 destinations, London, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, New York, and Mumbai.

Wrapping Up

While these are the most expensive airlines on our list, keep in mind that airline companies are not created equal. That explains the price variations in airline tickets and the different flight experiences the specific airlines offer. We have our unique desires and preferences. What you consider an expensive and magical experience may be an all different encounter to someone else. So, check reviews and research more on the airline options at your disposal. Then narrow your choices to what you consider the best luxurious flight experience, translating to an expensive plane ticket.

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