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The 10 Most Expensive Baby Strollers Money Can Buy


Since the beginning of time, people have invented various methods to carry their lovely babies around. Various cultures have had their methods of transportation for infants, but in recent times, baby strollers have become one of the world's most widely used methods for walking around with a baby.

The earliest stroller was built by William Kent in 1733 when the then Duke of Devonshire asked him to build a transportation method to carry his children around. As stated by Wikipedia, the first shell-shaped basket on wheels that Kent made for the duke's children was meant to be pulled by a pony or a goat. Since then, many adjustments and changes have been made to strollers to enhance the comfort of the baby and the parent.

Of course, every parent is elated to greet their bundle of joy and do everything possible to make their babies as comfortable as possible. While our pockets are not blessed in the same way, other people's wallets go deeper than the average rich person's. A normal baby stroller cost an average of $100 to $200.

Brands have taken strollers to a new level, creating luxury baby strollers that can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands. These are made for royal, celebrity, and tycoon babies to enjoy the luxury they are born into. While there isn't much material that makes a stroller, some companies use the most expensive materials and add accessories to drive their prices up. From the Silver Cross and Bugaboo to Versace, here are ten of the most expensive strollers in the world

10. Stokke Trailz - $2,160

Made by the Stokke AS company, a Norwegian company that manufactures children's products, the Stokke Trailz is a luxury all-terrain stroller and has a reversible seat. According to MadeforMums, It is designed for a parent who is adventurous and spends most of their time outdoors, no matter the terrain or climate. It tackles rod, sand, snow, and trails very well, which wouldn't be a problem.

The seat can comfortably accommodate a child from a newborn up to 45lbs. It provides enough support and comfort for a little one and comes with a bassinet which is quite useful during winter and fall as it provides more cover and protects them from the cold wind than the stroller seat.

The Stokke Trailz stroller offers an extra sleeping place for your little one at home; therefore, bringing the bassinet off the stroller into the house is necessary.

It features a high carry cot and stroller position that brings the little one closer to their parents, a well spacious cot with a soft interior providing a comfortable space for the baby to rest, soft padded seat with extra cushioning that ensures small babies fit well, hood with good ventilation and ensures moisture is reduced inside the stroller seat and an adjustable height to provide a wide range of positions. It has the perfect wheels for a smooth ride.

9. iCandy Peach London - $2,345

This brand is well known for manufacturing high-end luxury strollers. This range has standing-out fabrics and a highly polished black chassis. It is functional and compact with one-hand folding and looks very nice with a sun parasol and a luxury footmuff. It can be transformed easily into a pram by placing the carrycot on the chassis enabling a flat position for sleeping.

The peach stroller folds easily following one simple action, making it easy to pick up and go. This brand produces limited editions; in most cases, products are one-off versions. And for this reason, it is difficult to find fake versions sold to you.

According to Mother&Baby, the iCandy brand is famous for its eye-catching designs and colors. The iCandy Peach stroller's beautiful design is topped with a soft leather handle for a nice clay finish. The strollers can be made into a double travel system as the family grows, and its unique elevator features allows the baby cot or seat to be adjusted closer to the parent. You can find out more about this product on the iCandy Website.

8. Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel - $2,700

The bugaboo buffalo by Denim is fashionable, rough, or rugged, just like a pair of blue jeans. This stroller features four large, foam-filled wheels for all landscape compatibility in-two wheeled positions that can maneuver over sand and snow without struggle.

This special edition of the stroller can withstand up to 30 pounds and is certified to safely carry a bag on the handlebar. And folds compactly with its seat perfectly attached. It also accommodates 35 pounds of storage and up to 13 pounds in a bag hanging on the handlebar.

You can convert the Bugaboo Buffalo's reversible seat to face forward or face you with a seat that can recline to a flat position for newborns and sleeping, height adjustable handlebar.

The high position of the seat ensures that reaching the child is easy as it can fold in one piece with the seat attached and stand on its own. It is compatible with the Bugaboo Buffalo bassinet, which includes Britax B safe car seats, Chicco key-fit infant car seats, Cybex Aton car seats, and Peg-Perego Viaggio infant car seats.

7. Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol - $2,725

This Andy Warhol and Bugaboo Retrospective collection is designed to be fun while offering unparalleled flexibility. It features a sun canopy and matching tote bag and has both old and new prints. The new prints to choose from are the butterflies, Globetrotter, Marylyn Monroe, or banana. You can choose if you want the print showing off outside the canopy or inside.

The print you choose will also determine that of the tote bag as they come matching. The colorful butterflies show off perfectly against a white backdrop, with a baby blue or pink on the other side complementing well with the vibrant print.

The stroller's Marilyn Monroe print is said to be a girl's best friend as it features different color variations. The banana collection print gained fame after being selected as The Velvet Underground & Nico's first album cover.

The first banana featured the original iconic image against a bright yellow base. The Andy Warhol and Bugaboo Retrospective collection has been available since November 2014 from the following retailers; Baby Kingdom, David Jones, Minimee, and Baby Village. You can also find this stroller in all prints online.

6. The Roddler - $3,500

The Roddler is one of the unique designs of baby strollers available in the market. With its design inspiration coming from cars and aeroplanes from the 1950s, this custom-made stroller is definitely not everyone's cup of tea.

However, the stroller comes with one front and two back chrome wheels, classic white colored wall tires, color-matching brakes, chassis, wheel bullets, adjustable seat, suede seats for comfort, chrome grips, and steel hardware for durability.

It is more than just how it looks; every single part of it uses nothing but premium quality materials. The roddler has durable aluminum material with stainless Steel, which enables it to last for a long period.

The company can also customize other components to make your ride stand out. According to Tuvie, if you would like to convert it into a tricycle when your toddler is ready to take the wheel, it is better if you purchase the one with the Trike kit included, of course with an added charge.

5. Versace book Plus stroller - $4,200

This Stroller from Versace is one of the most luxurious. However, it is a complete system with a pram, seat unit, and diaper bag with many pockets and adequate space for everything you need. The chassis folds like a book, stands on its own when folded, and has an innovative frame you can easily drive and maneuver with one hand.

This stroller has the following features; a hood with proper ventilation and a strap for hanging toys, a carrying handle, an apron with a windbreaker, support on the bottom that enables the carrycot to be stable, and a click system.

The Versace book plus stroller accommodates a weight capacity of 0 to 10 kilograms. This is just the right stroller if you are a stylish parent and splurge on your child occasionally. The switch seat is simple to mount on the chassis. However, it faces both front and rear, allowing the baby to have a great view of the surroundings.

4. Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2 - $4,690

The British buggy manufacturer and the luxury car brand have come together to generate a second exclusive travel system. This stroller edition is the ultimate baby extravagance and matches its price tag. You get comfort and style with this stroller, and each comes with its certificate of authenticity and an engraved chrome plaque that confirms that it's genuine and part of the limited edition.

However, the stroller has a removable seat, rain and sun cover, footmuff and a carrycot. The seat and carrycot have a luxurious Italian leather finish. You can only purchase it at a British department store called Harrods.

3. Silver Cross Balmoral Pram - $7,000

This is possibly the most expensive stroller in the world and is by Silver Cross Balmoral brand. It is an iconic design that the British Royal family has it for years and is construct by skilled craftsmen from Yorkshire, England. 

It has handcrafted beautiful spoked wheels and C-spring suspension that enables the most soothing and smooth ride possible. However, a soft pure cotton mattress is also available for comfort, making it suitable for babies from birth upwards, giving it a long lifespan.

According to Strollberry, people who buy the Balmoral stroller are handed a certificate of authenticity, a matching apron, and even an aftercare kit. It has a wood handle with a glossy finish which gives it a stunning appearance.

If you are shopping for an elegant stroller, this is it. It comes with hood reclines and a shopping tray. However, although most Silver Cross Balmoral Prams cost around $7,000, bespoke versions have ridiculous price tags and could go up to over $40,000

2. Baby Dior - $7,700

Dior introduced its first stroller in 2020 with Inglesina. It's an Italian brand famous for its premium baby products like highchairs and strollers. The baby Dior stroller is definitely fit for the spawn billionaire, celebrities, and influencers. With this stroller, your babies experience the smooth and most stylish ride of their lifetime.

This stroller shows off photo-ready details with its diagonal pattern that splashes across the adjustable canopy. It ensures enough protection for the children and the sun. However, the wheels and leather handlebar of this stroller are also with the Dior label.

The baby Dior stroller shows off luxury with a matching diaper bag following the same design theme. Other details include an adjustable awning, a reversible seat, and removal and washable anti-UV integral hood with a ventilation system.

The design's frame is cute. The stroller is to ferry your baby or toddler from one point to the other. Strollers are a modern-day essential for many parents; their main reason for purchasing them is their convenience. Strollers ensure comfort, safety, and peace of mind while moving around town for convenience when moving around.

1. Fendi Kids FF Stroller - $9,929

One of the most expensive strollers in the world, and it is not hard to see why. Fendi is one of the most famous Italian fashion houses and has been around for over 100 years. Although its kid's product line, including its luxury strollers, is relatively new, it has become a favorite among celebrities. It is on Kylie Jenner's Instagram.

The Fendi stroller gets its price tag from the luxury brand name. With the Fendi Logo on its removable baby cot and UV-proof cover. However, the world-renowned brand's emblem is also present on the chrome chassis.

The FF stroller's bold and striking design is not for the faint-hearted. But it features a shock-proof carrycot that will withstand even the bumpiest roads and terrains and a hood. The FF stroller also features a chrome basket at the base. It's a perfect storage nook for diaper bags, snacks, or other items. However, for some of the richest babies, the brand added the softest and plushiest padded cotton lining.

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