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The Most Expensive Massage Chairs Money Can Buy

Massage Chair

Speaking from personal experience as a seller of massage chairs, this is one of the best investments you can possibly make for your home. Granted, not everybody may have the budget to buy the most expensive massage chair on the market. However, even ones that are moderately priced can still serve as a great opportunity to have something in the home that can take the aches and pains away after coming home from a hard day. The basic massage chairs will do just fine for people on a limited budget. However, if the affordability is there to grab the best possible massage chair money can buy, I know this will become one of the best decisions you can make as a form of in-home therapy.

10. Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair ($10,999.00 USD)

The Infinity Dynasty massage chairs have no trouble keeping up with the competition as a manufacturer of quality products. The Dynasty 4D offers a wide variety of uses and is often favored by sports medicine technicians as a means to deal with the aches and pains of athletes who push their bodies to the limit. At $10,999.00 USD, this may seem expensive compared to some of the more advanced models that have been recently coming out but it is still worth every penny. This chair not only recharges your body but your cellphone as well when programmed to do so.

9. Medical Breakthrough 7 Massage Chair ($12,750.00 USD)

On Relaxacare, the seventh generation of the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs has been known to sell for $12,750.00 USD). Although there are two new-generation models since this one that is serving as upgraded versions, this particular massage chair is no slouch. The 4D heated rollers with head massage are among the main highlights of this highly efficient device that is more than capable to provide that full body massage experience. Relaxacare is a distributor of many massage chair units as one of the leading sellers in the industry. If you'd rather upgrade to the eighth or ninth models of this brand's massage chair lineup, you will find it in Relaxacare's roster. If you're looking for something with a lower price point, that can also be found on their website.

8. Ogawa Master Drive 4D Massage Chair ($12,750.00 USD)

From Ogawa, the 4D Master Drive massage chair has been known to retail for $12,750.00 USD on distributor sites like Relaxacare. However, on its own site odds are you can get this cheaper. If this is still beyond your price range, there are alternative options that may not have all the bells and whistles of its latest model but can still do the job as a quality massage chair.

7. Inada Robo Massage Chair 3D with AI Technology ($14,250.00 USD)

Since 1962, Inada has been in the business of producing massage chairs and has done so with great success. Distributors such as Relaxacare have been known to sell these chairs at the $14,250.00 USD mark. Sometimes, there might be a special deal on where that pricetag is lowered. Inada has a long lineup of many different massage chairs to choose from to best suit your personal needs. However, in order to buy one, this is done through sellers like Amazon, Relaxacare, and Wayfair.

6. Luraco I7 Plus Medical Massage Chair ($14,689.97 USD)

On Wayfair, the Luraco I7 Plus Medical Massage chair runs at $14,689.97 USD. Regarded as the world's top medical massage chair, this American technology is at its best as Luraco uses the latest generation of irobotics to deliver the ultimate therapeutic experience for the body. Most massage chairs on the market are Asian imports. Luraco has been researched, developed, and assembled on American soil. This chair has a handheld touch-screen control and uses the same platform as Smartphones. There are personal memory settings that can accommodate the need of each user, which comes in handy should there be more than one member in the household that wants to take in the massage experience of an FDA-approved chair. Luraco has been one of the top choices for quality massage chairs and for good reason.

5. Daiwa 6D Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair ($14,999.25 USD)

Daiwa has a reputation for five-star quality massage chairs that are worth every penny. Regarded as a new breed of a massage chair, this also doubles as an inversion stretch chair designed with the L-track massage track. On a site like Relaxacare, it typically sells for $14,999.25 USD. This is the first 6D massage chair in the world that offers six different massage nodules with 3D technology. It also has the trademarked HybriFlex, which is a bendable massage track designed to provide the deepest and most natural muscle stretch than any other chair currently on the market.

4. JP Medics Kumo Massage Chairs ($17,569.58 USD)

Bottom line, a JP Medics massage chair will not come cheap. At sites like Wayfair, they're priced at $17,569.58 USD, which is the highest price tag attached to the company's most advanced massage chair. On the site of JP Medics itself, the price is $11,300.00 USD. The reason for the hefty price is this Japanese-made model has a 4D massage roller with an advanced L-track. The zero-gravity recline is the cat's meow, along with the reflexology foot rollers. This carefully choreographed massage chair device offers heated knee therapy that can be accessed by the touchscreen tablet. That tablet allows you to program your massage needs as you see fit. Despite the price, there is no remote control for this chair. However, this massage chair can do so much more than tending to your back, your butt, your legs, and your feet. It also takes care of those arms. This chair gives you the full body massage experience, as well as some entertainment value with its Bluetooth speaker system. If you really want a remote control for this chair you can access one but it will cost you extra unless you can swing a deal with the salesperson.

3. Dr. Fuji's CE-9800 Massage Chair ($19,999.00 USD)

When regularly priced, Dr. Fuji's CE-9800 massage chair is valued at $19,999.00 USD. Sometimes, one can luck out and get it on sale. Designed as an ergonomically friendly massage chair with the S-L track, the body scan technology will set itself according to what your body needs to get the perfect therapeutic treatment. As the rollers move up and down, perhaps apply some heat to further encourage the blood circulation. This product may not be cheap but it is worth it.

2. Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair ($25,999.00 USD)

Medical Breakthrough does not make, nor sell, cheap massage chairs. When regularly priced at $25,999.00 USD, it is one of the most expensive massage chairs money can buy. So, when specials are in place that lower it by at least fifty percent, jumping on the bargain of prices known to go as low as $9,599.00 USD would definitely be a good idea. On sites like Relaxacare, this 4D massage chair has been known to sell for $12,749.00 USD as limited editions.

1. Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair ($29,999.00 USD)

Once upon a time, the Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair sold for $29,999.00 USD. In some markets, this is still the case. However, if you're lucky enough to score a good deal, you can get one for 12,599.00 USD on its own website. It was the first massage chair engineered to help fix a person's posture, as well as reduce pain throughout the entire body. It also helps the user fall asleep. These chairs come with a three-year warranty that will send technicians directly to your home to have it fixed for free. It can't be fixed for whatever reason, it will be replaced.

While this list focused on massage chairs, make sure to read the list of Most Expensive Things in the World. Many are likely out of your price range, but will fascinate you nonetheless.

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