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The Five Most Expensive Montblanc Pens Ever Made


Montblanc has established itself as a company that manufactures high-quality luxurious writing instruments. Its story began in 1906 when a designer and banker partnered to make simple fountain pens. However, three other enterprising men saw the potential in the business and took over; thus, in 1908, Montblanc was born. The company name is inspired by the highest mountain in western Europe. It symbolizes the commitment to manufacturing top-notch pens. As a result, the price is usually astronomical, and below are the five most expensive Montblanc pens ever made.

5. Montblanc Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81 - $256,000

This pen is a tribute to Prince Rainier III, and Montblanc limited the writing instrument to only 81 pens, to coincide with the age at which the Prince died. To further pay tribute to the Prince, half of the sales revenue, according to Sandra’s Closet, went to the foundation Princess Grace Kelly had established. The pen was sold for $256,000, a price explained by the diamonds and rubies worth over 8 carats embellishing the skeleton frame. In total, the pen has 992 diamonds and 92 rubies. The pen is also made from 18-carat gold in line with the Montblanc tradition. The body as well is crafted from 18-carat white gold, while the clip has 19 rubies. This pen was unveiled in 2007, two years after Prince Rainier died and his son, Prince Albert attended the event.

4. Montblanc Mystery Masterpiece - $730,000

According to RobbReport, Montblanc and Van Cleef & Arpels celebrated their years of making high-end luxury accessories in 2006 by making the Mystery Masterpiece pen. The two companies used a Mystery Setting Technique, which Van Cleef & Arpels has patented. It involves making the gemstones appears as if they are floating by concealing their placement on the pen’s surface. The technique uses a clear resin, and the mystery is how the gemstones “float.” Therefore, the name comes from the mystery technique by Van Cleef & Arpels, and “masterpiece” is from Montblanc’s most popular pen. The limited-edition comprised nine pens – three each, in sapphire, emerald, and ruby. It is a heavily jeweled pen made from an 18-carat gold nib and 11.7-carat diamonds encrusting the surface. It took a lot of precision to get the pen this exquisite, and allegedly, each took at least 90 minutes to set the diamonds. The pens were all handmade. Consequently, each was priced at $730,000.

3. Montblanc Boheme Royal Pen - $1.5 Million

Alux lists the Montblanc Boheme Royal pen as one of the highest-priced pens globally. Other sources cite it as the flagship pen of the Montblanc brand. It is adorned with 1430 diamonds patterned in a wavy line on the entire surface of the pen. The writing instrument came in two versions – one with all white diamonds and another in white diamonds alternating with black ones. The logo is one of a kind and comprises 19 diamonds and three 18-carat white gold rings. Another unique feature is the retractable nib made from 18-carat gold and is platinum-plated. The pen is refilled through a cartridge instead of a converter since a converter would risk getting some ink on the pen, damaging the beauty that makes the pen stand unique. The clip also sets the writing instrument apart with a paramount diamond-cut set.

2. Montblanc Johannes Kepler Stella Nova - $1.5 Million

According to Luxury Launches, Montblanc decided to pay tribute to Johannes Kepler, the astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician who developed the laws of planetary motion. Montblanc created Johannes Kepler High Artistry Limited Edition, which comprised five items, all writing instruments. However, the one that took the prize was the Johannes Kepler High Artistry Stella Nova Limited Edition 1. It is made from 5,294 sapphires and 570 diamonds. The sapphires in the cap are designed in a pattern that emulates the Milky Way. At the top of the pen is a 6.20-carat flawless diamond. The diamond is placed in a three-dimensional white gold structure, and three rings surround it. The three rings symbolize Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion – the law of harmonies, the law of equal areas, and the law of ellipses. The pen comes with its porcelain stand, whose shape is inspired by a 17th-century scrolled collar that Kepler wore. Atop the collar is an open scroll featuring a drawing by Kepler. This writing instrument also comes with a pair of white gold cufflinks shaped like Kepler’s model of the solar system. The tip of the pen has an engraving of the constellation Ophiuchus. These limited-edition pens were only available at Montblanc boutiques.

1. Montblanc Taj Mahal Edition - $2 Million

According to Lux Expose, Montblanc’s Celebration of the Taj Mahal Edition is a tribute to the Mughal dynasty’s rich traditions and the influence of Shah Jahan. The inspiration for the Taj Mahal construction is the love between Shah Jahan and his Mumtaz Mahal who had been inseparable since their marriage until death took Mahal away during childbirth. The Taj Mahal is one of India’s most popular landmarks, and as such, writing instruments inspired by the monument are bound to be highly priced. The Taj Mahal Collection only had three writing instruments, all limited to a piece worldwide; the three include the Black Myth, the Insignia of Power, and Tears of The Moon. The Black Myth Limited Edition 1 is inspired by the myth that Shah Jahan planned on building another image of the Taj Mahal in black, standing opposite Yamuna River, where his late wife lay. To further emphasize the Black Myth, the pen is designed from white gold adorned with black sapphires and diamonds. The 18-carat gold nib embellished with lovebirds encompassed by foliage and flowers signifies the love between Shah Jahan and Mahal. The lovebirds are present also on the Tears of the Moon and Insignia of Power. These three writing instruments have peacock feathers, referencing the Peacock Throne that Shah Jahan created. The peacock feathers also replace clips in this High Artistry Edition priced at $2 million.

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