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What Are Nike Daybreaks Used For?

Nike Daybreak

Nike Daybreak is one of the brand's best-sellers. There are more reasons to buy these comfortable shoes than there are not to buy them but what are they for? What is the primary intention of Nike Daybreaks? Here is everything you need to know about them.

A long and storied history

According to Input Magazine, the Nike Daybreak is a model that has been around for more than 40 years. The sneaker was first revealed in 1979 as a running shoe. It was one of Nike's first specialty shoes that were designated for running. Since that first Daybreak, the line has undergone a series of updates and even upgrades, with dozens of new colorways added to spice up its visual appeal.

Evolution of the Nike Daybreak

The first Daybreak in 1979 was heralded as a comfortable running shoe. It was lightweight and made to protect the feet. Nike's steady progress in developing new shoe technology innovations resulted in periodic upgrades to the Daybreak. By 1984, it was the sneaker that Joes Benoit Samuelson wore when she placed in the Olympic marathon, taking first place. The upper is made of very light nylon with suede overlays to add exceptional durability, yet maintain lightness. The midsole was a flared EVA type with a cup innersole.

Recent Release of the Nike Daybreak

Runners World had to report on the 2019 new release of the Daybreak. The vintage shoe was revered as a piece of marathon history for women s the shoe that helped Benoit Samuelson take the victory lap. It was time for a new release of the retry sneaker. Decades after we'd seen the model it suddenly made a new appearance with a few innovations to help modernize the still attractive styling. Nike added a bit of motion control for wearers who tend to overpronate. It also received a waffle pattern rubber outsole for the firm and reliable grip that makes the shoes suitable for wear over any type of terrain. They also threw in quite bold new color options to ensure that the Daybreak would be available in a colorway that would go with any casual or streetwear outfit.

A New Collaboration

Nike partnered with Jun Takahashi of the Undercover brand to deliver an updated Daybreak iteration with an exaggerated hl clip with speckling in the midsoles in a 2019 release of the shoe. This was one of the new modernized versions of the silhouette. It was followed by a partnership with Virgil Abloh to give the Daybreak a deconstructed aesthetic. The mesh upper is thin and see-through with the use of contrast stitching to outline the lines of the sneaker. The print N. 354 in handwritten numeral aesthetic adds a new twist to the retro sneaker from the 1970s and 1980s. A few new features of the new designer release of the throwback shoes reduce to Swoosh to a stitched line on the shoes. The version of the re-release was made available in a choice of three colorways with a unique unisex sizing. You can still find the 2019 release in a choice of Metallic Gold with the swoosh in gold and a light blue upper, in a Metallic Silver colorway with a silver swoosh and monochrome upper, or a fresh Lavender Mist featuring the swoosh in black over a purple color-blocked upper.

The Current Use of Nike Daybreaks

Nike Daybreaks are still a running shoe, but these versatile sneakers are recommended for so much more. Although they're still a good option for runners, the stylish range of color choices makes them even better as everyday shoes. To add to the overall value of Nike Daybreaks the average price is a low $100.

Reviews of the Nike Daybreak 9

Run Repeat collected the opinions of users to discover if this is a shoe that is still a popular choice among the American public. This iteration still features the stylish and lightweight nylon upper with suede overlays to give it durability and firm upper foot support. The classic waffle pattern on the outsole gives it outstanding traction on all surfaces that it's been valued for. The overall conclusion is that there are more reasons to love this sneaker than there are not too

Outstanding Features of the new Nike Daybreak

The Daybreak has retained its lightweight comfort that helps to dispel foot, ankle, and leg fatigue. The comfort level is also rated as top-notch with padding at the collar and tongue with an outstanding cushiony footbed offering just the right amount of arch support. It's now available in dozens of choices for maintaining your unique sense of style with different colorways and variations in styling. There is a Nike Daybreak to complement any type of casual wear. It still has that retro appeal even in the most modernized styles offered today. The low-top Daybreak SP is ranked as one of Nike's most versatile sneakers with durability and usefulness for a variety of activities from running in a marathon to walking around the office. You can use it as a trainer or just wear it as your everyday sneaker.

Is there anyone that the Nike Daybreak might not work for?

One drawback to the Nike Daybreak SP is that it has a more narrow fit. People who have wide feet may not find this shoe to be the ideal choice. It's a blast from the past for those who remember the good old days when the Daybreak was just released and lauded as one of the best running shoes in the world. Currently, it's a good everyday shoe that is still useful as a trainer, workout shoe, office shoe, or for walking around the mall. It's a versatile retro sneaker that has come full circle in its evolution. The Nike Daybreak is where the high-quality value of yesteryear meets a new modern society and it fits in well with both.

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