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10 Things You Didn't Know About Nikki Pechet

Nikki Pechet

Nikki Pechet is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Homebound, a custom home builder that serves customers by uniquely simplifying the home building process. The company provides support for homeowners from the start of the process to the end.

Nikki has an interesting personal and career history that makes her approach to business a bit unusual, yet appealing. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Nikki Pechet to help you become better acquainted with her significant accomplishments in the construction industry.

1. She founded Homebound out of necessity

Nikki Pechet is a woman of action. She has a background in the construction and real estate industries but when the wildfires of 2017 destroyed countless homes in Napa, she was there when the monotonous and expensive rebuilding process began for the locals.

She wondered if there was a way to help simplify the processes involved as she surveyed the damage and watched people struggle to rebuild their lives and their homes. This is the event that led Pechet to investigate better ways of helping, and it led to the development and launch of Homebound, according to The Org.

2. She started in real estate

Nikki began her professional career in New York City, but it wasn't in the construction industry. Instead, it was in real estate. She had a good position with Bain & Company when she lived on the East Coast. The company was known for its innovations and strategies in real estate and throughout other industries. Nikki gained many insights along with useful knowledge and experience at the firm. Her time there was well spent and it helped her develop skills she currently uses when leading the team at Homebound.

3. Nikki has a diverse background

According to Topio, Nikki Pechet's first job was in management, but it had nothing to do with construction or real estate. Before she was hired as a Principal at Bain & Company, she worked at PepsiCo as a brand manager. She was hired in September of 2003 and remained in the managerial position until May of 2005 when she left her job to pursue a career at Bain. The step was a definite move up in responsibility that would help to further her aspirations for a leadership position.

4. She was an executive at Thumbtack

Nikki was on her way to better things. Her time at Bain & Company was intense and it helped her to develop her leadership skills to the point of being ready to tackle new challenges. In November of 2014, she was hired at the online company Thumbtack. She served as the vice president of marketing there until June of 2018. This position was more closely related to her job at Pepsi Co in brand management.

5. Pechet is an advisor for Opendoor

Opendoor is a business that provides homeowners with resources for selling their homes online. The platform is designed to remove all of the risk, uncertainty, and hassle from such transactions. It also helps homeowners to sell their properties in just minutes in an online environment. Nikki serves as an advisor for the company that is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

6. Nikki Pechet has a strong background in business education

According to her LinkedIn page, Nikki attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. She entered the business program of study in 200. Nikki earned her BBA degree in 2003. She took 2 years off of school before returning to earn an advanced degree. Her application was accepted at the prestigious Harvard Business School. She studied business from 2005 through 2007, earning her MBA degree.

7. Nikki is an angel investor

Pechet knows how hard it can be to start a new company, but she also knows that early-stage companies led by dynamic entrepreneurs offer exciting returns for investors. She enjoys helping others to get a start in their careers, but she's savvy about investments. She has a good feel for which startups are the most likely to succeed. Nikki has been an angel investor since December of 2010. She continues to support new businesses that show potential. So far, her portfolio includes Mission U, Rentjuice, which were both acquired by larger corporations, Second Front Systems, Stick, Swayable, and Jumprope.

8. She serves on the board of Thrivent

Nikki Pechet's opinions and ideas are of high value to other business owners. She has a proven track record of success. Her years of experience span across multiple industries. This makes her an asset to any board. She is a board director at Thrivent, a company that helps communities and individuals with financial services. Nikki has been in the position since 2018. She continues to serve on the board in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

9. Nikki developed a complicated software system

According to Forbes, Nikki has a solid grasp of technology and how it can be used to help people and businesses. She worked with professionals to design the software apps for Homebound that would uniquely provide customers with simplified and easy-to-use features.

One of Nikki's goals for Homebound was to provide clients with access to all of the relevant information about the processes involved with the building or rebuilding of their homes. She wanted the processes to be transparent. The software she developed tracks a total of 379 unique tasks that happen when a home is being built.

This allows people to have peace of mind and know what is being done in their homes and when it is being done. The app also allows for interaction between the homeowner and the construction crews/interior designers. It even lets everyone know when a shipment of building supplies is being delivered.

10. You can follow her on social media

If you like what you're hearing about Nikki and the services she offers to homebuilders, you can follow her on social media to stay informed about what she's up to. Nikki does a good job of updating her social media sites with posts about what's going on currently with Homebound. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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