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The History and Evolution of the Nissan GTR


The Godzilla of cars, the Nissan GTR is considered Nissan’s greatest line of cars since its inception. Almost everything is covered with this car as it has killer looks, incredible speeds, and a lot of muscle under the hood. Coupled with the seamless control and comfortably luxurious interior, cruising down the road at missile speeds does not get more enjoyable than with the Nissan GTR. The sleek look of the Nissan GTR alone is captivating, but this range of cars has a lot more to offer. Here is a comprehensive overview of everything there is to know about the Godzilla.

A Brief History

The Nissan GTR is a product of the Nissan Skyline GTR. First produced in 1969, the Nissan Skyline GTR proved to be a success and was popular with consumers although it was confined to the United States market only. Although it became the inspiration behind the Nissan GTR, the Skyline GTR shares little aspects with the former. The Nissan GTR range of cars was first produced in 2007 in Tokyo, Japan, and its first debut in the U.S.A. was not until seven months later. It was sleeker, faster, and more powerful than its predecessor. Since then, every new model in this range has retained the basic design of the Nissan GTR but improved on aspects such as speed, power, and technology.


The Nissan GTR is notable for the power it packs under its hood. It is powered by a V6 3,799 engine and a 3.8-liters fuel tank. The powerful engine comfortably pumps out 550bhp of power and propels the car to a top speed of 193mph. Even more impressive than this is the car’s acceleration—using the R-start launch control, the Nissan GTR can accelerate from 0mph to 62mph in less than 3 seconds. However, it is important to note that although these are considered the standard specs of the Nissan GTR, newer models are constantly pushing the limits higher.

The Evolution of Nissan GTR – Models Produced to Date

Nissan always has a way of surprising enthusiasts with better specs with the release of each model. The GTR has evolved beautifully in the past nine years and today boasts of being a hit sensation among auto lovers. Here are the models that have shaped the face of the Nissan GTR.

Nissan GTR Spec-V

Images with Nissan GT

The spec V was released in January, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. It retained the same engine as the base GTR, but it introduced a better high gear boost controller that boosted the model’s torque compared to its predecessor. The new controller made it possible to give a temporal boost to the twin turbo-chargers, thereby boosting torque. Besides the new gear control, the Spec-V also makes slight changes to the exterior by adding brake ducts, a grille, a rear spoiler made of carbon fiber, and a sleeker Black Opal paint job. Changes to the interior include removal of the rear seats, Recarco front seats made of carbon fiber, and a carbon fiber cover for the instrument panel and center storage box. The Spec-V is currently valued at about $130,000.

Nissan GTR Pure Edition and Black Edition


The Nissan GTR Pure Edition is exceptional as it was produced for the Japanese market only. It is the product of collaboration between Nissan and Japanese company NordRing, and as such features new aspects such as Rays-made wheels, suspension, and brake-cooling air-guide system. It also retains exclusive rights to the new front spoiler fitted with carbon air ducts. The Nissan GTR Black Edition, on the other hand, does not deviate much from the design and specs of the Pure Edition. The only notable changes are 20-inch Rays-made rims, a carbon fiber spoiler, and the fact that it came only in red. The official asking price for the Pure Edition and Black Edition in Japan was about $85,000 at the time of its launch.

Nissan GTR Nismo


Released in 2015, this model made improvements on all major aspects including power, torque, and looks. To start with, the new engine pumps out 600bhp and give a maximum torque output of 481 lb-ft. Although the top speed has not changed, the Nismo has reduced acceleration time from 3 seconds to 2.7 seconds. Significant changes have also been made to the exterior. They include a front spoiler fitted with carbon fiber air ducts and a carbon fiber panel in place of the aluminum trunk. Notable interior changes include synthetic suede seats and a classic blend of red and black. The Nissan GTR Nismo costs a bit more than earlier models thanks to the upgrades and is valued at about $150,000.

Nissan GTR Nismo N-Attack


The Nissan GTR Nismo N-Attack is more of a special edition of the Nissan GTR Nismo than an upgrade. It is fitted with all the features of the GTR Nismo, and the only notable changes are in its exterior looks and interior design. The price of the Nissan GTR Nismo N-Attack varies from the U.S. to Japan as production is handled by different companies. However, it is well within the range of the Nissan GTR Nismo standing at about $150,000.

New Updates

Nissan recently unveiled the new 2017 Nissan GTR in New York, and as expected there were new and very exciting upgrades. To start with, it looks more imposing as the front end looks more compact and the new front bumper is a reflection of the speed and power under its hood. The interior is more luxurious and comfortable, and it incorporates the latest technology all packed nicely on the center dashboard.

What The Future Holds

The Nissan GTR has grown to be nicknamed “the Godzilla” – an excellent fit for all the features it has to offer. With top speeds of 193mph, it is guaranteed to give speed enthusiasts more than a fair dosage of their adrenaline fix. Additionally, the luxuriously comfortable interior, coupled with the immense power and seamless control makes you feel one with the car. Combine all of this with killer racing-car looks and you have a true road warrior.

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