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10 Things You Didn't Know about Oscar Werner

Oscar Werner

Oscar Werner is the Current CEO of Sinch, having joined the company as CEO of CLX in 2018. Since then, he has led Sinch into growing organically and through acquisitions. Upon joining the company, Werner's impact was evident as the profit grew by 29% compared to the previous year while the business units also increased their profitability by 30%. He rarely is in the media unless to comment on any significant changes in the company; therefore, knowing the intimate details can be challenging. Still, here are ten facts you probably didn't know about Sinch's CEO.

1. He is a Very Private Person

It is human nature to want recognition; even Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs dictates that we wish to have our esteem needs fulfilled at some point in our lives. Thus, it is rare to find someone who downplays his achievements so much that not even the media has a record of any milestones that Werner has been proud to declare. Then again, in a world where everything we do makes it to social media, retaining your privacy gives you power because what people don't know they cannot destroy. Therefore for Werner, trying to learn about his family background, his love life, or even social life is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

2. His Education

According to Wall Street Journal, Werner attended the KTH Royal Institute of Technology for his undergraduate degree in industrial engineering. The institute is among the most prestigious technical universities in Europe hence has a very selective admission policy based on a student's past grades and academic record. The CEO also studied for his master's degree in economics at the Stockholm School of Economics, focusing on international business, accounting, and managerial finance.

3. He Knows How to Work His Way to the Top

Getting a job is great but remaining in the same position for years indicates that you may be among the list of employees that do not get promoted, as Business Insider published. As per the article, the chances of you never being promoted are high if you are a doormat, have anger management issues, and are negative about everything. Werner seems not to bear these qualities; hence, he always gets promoted in every job he holds.

4. He is a Strategist

Werner has been at the helm of Sinch and has led the company to become a world leader in cloud communications. However, he knows the right companies to merge with and acquire through his hard work and foresight. In the past year, he has facilitated Sinch to acquire five companies as he strives to have a larger market share in the United States. Due to this ambition, Sinch has recently acquired Inteliquent as Werner works to make the company a leader in the US market.

5. Why He was Appointed CEO of CLX

The type of management determines how well or poorly a company performs depending on the manager's skills. Hence, choosing the right candidate is essential to achieve success. Werner was appointed the CEO of CLX after discussions between the board and its founders. According to GlobeNewswire, the outgoing CEO, Johan Hedberg, praised Werner, saying he would bring extensive experience in the communication industry. The chairman of the board, Erik Froberg, added that Werner's knowledge would help CLX attain its vision and fulfill its stakeholders' expectations.

6. He has the Midas Touch

Perhaps the reason for Werner's constant promotion is because everywhere he goes, success follows. Besides using his knowledge to land a job, the CEO applies it every day to become a better manager. While at Tobii, he rose the ranks from the President of TobiiDynavox to become the Business Unit President at Tobii Tec. While at Dynavox, Werner led the division into making substantial profits and grew the revenues significantly.

7. He has Remained Focused on Working in the Technology Industry

Many are times when we graduate with a certain degree but end up doing something unrelated to what we studied. However, it would be good to put the classroom skills to good use as Werner has. Werner has stuck to providing companies with expert technical knowledge from his degrees in economics and industrial engineering. He has worked in firms that deal with technology such as Mblox, Getupdated, Mediaanalys, Trisodium, and Sinch.

8. He is a Loyal Employee

Recruiting agencies can spot an employee who will give the economy a headache if hired by looking at their resumes. Job hopping is discouraged because it indicates you rarely are satisfied with whichever job you get, which results in the company spending lots of money to find your replacement. The Balance Careers published that staying too long in one job could also ruin your career. However, Werner sticks to one company for over five years and climbs the ladder within that period. For instance, at Tobii, he stayed for eight years and got promoted once before moving to CLX.

9. Why He Rebranded the Company

The reputation of a company is directly related to sales. Therefore, having a good brand ensures that your revenues are consistently high. Sometimes companies have to rebrand for varied reasons, which could be due to a ruined reputation, new management, or global growth. In CLX rebranding to Sinch AB, the reason was to have all products under one roof. Previously, the products were sold under Sinch, CLX, Symsoft, and Vehicle, but Werner explained rebranding would bring the business units together and provide a full portfolio of all their services.

10. He Focuses on Creating the Ideal User Experience

Werner proudly said that he is yet to meet a person who has never used the services that Sinch enables. As a result, he emphasized that regardless of the business one operates, Sinch can offer real business value. Therefore, he strives for Sinch to provide high-quality services at competitive pricing through direct connection since go-betweens would frustrate this goal.

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