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10 Places Similar to Sky Zone

Indoor Trampoline Parks

Sky Zone is a leader in the trampoline park niche of the family entertainment industry, kicking off the frenzy of athletic fun for kids and adults. They set the bar high with a myriad of activities from dodgeball, SkySlam dunking, jousting, the drop zone, sky wall, volleyball, the foam zone, sky hoops, free climbing, Ninja courses, and more. Do any of the competitors live up to their high standards? Here are 10 places similar to Sky Zone that come close.

10. Helium Trampoline Park

  • 16235 W Beloit Rd. New Berlin, WI

Helium Trampoline Park is one of the best attractions in the Milwaukee area. The park rivals Sky Zone with its 130 trampolines that are interconnected. The park takes up 2.322 square meters of acreage with multiple areas of trampoline fun that separate the venues into huge play areas. Play active dodgeball competitions in your choice of two, 1,000 square feet of courts.

Other featured areas are the rock climbing wall to improve your skills, a foam pit for safety, that takes up 750 square feet of space, and areas for zorbing, bungee jumping, laser tag, and a Ninja track. A few new additions recently made to the park include the Hurricane simulated that reaches speeds of 125 mph, a new trampoline system with enhanced bounce, a Big Air Bag, a Tiny Tot court, Slam Dunk Basketball, Gladiator Jousting Peam, A Jump Tower with Walk the Plank, and Glow in the Dark features. The Ninja warrior track is "state-of-the-art," and when you're hungry, enjoy pizza and other foods and beverages at the concessions stand.

9. AirMaxx Trampoline Park

  • 3900 Roosevelt Rd, St Cloud, MN

The AirMaxx Trampoline Park has two parks. One is in Eden Prairie, and the other is in St. Cloud, Minnesota. At AirMaxx guests enjoy massive trampoline action wth jumping fun and special attractions. The Ninja Warrior Course is one of the most popular, but not much can compare with the fun of the dodgeball tournaments. Groups compete against one another in the spacious play area with 10,000 square feet of trampolines.

Visitors can play enjoy a game in the laser tag arena and zap their buddies, practice gravity-defying dunks, and test their skills on the trapeze, with inflatable pillows on the ninja lines. Other attractions at the park include the American digital games Arcade or the cosmic mini golf course where players escape the pharaoh's curse, and participate in the laser maze or mini bowling. The Kids Town Indoor playground is fun for the younger guests in a safe environment for little ones.

8. Free Fall Trampoline Park

  • 2800 Baglyos Cir, Bethlehem, PA

Free Fall Trampoline Park is a premiere park in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, one of the largest in the US. The park covers 3,000 square meters of space with an area featuring wall-to-wall trampolines with classic jumping, rope tracks, airbags, dodgeball areas, and trapeze tracks. Guests have a choice of all of these attractions including the Extreme Air area and the battle game requiring 8 persons called the Meltdown. It's an elimination competition involving rotating handles set to tip the players out of the racks. All players must avoid the handles, but it's not easy.

The last person standing is the winner of the Meltdown contest. Practice your basketball skills with three dunk hoops, or try to stay on the Mechanical Bull. The park is designed for the entire family. Adults and older teens enjoy participating in the more active challenges while there is an area of the park that is reserved for children 6 years and younger. They rent areas of the park out for team-building exercises, birthday celebrations family parties, and other special events. It's also open to the public for an admission fee, but it's wise to check the calendar of events.

7. Get Air Trampoline Parks

  • Address: Multiple locations throughout the US, Canada, Japan, and Belgium

Get Air is an international trampoline park franchise that has locations across the planet. The minimum size of the trampoline park is 1,000 square meters. It's an entertainment chain that maintains a standard layout to ensure that all parks throughout 77 countries are alike in appearance and attractions. If you're a fan of Sky Zone, then you'll love Get Air Trampoline Parks.

At getting Air you'll find wall-to-wall trampolines with premium bounce, the infamous ninja tracks where participants can prove their mettle in challenging competitions, a slackline, a fidget ladder, areas for dodgeball games, and of course, the basketball hoops area. These are the parts of the park that are for older teens and adults. Kids under 46 inches tall may be accompanied by their parents to enjoy all parts of the park with parental supervision. The park sets aside time that is dedicated to jumpers who have special needs. Get Air is among the most famous franchise trampoline parks in the world.

6. Bounce Trampoline Sports

  • 612 Corporate Way, Valley Cottage, NY

Bounce Trampoline Sports opened its gates to the public in 2011. The corporation operates multiple sites in the United States in New York, Indiana, Texas, and Florida. The park offers healthy activities for children and adults. It's a park that welcomes people of all ages, with various attractions to provide fun and entertainment for everyone. It offers as many options as Sky Zone, it provides dodgeball, trampoline basketball, and a foam pit. Other attractions include the Bounce JR. for kids aged 1 to 5. Each child has his or her trampoline to learn how to jump in a safe environment with a foam-filled pit.

The Toddler Time designation allows children to use all areas of the facility in a quiet environment for play dates with their toddler-age friends. Special characters make an appearance to thrill toddlers and make them feel welcome. The characters show up on occasion. Bounce Trampoline Sports also provides a time when the lights are turned down and most parts of the part glow in the dark, including guests. Other attractions include the Bounce! Xtreme Ninja style obstacle course for challenging visitor skills. Trampoline dodgeball is another popular game. The venue provides 12,000 square feet of trampolines for visitors to enjoy. Check back regularly for the weekly specials they offer like Jump N Glow on Friday and Saturday evenings between 8 and 10 pm.

5. Krazy Air Trampoline Park

  • 4310 E McDowell Rd, Mesa, AZ

The Krazy Air Trampoline Park began in 2010 in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has since spread throughout the United States as a franchised operation. It's an amusement park combined with a trampoline park that provides guests with multiple attractions. Jumpers of all ages will find appropriate areas to play and engage in fun and healthy activities. The indoor portion of the park is 28,000 square feet with premium quality wall-to-wall trampolines.

Practice your shooting skills with two basketball hoops, or test your skills and stamina on the Ninja course. Other attractions are the Jousting area, the tumbling class, and dodgeball courts on a trampoline half pipe with foam balls. The park also features 3 rock climbing walls, four foam pits, and more. However, when you've had enough fun at the indoor trampoline park, there's an amusement park outside with rides and various attractions. Krazy Air Trampoline Park goes over and above Sky Zone in its offerings.

4. Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park

  • Address: Various locations throughout the United States

The Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park is a Circus Trix franchise with locations throughout the United States. The parks offer 15,000 square feet of trampolines in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Featured attractions are a dodgeball court, an adventure park with a climbing wall, an obstacle course, a three-meter drop slide, an arcade with prizes, tunnel slides with a splash pool at the end, and a cafe to grab a bit to eat to renew your energy. It's a multi-feature park that offers something for everyone in the family. It's not as large as Sky Zone, but it offers many of the same amenities and more.

3. Xdrenaline

  • 1611 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA

Xdrenaline is a trampoline park franchise that is located throughout the United States but particularly in the southern states from Texas to Georgia. Some of the most popular features of the course rival Sky Zone with a virtual reality area, rock wall climbing, dodgeball, a Ninja course, and "a series of interconnected trampolines with padded cushions." The engineers and design team took measures to ensure the safety of all guests. The indoor park operates year-round with 24,000 square feet of fun and exciting activities.

A toddler time is set in the mornings and Cosmic Nights parties are for everyone who enjoys glow-in-the-dark fun. Black lights, lasers, LED lights and music make jumping even more fun. Patrons may also book birthday parties and special events at the park for special age groups or mixed groups of all ages. The franchise offers special deals on some nights that include all-day passes for $25, or jumping and pizza specials that admit visitors "all you can jump and eat pizza."

2. Urban Air Adventure Park

  • 3876 E Lanark St, Meridian, ID

The Urban Air Adventure Park opened its doors for business in 2011 and blame a nationwide franchise by 2014, within the USA and one location internationally. The Park provides freestyle open jump areas with trampolines on the floor and walls. Gymnasts enjoy practicing on the extended-length trampolines. Some of its most popular features are the Dropzone which gives visitors a long drop into a giant airbag for a safe landing.

It also features trampoline dodgeball areas, a slam dunk track, the warrior battle beam, an Indoor ropes course, climbing walls, the TUBES playground, the Urban Warrior Obstacle Course, and an arcade. It's the only park that offers an Indoor Skydiving attraction in the form of a wind tunnel that suspends participants in mid-air, along with the zip-line attraction called the Indoor Sky Rider Coaster. The Urban Air Adventure Park is open to kids and adults for total family fun and healthy exercise.

1. Launch Trampoline Park

  • Various locations around the United States
  • Launch Trampoline Park is a franchise that started in Warwick, Rhode Island in 2012.

Ty Law, formerly of the New England Patriots is the founder. AirTime Trampoline and Game Park acquired the franchise. If you're a fan of Sky Zone, you'll find some comparable features at Launch. The Park features wall-to-wall trampolines for jumpers of all ages. It's essential to check the schedule of events as some of the operation times are reserved for age-specific groups, such as toddlers, teens, college students, and others. The company also books special events like exercise classes, birthday parties, and other events. The most popular attractions are its Cliffhanger climbing wall, the Paradox VR (Virtual Reality area), and Slam Dunk Basketball.

Other attractions are the Kids Court, reserved for young guests, the Foam Pit, Laser Tag, The Battle Pit, The Challenger Obstacle Course, and the most popular is the dodgeball area. After you've had your fill of jumping, competing, and other fun activities, the Launch Cafe is the on-site restaurant that offers a variety of foods and beverages. Guests enjoy their signature customized Krave Pizzas, salads, and more. The Launch Arcade offers more sedentary fun for those who cannot or prefer not to participate in jumping activities. You'll find video and other platform games to enjoy. There's something for everyone in the family at the Launch Trampoline Park. There are also plenty of places to sit for parents not participating in the jumping.

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