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10 Reasons to Visit Onawa Blue Lake KOA

Onawa Blue Lake

KOA have more than 500 campgrounds across the United States and Canada, so choosing one to visit can be a difficult decision. One of the most beautiful locations to visit is Onawa Blue Lake in Iowa. Ten of the greatest advantages of choosing this KOA location are listed below.

1. It Is Close To The Loess Hills

The Loess hills can be reached from the campsite by following the Lewis and Clark trail. The name Loess means windblown soil which is how these hills were created. Visit Loess Hills also explains that the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway also passes through this part of Iowa. The hills near Onawa Blue Lake offer fantastic views of the Missouri River and a walk along them is highly recommended. It is thought that humans have been using this area as a settlement for over 6000 years.

2. It Is Close To The Kiwanis Museum Complex

The Veterans Museum and the Monona County Historical Museum can both be found in the Kiwanis Museum Complex. It makes for a good day out because you can visit both museums in the same day. The Monona County Historical Musuem is located in a home which was built in the 1900s. Several rooms are furnished in the way they would have been when the home was lived in, and the museum features artwork from local artists. Highlights from the Veterans Museum include the tank and jet which you will find outside. The museum is hosted by veterans and they are more than happy to talk about their experiences and answer any questions you may have.

3. There Are Facilities For Every Type Of Camper

Whether you are in an RV or a one person tent, there are facilities at KOA Onawa Blue Lake that will suit you. There is plenty of space between each pitch for both tents and RVs which can provide some privacy. Facilities on the park include a shower block, restrooms and a laundry, and the campground goes to a lot of effort to ensure that these facilities are kept clean and are pleasant to use. There are also lodging cabins which are available on the site that typically sleep four people, and people staying in these cabins also have use of the camp facilities.

4. There Are Very Good Restaurants Nearby

If you want to eat out while you are on your trip, then there are a number of good restaurants nearby. A list of local restaurants and reviews can be found on Trip Advisor. As well as independent restaurants such as Francine’s Cafe and the Green Lantern Steakhouse, there are also plenty of national chains where you can grab a quick snack such as Subway and Dairy Queen.

5. Fishing And Boating Are Available On The Lake

There is a large lake at the campground, and residents can take part in fishing and boating here. Equipment is available to hire for fishing if you do not have your own. The lake is particularly known for Bass and Northern Pike and there are plentiful fish here. Paddle boats can also be hired and this can be a fun way to spend a few hours as you paddle around the lake.

6. There Is A Pool To Cool Down In On A Summers Day

There is a pool on site which people who are staying at the campground get access to. This is open through the whole of the summer and is a great way to cool down. You will find that there are people using the pool recreationally as well as taking part in serious swimming, so the pool can be used for either activity. If you do not want to get in the water, there are plenty of sun loungers around the edge of the pool where you can relax.

7. It Is Close To The Onawa Raceway

The Raceway and Events Complex is one of Onawa’s newest attractions, and it is only a short distance from the campsite. As well as racing, there are other family friendly activities which are held here. The complex is only a short distance away from the campground, and attending one of the events that are held here is something different to do on your trip. Any events that they do hold are usually advertised in advance on their Facebook page.

8. The Sites Have Plenty Of Shade

All camping and RV sites have plenty of shade for when you want to get out of the sun. A lot of the posts on Campground Reviews mention the fact that the area is quite shady. There is also good tree coverage around the rest of the park, so there are plenty of places to sit and relax when you want to get out of the sun for a bit. It is also useful to have some shady areas for children to play in without getting too hot.

9. There Is A Playground For Children

If you have children with you, then they will be able to make good use of the playground which has recently been constructed. Children will need to be supervised, but it provides a safe space for them to let off some steam. The playground is suitable for children aged 12 and under. There is also equipment to hire for sports such as volleyball, baseball and softball. Cycles can also be hired for the family for a small extra cost.

10. There Is Free Wi-Fi

Although you may visit a campground to try and get away from spending a lot of time on your devices, free wi-fi can still come in handy. Being able to access a map on your phone means you can plan the next leg of your trip if you are heading to another campground. There is also plenty of information to be found online about the other amenities in the area. In the evening, having access to streaming services means the whole family can get together to watch a film or some TV.

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