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The 10 Richest Cities in Ohio


Want safe, clean streets, first-class shopping facilities, well-funded schools and the chance to rub shoulders with Ohio’s elite? Then grab a realtor and get hunting… to help you along, we’ve put together a list of the 10 very richest cities in Ohio, all guaranteed to offer the very best lifestyle that money can buy.

10. Waterville

The unemployment rate in Waterville (2.0% by the last reckoning) is so tiny, it may as well not exist; the poverty rate (3.7%) is similarly minuscule. The average median income, meanwhile, is $86,531, a very robust figure that gives Waterville’s 5476 residents plenty of free cash to splash in the cities numerous world-class restaurants, bars, and shops.

9. Macedonia

Fancy earning the grand sum of $91,116? Then a move to Macedonia may be in order. With a population of just 11,715, Macedonia may not be the biggest city on our list, but its punching way above its weight when it comes to the kind of things that make up a great lifestyle. An abundance of amenities, a great schooling system, excellent infrastructure, a booming job market, and a crime rate that’s one of the lowest in the state…. all reasons why Macedonia is not only one of the most affluent cities in Ohio, but also one of its most desirable.

8. Mason

A move to Mason comes with some very desirable perks, indeed. Not only do the 32,317 lucky residents get to live in the city voted by Niche as the number one best place to live in Warren County, they also get to experience an amazingly low crime rate, some of the best schools in the state, an excellent range of public services and amenities, a booming job market, and last (but most definitely not least) the kind of first-rate spending power that comes with a median household that stands at a very healthy $93,872. Oh, and lest we forget – the unemployment and poverty rates are essentially non-existent.

7. Montgomery

10,587 people have chosen to make Montgomery their home, and a quick glance at the stats tells you all you need to know about why. The crime rate is exceptionally low (in terms of violent crimes, the assault rate stands at 9.4 (compared to a national average of 282.7), the homicide rate stands at 0 (compared to a national average of 6.1), the rape rate is 18.8 (compared to an average of 40.7), and the robbery rate sits at a tiny 9.4 (compared to an average of 135.5). Property crimes are similarly low, as are the unemployment and poverty rates. The school system, meanwhile, is well funded, and the range of amenities and local attractions offer enough variety to suit even the most eclectic community. Residents can expect to enjoy a whopping median income of $115,489, while the average house value stands at an impressive $343,800… all in all, a very attractive picture.

6. Granville

Granville... a city of just 5,721 residents, but with some of the best amenities, schools, and cultural activities of any city in the state. Voted as one the Top 10 Best Cities in Ohio, and one of the Top 100 Best Cities in the USA for Education by Area Vibes, the city is unquestionably one of the most desirable areas in Ohio… it’s also one of the wealthiest. Don’t expect much change from $346,400 for a single-family home here (although if it’s any consolation, the median income of $94,688 will give you plenty of spending money left over once the bills have been paid).

5. Bay Village

If you want to earn $95,524, live in a city that combines the best of small-town community spirit with big-city amenities, offers a beauty setting by the lakes, one of the best K-12 public education systems you’ll find anywhere in the state (if not the US), a crime rate so low , it may as well not exist, and a property market that offers small ranch style homes for the cash strapped and huge, luxurious lakeside mansions for the cash-rich, you may want to consider a move to Bay Village, a city that ranks as not only one of the wealthiest in the state, but one of its most beautiful.

4. Madeira

Low crime? Check. Excellent schools? Check? One of the most desirable, wealthiest enclaves in Ohio? Check, Check, Check. Little Madeira may only have 8993 residents, but boy, are those resident’s wealthy. Thanks to its excellent commuting access and thriving local economy, Madeira residents can expect a very healthy $97,292 paycheck… just to put that in perspective, the national average is a comparatively minor $55,322. Factor in the lowest incidence of violent crime of any city in the state, some first-class amenities, and an excellent school system, and you can well understand the appeal of this very desirable little city.

3. Powell

If you’ve got a spare $359,400 lying around the house, you may want to put it to good use by investing in a property in the very exclusive Powell. Property prices may be over twice the national average but what you get in return more than makes up for the initial outlay. Fabulous schools, a wealth of amenities, and the kind of job market that supports a quite fabulous median income of $139,851 all put this little city of 12,658 well and truly on the map.

2. Grandview Heights

The property prices in Grandview Heights may be skyrocketing (expect to part with $313,700 for a single-family home), but so is its desirability. Violent crime is practically unheard of, while the abundance of amenities and attractions puts cities three time the size to shame… as does the job market, which is so healthy, most residents are netting an average income of $98,806.

1. The Village of Indian Hill

Want to know why The Village of Indian Hill makes it to poll position on our list? Then take a look at its average home value, which currently stands at a stonking $947,000. Still not convinced? Then how about the average median income, which sits at more than twice the national average at a hugely impressive $215,679? As you’d expect of such a prosperous area, the lifestyle’s supported by the fabulous range of amenities and services on offer are some of the very best in the state.

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