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10 Reasons to Stay at the Ritz Carlton NYC, Central Park

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One of the world’s most famous and expensive hotels, the Ritz Carlton in New York City is definitely not for just anyone. With rooms ranging from $720 per night to over $1,200 a night depending on the time of the year you will be booking, a single night’s stay is well within the range of the cost of an average monthly mortgage payment. There is also the $9 V8 juice available from room service or the more expensive wines that can go as high as $7,800 a bottle.

The point of the article is not for you to stay there on a regular basis (the most consecutive days you can book online is nine) but to consider it as a once-in-a-lifetime event that has you thinking more about the experience than the price. But be forewarned: you will very likely be spending close to 5 figures ($10,000) for a 3-day weekend stay. Since you will be paying top dollar, be sure to let the staff know if anything is not as advertised. This is not the type of hotel that you should let anything that is out of place go unreported.

With this background in mind, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why you should choose the Ritz Carlton, Central Park, over other hotels that have a similar reputation.

1. You will be on the site of a piece of American and New York history

History is one of the most oft used reasons for claiming exclusivity and the accompanying elite level prices. Originally the site of the landmark St. Moritz Hotel the Ritz Carlton was originally built on the site of the New York Athletic Club, then in 1950 went through the first of its many redesigns. Current President Donald Trump actually purchased the building in 1985 and sold it three years later. It wasn’t until 1998 that the Ritz Carlton Hotel Group purchased the building and shut it down for three years for remodeling.

2. Location, location, location

One of the most popular reasons for staying at the Ritz Carlton, Central Park is because it is right across from New York’s famous Central Park. But more than that, it is only a short distance away from another of New York City’s most famous and potentially expensive shopping areas – Fifth Avenue. You can see the best of New York without having to wrestle for a cab or compete with a mob on the subway.

3. Movement Studio

Located inside the hotel, this is a significant upgrade from the standard fitness and spa areas found in many hotels. The Movement Studio is more of an experience than a workout, as it features Peloton bikes, a Concept2 Rower, and a full-length ballet bar to accompany its FitnessOnDemand platform. There are so many options when using the Movement Studio you will forget where you are.

4. La Prairie Spa

After working out you will want to head for the La Prairie Spa. Their signature caviar massage and facial will have you wondering if you’re dreaming. But you don’t have to worry about the price being insanely high. It is only $100 and you can add aromatherapy for just $10. When you pause to consider the overall cost of your stay, stopping by La Prairie is actually a sensual bargain!

5. You will be treated like a family member

One of the comments most often seen on the hotel’s official website, it is consistently directed towards the staff who tend to your every need. The question is whether you prefer to be treated like royalty or family. Most people seem to prefer family, primarily because their surroundings already have them feeling like they’re being treated like royalty.

6. The hotel’s complimentary house car

This is an amenity you will probably need to plan ahead in advance to use. The hotel’s car is a Mercedes Maybach and is only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You go through the concierge to make your reservation, and then leave the driving to someone else. This is yet another reason your stay will be as stress-free as possible, courtesy of the Ritz Carlton.

7. Spacious bathrooms

There is something about a roomy bathroom that makes people feel like there are living in luxury. The hotel does not disappoint in this area, as there is plenty of room in the shower and sink areas to freely roman while enjoying the ambiance of an enclosed marble shower.

8. A variety of roomy rooms

Forget about the smallish, squeeze boxes that leave you no room to stretch out or leave your baggage lying around. The minimum size guest room is 750 square feet, and if you are the presidential type you can move up to nearly 2,200 square feet of roaming space. Naturally, the more space you want the more money they will want. Chances are you won’t be having a staff accompanying you, so choose the room that makes the most sense. You won’t be disappointed with whatever size you choose.

9. It’s pet-friendly

There are two sides to this argument. One says that because you’re paying so much you should be able to bring any kind of pet you want. The other side is that the only way from preventing this great hotel from smelling like a kennel is to prohibit pets. The Ritz Carlton, Central Park has already made the decision by allowing your pet to come along with you. But it is certain there will be some restrictions, so call ahead to make sure they are prepared to make the appropriate accommodations.

10. You are likely to find people just like you during your stay.

A simple scan of the hotel’s reviews reveals something very interesting for the average person. Many of the comments show that staying at the Ritz Carlton, Central Park is done by the average person celebrating any number of special occasions: Mother’s Day, a child’s 18th birthday, and a simple return to visit New York after many years. It’s easy to expect the rich and the famous to book a room here (and you may catch a glimpse of a celebrity) but many of the people are here for that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Pause to talk to someone and you may find they are there for reasons very similar to yours!

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