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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Rolls Royce Sweptail

The Rolls-Royce Motor company continues to deliver some of the most highly prized luxury vehicles on the face of the earth. The automaker caters to royalty and dignitaries from all around the world. Their one-off bespoke models have been a high point for spectators who merely dream of ownership, but enjoy taking a peek. The Rolls-Royce Sweptail is one such model that has captured a special place in the evolution of the brand and here are ten things you didn't know about the Sweptail.

1. The Sweptail is the most expensive car in the world

This rare Jewell in the Rolls-Royce line of distinguished luxury vehicles occupies a very special position in the family of the brand. It is currently the most expensive car ever sold. We might have known that a Rolls would rise above its competition to earn this distinction. The attached price tag is in the neighborhood of $12.8 million.

2. The Rolls-Royce Sweptail is a masterpiece of yesteryear advanced forward

The Sweptail is a melding of modern luxury with a flavor of the 1920s and '30s. Many of its characteristics have been borrowed from the classic Rolls-Royce models from these decades, with the addition of modern innovation, technology, and luxury.

3. The Sweptail was made upon request

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail isn't a production model car that was created to retail in mass quantities. It was made on request and the intention of the high-end automaker has been to maintain the uniqueness of the model by foregoing the manufacture of limited editions or production class vehicles that would sully the grandness of the bespoke model that was built in exchange for an obscene amount of money.

4. The Sweptail was created from a combined DNA of the finest

True Rolls-Royce admirers who understand the rationale behind the design and appreciate the aesthetics of each model crafted have a deep connection with the brand and will easily recognize the components of the Sweptail from the origins of which they came. The prime inspiration for the car is gleaned from the rear of the 1934 Phantom II Streamline Saloon and the round door sides from the 1925 Phantom I. ThePark Ward 20/25 Limousine Coupe coachwork from 1934, along with the Gurney Nutting Phantom II two-door light saloon from the same year.

5. The Sweptail proves that more is less

Without sacrificing an ounce of luxury or aesthetic, the interior was invented with a flair for minimalism. The cabin is kept clean and orderly with dials and buttons kept out of sight. The interior with only two seats is clean and sharp.

6. The Sweptail took years to develop

The Sweptail was not made in a hurry. It was patiently developed and built over the courses of a four year period. Nothing was rushed in creating this magnificent one of one car. Although it contains elements of other Rolls masterpieces it is uniquely individual and as with anything of great value and distinction, you can't and shouldn't rush perfection.

7. The owner helped to design the Sweptail

In a rare collaboration between customer and manufacturer, the concept for the Sweptail design was the brainchild of the person for whom it was being built. It is rare that the luxury carmaker participates in this type of activity. We can only assume that the initial plans met with the standards that are maintained by the brand as they are not likely to produce a vehicle that would deviate from the Rolls-Royce standards of excellence.

8. The designer/owner of the Sweptail is anonymous

There are few who know the identity of the individual who made the request for Rolls-Royce to build a one of a kind luxury car in accordance with their specifications. This speaks volumes for their respect for the elite clientele they serve. Not even the gender nor country of origin has been disclosed.

9. The cost was not agreed upon in advance

When the client who requested the building of the Sweptail entered into negotiations with the automaker, the cost of the specially built vehicle was not a topic that was discussed. The wealthy collaborator entered into every detail of the design and creation of the vehicle with a thorough customization without a fixed price, but it's now obvious that the mysterious owner was well able to afford the cost, therefore, didn't need to inquire until it was time to write the check.

10. There may be more Rolls-Royce one-of-a-kinds in the future

It's already been established that Rolls-Royce is pleased with their custom build n the Sweptail. Although it's with a bit of speculation, the company is considering doing more of these one-offs in the future, although each will maintain its individuality.

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