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A Closer Look at Rossinavi's 230-Foot Yacht "Polaris"

Rossinavi's 230-Foot Yacht Polaris

It has been said that the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Therefore those who can afford to buy yachts do so knowing that they can sail and explore different corners of the globe at their pleasure. The chairman and CEO of Setl Group, Maxim Shubarev, whose net worth is estimated at $500 million, bought two yachts perhaps for this reason. He is not a man of many words, but you can learn all about his indulgences by taking a closer look at Rossinavi’s 230-foot yacht, "Polaris."

It is the Largest Yacht Yet Built by Rossinavi

Rossinavi decided to outdo itself by taking on a project appropriately named "King Shark." According to SuperYachts, Federico Rossi, COO of Rossinavi, remarked how glad he was that the shipyard had been selected to undertake the Project King Shark. They were responsible for bringing Project Vector, a 63-meter yacht, into reality, and the 230-foot boat was going to be their largest vessel yet. Rossinavi announced the sale of King Shark in January 2017 and further revealed that the yacht would be built according to Rina and Lloyd standards at Viareggio, their Italy-based shipyard. Precisely four years after the announcement of its sale, Project King Shark was launched, but it had a new name, "Polaris." The yacht can navigate extremely icy conditions, including the Polar Regions hence the name "Polaris." It was designed to move seamlessly from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the icy conditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. This ability is the most incredible feature that sets the yacht apart from the rest.

Its Features

Another critical feature is storage space large enough to accommodate six jet skis and two tenders, among which is a 10-meter custom limousine tender also built by Rossinavi. The tenders are stored in the garage, accessible through a starboard side door. The private owner's suite is on its own deck and has a waterfall and a private terrace. Fitness seemed to be one of the priorities because the vessel also boasts of a wellness area complete with a massage room, fully-equipped gym, and a hammam. It also has a yoga area and a 20-foot spa pool on the aft of the main deck. The yacht has ten crew cabins that can accommodate 17 crew members, while twelve guests can comfortably fit in the six cabins. The main deck also offers an excellent area for entertaining guests through the dining area encompassed by windows forming a half-moon. At the same time, film lovers will appreciate the soundproof cinema lounge. In total, Polaris has four decks and is made from a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure. The other materials that comprise its construction and décor are all from high-end manufacturers. Thus Rossinavi described the vessel as luxurious and distinctive but still warm and welcoming. Polaris can reach a maximum speed of 17 knots and cruise at 15 knots; thus, covering a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

It is based on the Concept of Prince Shark

According to Boat International, the Prince Shark Concept was created by Team for Design in partnership with Arrabito Naval Architects, responsible for naval architecture. The first vessel based on the Prince Shark concept was Param Jamuna IV, while Polaris became the second. Therefore while project King Shark is referred to as Polaris, it is Polaris II. Polaris I resembled the first Prince Shark yacht in many ways, especially on the exterior. As per the article, her owner wanted better performance hence pushed all involved in the construction for refinements. Still, that was not to be at the expense of impeccable design by Enrico Gobbi, CEO of Team for Design. As Gobbi disclosed, all elements on the yacht were carefully studied to develop optimal proportions for the architecture. He outdid himself, and the vessel won the 2015 World Superyacht Awards in the category of 40-meter or above semi-displacement or planning 3-deck motor yachts. With such a reputation, it was logical Polaris I owner wanted the same designer and naval architects in his second yacht, Polaris II. He, therefore, had the same waterfall in the Polaris I reciprocated in the Project King Shark. Other similar amenities include a spa pool, state-of-the-art décor and equipment, and optimal fuel consumption. The difference, however, can be noted in the speed. In Polaris I, the owner wanted a maximum speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of between 16 and 17 knots regardless of the weight. The naval architects outdid themselves by ensuring that the maximum speed recorded was 24.3 knots during trials, quite an impressive feat considering that the sea trials were done in less than ideal conditions.

More About the Designer, Enrico Gobbi

Shubarev did not mind paying handsomely for the delivery of his two yachts. Not much is known about Shubarev except that he is a multi-millionaire who likes to have the best things money can buy. For this reason, he sought a designer with a reputation for delivering high-end yachts. According to SuperYacht Times, Gobbi graduated from the University of Architecture with a thesis in the naval field. He furthered his education by doing his master's in exterior and interior yacht design. He had the foresight since most designers focus on the interior or exterior and rarely both; therefore, Gobbi ensured that he could be paid for both. While Polaris II is quite larger than other vessels Gobbi has worked on, he does not consider it as challenging as working on Utopia IV. He was not only fascinated by how complex the project was but also by how fast she was. The designer did intensive research when designing Utopia IV, and perhaps this wealth of experience made him the perfect person to design Shubarev's yachts. Shubarev said Polaris I met all his expectations in terms of exterior and interior design and performance. Best of all, she was delivered in time, which of course scored marks for Gobbi and Rossinavi to construct Polaris II.

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