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A Closer Look at the Rossmonster Baja

There's a new option for camping enthusiasts who love spending time in the outdoors but refuse to completely rough it in the wild. Rossmonster Overland describes the Baja as a capable vehicle that can go where most others cannot. It's built for aesthetics and comfort with no compromises. The luxury camping is their most advanced camping explorer to date.

A Closer Look at the Rossmonster Baja

The Rossmonster Baja is available in a choice of three builds including one ton, a half, and a three-quarter chassis. It's rugged and built with a suspension that can handle terrain that other vehicles would not be able to navigate through. The exterior features a composite shell made of durable materials with an actuating topping, an electric actuator-driven automatic rear door for convenient entry and exit, and a weight-optimized custom aluminum frame. The front and rear bumpers are custom and feature space for additional gear storage that is kept out of sight and out of the way, and a Warn winch is included. The rear airbag suspension has been upgraded for the 2021 model year. Other features include a 4 wheel drive. Some chassis have rear locking differentials. Other amenities include a custom MAXTRAX table mount on the exterior, a Fiamma awning, a 400-watt Zamp solar array, and customizable storage racks on the rear exterior.

Fast and easy setup

A review of the Rossmonster Baja from Road and Track highlights the ease of driving with speeds up to 80 mph. There is no lag thanks to the exceptionally light construction. It's not small, but the design is compact enough to pull into smaller camping spaces, unlike some larger RVs that require large sites or double sites. It performs well on twisting mountain roads and handles much like a regular pickup truck on the freeways and highways. The clearance and width are ideal for most maintained campgrounds. It takes less than an hour to pop the top and fully set up the camp, even in the dark.

Interior amenities

On the inside, the Rossmonster Baja is designed for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. On the inside, luxury features include a full wood floor, running water, and a refrigerator. It's made to accommodate 3 persons for the sleeping arrangements, but it is capable of sleeping four in a pinch. The dinner table can be converted into a bed for one person and there is also a double-sized bed and the possibility of creating an additional bed in the cab. The interior is fairly narrow and the walkways are slim, but there is ample room inside to enjoy meals or games at the table. It's a beautiful camper on the inside and it is powered by multiple sources. Solar panels are usually ample to generate all the power you'll need into the battery storage system. The energy from the engine is another source if you're on a long excursion with no power hookups. The water tank is large enough to enjoy hot showers.

You have two options for the shower when you place your order. You can have an outdoor shower or one that is indoors, depending on your preferred configuration. Some people opt for the outdoor shower to have more cabin space. The cabinets are laid out in a convenient configuration and there are plenty of soft LED lights to illuminate the cabin when it's dark outside. The rear hatch is military-style that has an automatic opener. When it's time to hit the road again, the prep time is fast and easy. Since there are no stabilizers or hookups to deal with, you can be on your way in a few minutes, and back on the road with everything secure. The cabin of the truck is large with plush seats for making long journeys in extreme comfort. It's made for cruising over long distances. The F-250 version features a gas-powered 7.3-liter engine that has plenty of power to pull steel hills without breathing hard. It's a powerful RV that renders exceptional performance. The wide knobby tires make it a workhorse if you're going off the main roads and going to more remote locations for camping. While it has its limitations, it does well on roads that are not so well maintained. It's a heavy-duty truck that can take a lot of abuse.


The Rossmonstar Baja is a luxury RV that is as easy to drive like your family pickup truck, but it's fully detailed to make camping almost as comfortable and convenient as your front room. The price is a whopping $175,000. Although it's a little steep, when you consider what you get for the cost, if you can afford the price, it's a good deal. It's an RV that can take you almost anywhere.

Final thoughts

The Rossmonster Baja is one of the most unique RVs we've seen in some time. It is more of a dream vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts. It is built to be strong and durable with the capability of going off-road to find the perfect camping, hunting, or fishing spots. It's loaded with power to get you to your destination in record time. There is a choice of sizes for 2021 as it comes in a half, three quarter, and one ton. All versions are noted to be rugged and able to handle extreme conditions. The construction is light thanks to the customized frame and shell made of light materials. It's decked out with luxury features to make every camping experience unforgettable. It doesn't take long to set up once you arrive at your destination. It's loaded with amenities to make your stay comfortable. When it's time to leave, there isn't much to do to prepare. The Rossmonster Baja is a one-of-a-kind RV that is now available through the dealership.

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