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20 Things You Didn't Know About Tapcart

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Tapcart is a new tech startup that provides merchants involved in e-commerce to launch and to better manage mobile apps for their brands. The company provides a Software as a Service platform for business owners with digital storefronts. It's an innovative company that has been making news in business circles with its determination to disrupt the e-commerce brand marketing niche of the industry. If you're not yet familiar with the startup, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Tapcart to bring you up to speed.

1. Tapcart is a versatile SaaS platform

According to Crunchbase, Tapcart, Inc is the legal name of the company that provides the Tapcart platform for e-commerce merchants. The platform is designed with technology that makes it integrate directly with Shopify. This enables brands to build their custom mobile apps for their e-commerce store. It's a unique service that simplifies the process and provides owners with convenient solutions for selling their products in a digital environment.

2. Tapcart is compatible with thousands of brands

Shoppers can appreciate the convenience that they experience when their favorite digital stores offer a simplified shopping experience through a mobile app. It's compatible with most smartphones and the platform is compatible with popular Shopify brands. Customers of Urban Planet, Chubbies, Fashion Nova, and scores of other famous brands are all included.

3. Tapcart is a young company

Tapcart was founded in 2017, with its headquarters in Santa Monica, California. The startup has only been in business for three years, going on its fourth as of 2021. The founders of the company are Eric Netschand Sina Mobasser. During a time when the economic condition of the world is in flux and many businesses are closing their doors forever, Tapcars is growing and prospering, even though the business is still in the infancy stage of development in terms of longevity.

4. Tapcart is a versatile startup

Tapcart offers a broad range of services for its clients. It is listed under four major industry classifications. It is a SaaS company that develops and provides software solutions under the category of marketing automation. It is also listed under eCommerce because this is the target audience of business owners who most commonly subscribe to the service. It also helps in building brand marketing.

5. Tapcart has a 16-member executive leadership team

The executive leadership team at Tapcart is comprised of sixteen members. Eric Netsch is a co-founder and the chief executive officer. Sina Mobasser is a founder and chief operations officer. Sahand Ansari is in charge of customer growth. Tiffany Jan is a junior designer. Alex Rosas-Maxemin is the executive assistant and marketing associate. Christopher Bassett-Bouchard is an account executive. Manish Shukla is the lead iOS engineer. Chaitanya Pilaka is the head of web engineering.

6. There is one member on the Tapcart board of directors

Tapcart may have one of the smallest boards of directors in existence today. Dana Settle is the sole advisor serving on the board. She is a co-founder and a partner at Greycroft. Ms. Settle has founded one organization and she currently sits on a total of 27 boards of directors in an advisory role for each. This makes it evident that her insights are respected by business owners. She joined the Tapcart board in 2018. More members will likely be added to the board of directors as the company grows and matures. AS previously stated, it's still a young company and has a long way to go on its way to maturity.

7. Tapcart's website uses complicated technology

The technology that it takes to operate the Tapcart website is complex, but it runs in the background to provide a smooth user experience. The site actively uses 21 technologies that are distributed over 20 technology products and services. Some of them include iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Met, Google Analytics, and HTML5. Using such an array of different technology products and services can become expensive and contribute tens of thousands of dollars in overhead costs annually.

8. Tapcart maintains an edge over its competition

Tapcart provides its users with a unique SaaS product that no other company can offer legally. The startup has secured two registered trademarks in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments category. What this means is that the software and services contain elements that are unique and protected by law from copying or closely imitating. This is one of the things that sets it apart from the competitors in the industry.

9. Tapcart's web traffic is high

Tapcart is a popular app that is gaining a lot of attention in the form of web traffic. The analytical data for the site reveals that it has received 22,932 visitors in the past 30 days. The Tapcart website is ranked as number 749,859 out of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web because of the volume of traffic it receives monthly.

10. Tapcart is the most popular with United States visitors

The web traffic that flows into Tapcart is made up of people from several countries throughout the world. The highest number of visitors are from the United States, which makes up eighty-nine percent of the traffic. Four percent of visitors come from the United Kingdom. Four percent of the web traffic comes from Germany. Two percent of the visitors come from the country of India and one percent of the web traffic is from Australian visitors. This data suggests that there is at least some international interest in the goods and services that Tapcart offers, but the company is the most well-known in its home country. Information of this nature is useful for companies that seek to expand internationally. It provides them with an accurate accounting of where interest is coming from and which areas may be good candidates for any efforts to establish an international presence.

11. Tapcart is a venture capital-funded business

Tapcart has participated in five rounds of venture capital funding. So far it has raised a total of $65.1 million. The most recent event was a round of Series B funding led by Shopify and Signalfire as the most recent investors, closing on June 2, 2021. There are currently nine investors who put their confidence in Tapcart's ability to provide a good return on the funds invested.

12. Tapcart has disrupted the commerce landscape

According to Techcrunch, Tapcart is a tech startup that has changed the landscape of e-commerce marketing with its innovative platform. Tapcart has been compared to Shopify with the impact that it has had on mobile commerce. It is called "The Shopify for mobile apps." It makes many of the app-building and launching processes for e-commerce merchants simpler and faster.

13. Tapcart's co-founders bring years of experience to the job

Sina Mobasser and Eric Netsch are the founders of Tapcart. The two have years of combined experience working in the mobile app industry for other companies. Mobasser comes from TextMax, one of the first test prep courses for iOS. Mr. Netsch worked with agencies in the creation of digital and mobile experiences for a variety of brands. With the knowledge and experience that each brought to the table, they were able to combine their talents to create the Tapcart mobile app to help online merchants enter into the mobile market and capitalize on missed opportunities. Tapcart is good for business. Tapcart makes mobile experiences as simple as Shopify does for online transactions. Tapcart has taken a process that used to take a year or more to accomplish and it has made it possible for merchants to complete them in a matter of just two weeks.

14. Tapcart attracted the attention of Shopify

Shopify's executives were so impressed with the potential and growth of the Tapcart platform that the giant has joined in the fundraising efforts for the startup as an investor. It contributed to the most recent round of Series B funding to help the company gain even more traction and grow its infrastructure.

15. Tapcart's platform is easy to use

Mobassar explained that building a customized app for a company can take as long as a year because of the complexities involved. Tapcart is a platform that provides merchants with a builder for custom mobile apps that is based on a drag and drop structure. This allows anyone to use the technology to create customized apps that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their businesses. This is why Tapcart is referred to as a real game-changer. Why would anyone hire expensive professional engineers to provide a long and painstaking process when it can be so easy to do it yourself? It's for this reason that Tapcart is experiencing its current success. On top of the ease and speed of the platform, it's also available at a low monthly fee that is affordable for smaller businesses.

16. Tapcart is customizable

The Tapcart mobile app builder allows merchants to design the app specifically for their brand. It allows them to integrate it into an existing Shopify store. It provides the tools for designing the layout and customizing product detail pages as well as for integrating checkout options and much more.

17. Tapcart is growing its workforce

According to LinkedIn, Tapcart has a current workforce of 69 employees. The company is currently hiring. It is adding twenty-one new positions to its current workforce. This represents a huge increase in staffing. We noticed that all of the open positions are at the Santa Monica, California location. This suggests that Tapcart is reinforcing and expanding its current infrastructure at the headquarters. The company is focusing on enlarging the tent stakes to make room for new professionals to help with the development of new and improved products to add to the current platform. It's an exciting time in the history of Tapcart that shows it is continuing in its forward trajectory.

18. You won't find Tapcart shares on the stock market

Tapcart is a privately held company that is for profit. The owners and advisors have not made the move to take the business to the public arena. We've not heard any indication to suggest plans to go public in the future either. So far, Tapcart is doing very well with the small amount of venture capital funding it has received from its investors. There is no need to take the chance on an initial public offering that has as much chance of being detrimental as it does for building the company up. For now, at least, Tapcart is not a company that members of the public can buy shares in.

19. Tapcart's transaction rates are impressive

According to PRN, Tapcart has facilitated more than $1.2 billion in merchant transactions over the past twelve months. This is thanks to the mobile retail platform that helps more vendors offer mobile apps to increase their sales. It's been reported that between 2020 and the current date, Tapcat has tripled its recurring revenue. This is how it can expand its workforce and reinforce its infrastructure. With mobile usage on the rise, it stands to reason that Tapcart has entered the market at the right time. The pandemic only reinforced the number of users relying on mobile apps to make purchases. Impressively, the orders received by Tapcart merchants occurred more than once a second, which is an astronomical number of shoppers conducting transactions.

20. Tapcart is a company to keep your eye on

Although Tapcart isn't available as a publicly-traded company, it's still one to keep your eyes on. You never know when it may go the route of an IPO. It's an impressive and innovative SaaS that offers improvements for merchants in need of mobile apps to increase sales. This is likely just the beginning for the startup that is still a young company. It's becoming an important part of the fabric of the e-commerce market in the mobile app niche and the outlook is strong for its continued success.

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