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10 Things You Did Not Know About The Brabus 800 XLP Pickup

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup

The pickup truck is one of the most versatile vehicles in the history of automotive technology. You can use it as either a passenger or a cargo car. They come in various configurations, with the all-terrain drive option being the most preferable due to its impressive performance. When looking at an all-round pickup truck, the Brabus 800 XLP Pickup meets the definition. It is the newest entrant under the Brabus brand, which is an aftermarket tuning company based in Germany. To give you a spoiler of what to expect from this pickup, we present you with ten things you probably did not know about it.

1. Another Challenge Accepted By Brabus

According to GTspirit  you get a hint of Brabus’ feat when it comes to aftermarket tuning, especially with new entrants from the Mercedes Benz assembly halls. For years since its inception, the company has taken any challenge brought its way and emerged with something the automobile enthusiast community will appreciate. The 800XLP Pickup is evidence of its effort to revolutionize the aftermarket tuning scene in the auto-engineering sector.

2. It is an AMG-63 derivative

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup side

When you take a keen look at the car, you get the idea of something you can describe as a Mercedes G-Class clone. Derivative is the best descriptive word for the car that gives credence to the company. The Brabus 800 XLP pickup has the chassis of the Mercedes AMG-63, though with some modifications.Some of the modifications include the extension of the wheelbase by some inches and a luggage rack at the back. The suspension also has some adjustments to meet the rugged look and all-terrain use of this vehicle. Other modified features include the door handles, and the step bars.

3. Its Power

One of the unique features of this truck is its performance. As from Brabus’ website, the car is capable of an 800 horsepower figure. This massive boost comes from the modified 4-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine. The upgrade comes through courtesy of the Brabus 800 PowerXtra, targeted at the engine’s peripherals. The twin turbos, for example, have reconfigured Brabus high-performance turbochargers as their replacement. Aside from the impressive horsepower, the boosted engine is also capable of 737 pounds per feet of torque. The figures give you an idea of how monstrous this truck is.

4. The Impressive Speed

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup back

The massive horsepower that the Brabus 800 XLP is capable of gives you a spoiler of how excellent it can be when it comes to speeds. It has a top speed of 210 kilometers per hour, which is as a result of electronic limitations and also due to its all-terrain wheels. However, it has an acceleration time of 4.8 seconds when it comes to achieving a 0-100 km/h limit. This is a great value that can compete with some of the most powerful muscle cars.

5. Its Exterior

The best term to describe the exterior of this vehicle is rugged. The outside looks are an orientation to its off-road capabilities. The first thing that may grab your attention is the 22-inch all-terrain wheels that can tackle rough or snowy roads with dexterity. Its body betrays its G-Class origins with additional features such as the luggage and roof rack. It is slightly lifted as compared to its G-Wagon relative. It also has a carbon wind deflector, and a carbon fiber hood, with LED roof lights for simplified vision at night or in turbulent foggy or misty weather.

6. It Comes With A Drone

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup interior

On the luggage rack of the new age Brabus truck sits a Wingcopter vertical takeoff and landing drone. The company designed the drone to deliver essential supplies to people stuck in inaccessible areas. The drone has a maximum speed limit of 240km/h and can carry up to six kilograms of load. Additionally, it can cover 120 kilometers without requiring a battery change.

7. Features A Classy Interior

If you have experience with Mercedes G-Class models, then you already know what to expect when you open this car's doors. Fine leather in a burnt oak color decorates the interior and shows you how classy the car is. The upholstery is of top quality with decent stitching as an excellent finish for durability purposes. It is quite spacious with ample legroom in both the front and back cabins. There also tailor-made aluminum components such as the pedals and paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

8. Area Of Use

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup 1

The drone, the wheels, and its overall rugged features point to its use in rugged and inaccessible areas. There is a high possibility that the designers of this vehicle had rescue teams or those living in rough-terrain areas as their target. It is an excellent addition to a patrol teams' automobile catalog as it can tackle all kinds of roads with minimal hitches.

9. Target Market

The target market of the Brabus 800 XLP pickup is most probably the American market, more so for the adventurers who want to venture into the wilderness. Its hardy nature makes it one of the best vehicles to guarantee you a smooth ride on whichever kind of road you pick. Its rugged look screams of affluence, and it can be a common site on many home garages as a statement of class and sophistication.

10. Price

Brabus 800 XLP Pickup back 2

At the moment, it is still not clear how this pickup truck will go for, to get it out of the showroom. However, speculations suggest that it will go for a sum in the neighborhood of $145000. It is an excellent bargain when you look at the features it sports.

Final Word

The Brabus 800 XLP pickup is evidence of evolutionary auto-engineering works, with a focus on punishing terrains. It is an off-road truck that sports great performance feats, especially when you look at its awe-inspiring 800 horsepower. Above are some sneak peek details of the car to give you a hint of what to expect if you are considering it as an option for your next ride.

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