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7 Best Places to Sell Your Motorcycle Online in 2023

Yamaha R7

Do you have a motorcycle that you want to sell? The best place to sell motorcycles online will vary heavily. Thankfully, there are many online resources that can help you advertise your bike more efficiently. 

They also have a strong reach, great security, work easily, and provide a minimal listing fee. It's important to do your research when identifying sites like this for your sales. Simply put, some are better than others. 

After all, if you want to reach volumes of potential buyers, choose the right advertisement source. Just think of it this way: Forbes Advisor states that 20.8% of all retail purchases take place online, with this number likely to grow exponentially by 2026.

That's because you can usually reach more shoppers online than in a newspaper or radio advertisement. Here are the eight best places to sell your motorcycle online, including information about how each site works and the benefits that they provide for you.

Our Methodology 

When compiling the information for this article, we took an in-depth look at various websites across the internet and narrowed down your options. We not only carefully picked different vendors but also researched them to make sure your information is as accurate as possible. Our research team followed the steps below to identify sites that made the most sense for you:

  1. Found listicle sites that listed and ranked various motorcycle sales websites 
  2. Went to each site and researched their options to ensure that they worked for you
  3. Weighed the benefits of each site and rated each according to these advantages
  4. Carefully assessed the unique factors that make each site interesting
  5. Updated articles regularly to keep them accurate 

The 7 Best Places to Sell Motorcycles Online 

Let's just go right into the best places to sell motorcycle models online to ensure that you can sell your bike at a great price. Make sure that you look through these options carefully to ensure that you get the fantastic results that feel right for your needs as a biker. 

7. The Cycle Exchange 

Cycle Exchange
  • Listing Fee: None, but there are some fees, such as a $149 fee after 30 days of storage
  • Ease of Use: 8 out of 10
  • Security: High-Medium
  • Reach: Andover and Ledgewood, NJ

Though The Cycle Exchange is a little more limited than some sites, it’s still one of the best places to sell your motorcycle. Its two New Jersey locations will buy and sell motorcycles from around the nation and provide strong and fair prices. 

Primarily, it works with Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, and Vanderhall bikes, though there are many other models available. Their simple and streamlined showroom is an effective way to sell your bike, especially if you have a motivated buyer. 

Furthermore, they provide benefits like professional inspection and detailing, title guarantees, and no-haggle pricing that make them popular with buyers. Benefits like these improve your chances of selling your bike.

6. Cash4Motorcycles

  • Listing Fee: N/A
  • Ease of Use: 9 out of 10
  • Security: Medium
  • Reach: Most of the United States

Cash4Motorcycles is a little different from the other best places to sell motorcycles online because it operates using a different selling model. Rather than putting your bikes up for sale on an advertising board, you sell directly to the dealer, who makes a deal with you on the spot.

For example, if you live within their operational base (they typically serve the Michigan and Ohio area but have purchased bikes from many parts of the nation), they’ll come right to you and make a purchase to streamline this process. 

They’ll inspect the bike, give you an estimate right on the spot, and write a check for you. Then, they’ll take the bike with them and get it off your hands. Note that this process may vary if you live too far away, as they may ask you to come to them. 

Regardless, this dealer has a very strong review online, with a 4.4 rating on Birdeye. Buyers and sellers praise the site for its transparency, ease of use, and honesty. It’s the best place to sell motorcycles online if you’re in the Midwest or simply want to work with a single vendor.

5. Cycle Trader

Cycle Trader
  • Listing Fee: One-time fees between $9.95 to $39.95
  • Ease of Use: 8 out of 10
  • Security: Mid-High
  • Reach: National

Cycle Trader is among the best places to sell motorcycles online due to its diverse range of useful advertising options and broad market reach. When selling motorcycles, private sellers are charged a flat fee of $9.95 for listing their motorcycles for sale on the site. However, there are higher fees you can pay that provide benefits like more focused advertising. 

Over the years, Cycle Trader awareness, popularity, usage, loyalty, and buzz have become fairly high in the industry. According to Statista, Cycle Trader is known by 32% of all buyers and sellers on this market, which makes it pretty well known.

They provide an easy process that includes buying the advertisement space and then following the instructions to complete the listing. The advertisement is made available to millions of unique buyers on the site to find a motorcycle. As a result, it’s one of the best places to sell motorcycles for online dealers.

Once you pay for an advertisement, it posts to the site within minutes after you complete the registration process. You can also provide relevant information/photos that make your bike more interesting for buyers. The security is strong and provides a safety net for buyers and sellers to prevent scam activity for safer buying and selling transactions. 

Furthermore, professionals are standing by to assist if you have any problems with the listing, such as trouble reaching a customer. All these benefits make Cycle Trader among the best places to list a motorcycle for sale. 

It gets the highest number of views from an audience focused on motorcycle sales, trades, and purchases. With a 7% buzz rating from the previous Statista statistics, this level is higher than many types of motorcycle sites.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace
  • Listing Fee: $0.40 for charges below $8 and 5% for anything over $8
  • Ease of Use: 8 out of 10
  • Security: Mid-High
  • Reach: International

Facebook has a marketplace that works like a classified ad. It operates the same way as Craigslist. Currently, there is no fee to list a motorcycle on Facebook Marketplace, but you must pay a 5% fee. So, if your bike sells for $10,000, you’d pay a fee of $500 to the marketplace. 

While this might be disappointing, this marketplace lets you focus on a default region that is close to the area where you live. You can also advertise on the site using whatever ads you want and highlight different types of buyers. 

Furthermore, Facebook Marketplace is associated with the social media site, which reaches billions of users around the world. So, even if you pay a little more to sell, it provides a strong advertising strategy for reaching more people who may be interested in buying a motorcycle.

For instance, if a friend who knows that someone is looking for a motorcycle sees it, they may repost the ad, giving you even more exposure to a broader segment of the population. As one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms, Facebook has peer-to-peer sharing and other benefits. 

Amazingly, your advertisement could reach others around the world when you list it on this venue. For instance, you might find a user in Canada, Mexico, or even internationally who wants your bike. As a result, this is one of the most highly recommended listing sites for sellers who want to hit many people. However, its local advertising options also help people who prefer to keep inquiries and negotiations local.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist website

  • Listing Fee: $5
  • Ease of Use: 9 out of 10
  • Security: High
  • Reach: Nationally

Craigslist is a well-known and popular online marketplace designed for buying and selling. Listings are segregated into local geographical areas. One word of caution when using Craigslist. The site has been known to be a predator's haven for scammers.

That said, it’s definitely improved in recent years to provide a safer and more effective transaction. Still, be wary if someone you don't know offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true.

Most scammers on this site attempt to con the seller into shipping the bike using fraudulent shippers who bilk them out of shipping fees.

When setting up your bike sale, you may choose the regions where your motorcycle will be advertised. That makes it one of the best places to sell motorcycles because you can pinpoint your area and minimize the need for expensive shopping costs. 

Even better, this feature helps to reach more people in your local area with the advertisement. At one point, we might have ranked it as the best site because it was once free to list motorcycles and RVs but has since revised its policies.

As of November 2016, the site started charging a fee of $5 to list these items for sale on the site. That fee has remained unchanged into 2023. Thankfully, it's still cheaper than listing on eBay or other selling sites. 

2. eBay

Ebay website
  • Listing Fee: $19 to $79
  • Ease of Use: 9 out of 10
  • Security: Strong
  • Reach: International

eBay literally invented online sales when it went online in 1994 and remains one of the most reliable marketplaces to reach potential buyers from all over the country and the world. What we like about eBay's selling format is that it provides protection from fraud for buyers and sellers.

In fact, eBay is consistently one of the safest places for buyers due to its many security protocols. It’s still a strong place for sellers, too, which makes it a great option for many people. As one of the world’s biggest online auction sites, eBay provides many other advantages. 

For example, eBay provides the option of listing a firm selling price or a starting price. You can choose to sell the motorcycle outright for cash through PayPal or another payment source. Many people prefer Venmo or even checks, though the latter option is much rarer. 

Furthermore, sellers have the option of limiting sales to the local pickup area or offering shipping alternatives. The fees charged for selling a motorcycle are 1.5 percent of the selling price. That’s not too bad, especially if you find a great buyer near you and can cut back on delivery costs. 

Even better, eBay reaches an average of 160 million viewers, which makes it a good resource for selling your bike. Additionally, you can upload multiple photos of the bike and engage online with potential buyers who have questions.

1. Rumble On

  • Listing Fee: $299 shipping fee for Powersports and $499 for automobiles
  • Ease of Use: 10 out of 10
  • Security: Strong
  • Reach: Nationwide (heavily in the south, particularly Texas and Florida

Rumble On is a consumer marketplace that lets you list your motorcycle for sale online. However, it also accommodates all vehicle types, like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. There's also a cash-offer program that offers cash for a quick sale.

Each purchase comes with a three-day, 150-mile money-back guarantee. This protection is useful if you're worried about your bike breaking down and need help keeping it strong. Furthermore, it uses multiple security elements that keep you safe from security risks.

Thankfully, this site offers multiple selling options. For example, you can advertise for a higher price because the listing process is free, and it's easy. This site uses various advertising methods to help it get seen by millions of people who visit the site. 

On Rumble On, there are four steps in the listing process. First, submit the VIN of your motorcycle and then upload photos and/or a video. Try to follow the recommended pricing guide to get an estimated market value of your motorcycle. It's that easy. Rumble also offers live auctions for selling vehicles. This is another avenue for selling a used motorcycle that lets you engage with potential buyers.

Of all the resources we've found, Rumble On is one of the most far-reaching platforms for selling used motorcycles. The site provides the most diverse selling options and provides strong security that makes each of your transactions safe.

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