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VonMercier Reveals "Arosa" - The Supercar of Hovercrafts

"Arosa" - The Supercar of Hovercrafts

Most hovercraft are round-edged and look like children's toys gone wild and supersized. Some are sleeker and more streamlined and looking like speed boats, but what hovercraft don't look like are futuristic luxury cars until now. VonMercer revealed the prototype of Arosa - the supercar of hovercrafts in 2014, but it has changed since then, and Arosa is finally ready to meet the world. This incredible, very car-meets-science-fiction vehicle is taking the hover-vehicle scene by storm.

Early Iterations

When it first showed up in 2014, the Arosa was called the Supercraft. That year Stephen Edelstein of Motor Authority, called this unique concept "The Bugatti Veyron of hovercraft." Since VonMercier was seeking to break the speed record for hovercraft at the time, which was 56.25 mph, the comparison was spot on. This future sporty super-hovercar was already making waves with a rumored top speed of around eighty miles an hour. While that's not even a third of what a fast car can do on a good asphalt track, the tradeoff is worth it. Seamlessly moving from ground or roads to water and ice is an impressive trick well beyond the capabilities of most cars. Plus, there was nothing on the market to compare the Supercraft with other than a racecar. Originally the Supercraft was scheduled to start shipping to buyers in October of that year. At the time, fifty special editions were also planned. We didn't find any indication that Van Mercier met those early goals, but what they did accomplish was well worth the additional wait time.

So You Want An Arosa

Before we get into the details of the current Arosa, there are some things you should know about buying one. For example, the originally intended price was around seventy-five thousand dollars, but you may be able to get upgrades. Also, there are only sixty being produced. When you go to VonMercier, they have a questionnaire to fill out. The first question asks if you want to own one when it is production-ready. The last question is about how long you're willing to wait, and "as long as it takes" is one of the answers. Though the site doesn't detail precisely what the customization process entails, you will be offered options on the base model. There's also an intriguing blank on the form for you to fill in additional information about your interest in the super hovercar.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Arosa

VonMercier launched this hovercar with a fundamental yet visionary intent. The company plans to dream up and then create the future of vehicular travel. Enhancing the driver and passenger experience as they explore with luxurious creations that are true to their concepts is a big but surprisingly achievable goal. Arosa is proof that a company can choose to step into the future and follow through.

Getting The Look

The sleek body of this gorgeous vehicle is made from metal alloys and carbon fiber, giving it a light yet durable chassis. The front end is accurately described by Rob Report as "aggressive." However, that doesn't cover the aquiline, sharp, visual intrigue of this artistic creation. Riding on an air cushion, almost like a flying car, the Arosa has sides that are strongly reminiscent of a boat. Yet, the wheelless body can move at full speed on varying terrain. Regrettably, hovercars are typically not allowed on roads at this time since they are classed as boats and lack necessary driving features like headlights and license plates. Still, with options like Arosa coming available, we can easily see that changing soon. Faux wood panels give a nod to the aquatic aspect of Arosa. Meanwhile, the two-seat design with tan leather is almost like an extremely high-end motorcycle with high-back chair seating. The overall color scheme is a brilliant red and black that is reminiscent of the classic sportscar image. Paint on the front both hides and highlights the unique shape. The overall look gives Arosa a split appearance that isolates the cabin as the central feature, putting driver and passenger in the spotlight.

Everything We Know About The Specs So Far

When VonMercier says they mean to remain true to the concept, they mean it. The current version of the Arosa not only looks like the original from 2014, but it theoretically has the same top speed of eighty mph. Although the final product may go faster, the actual specs are a well-guarded secret. Arosa sports an advanced directional control system. Using the controls, you can move laterally, forward, and backward easily. Meanwhile, both braking and getting the Arosa moving forward are equally smooth. According to VonMercier, this makes it the most maneuverable hover vehicle of all time. If you take a leisurely forty-mile-per-hour ride, you should easily get about a hundred twenty miles out of Arosa. Side air intakes on this deluxe hover vehicle are black. The rounded shape is reminiscent of wheels, but there are two instead of the four you'd expect on a sports car. The skirt's tough, reinforced, and flexible fabric is built to handle the speed as it stays above the terrain. Finally, the engine is a hybrid. The gas-powered engine generates electricity. This gas engine is isolated from both the outside and the cockpit for lower noise. Meanwhile, three electric motors offer fine-tuned control over the drive system. Backup batteries offer quick power boosts, or you can hold them in reserve to get a little more juice for the trip home.

Final Thoughts

If typical, old-fashioned hovercars are like children's toys, VonMercier's Arosa is more like rocket science from a fantasy world. Gliding along the ground or water on a cushion of air doesn't mean you have to look like a mutant hockey puck with a driver's seat anymore. With outstanding looks and a powerful engine, there's nothing quite like this unusual land-to-water vehicle. We'd say the Arosa is a must-have for car and boat collectors and a superb luxury hovercar. Doubtless, this is a turning point for the market and there will be more high-end hover vehicles in the future, but there's only ever one first.

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