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How Thomas Gibson Achieved a Net Worth of $18 Million

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson is an actor and director who began his acting career in 1987. He is best known for his roles in the series ‘Chicago Hope,’ ‘Dharma & Greg,’ and ‘Criminal Minds'. He has also had roles in films and worked as a voice actor. The longevity and success of his acting career mean that Thomas Gibson’s net worth is now $18 million, and here is how the actor achieved his wealth.

Gibson’s Childhood

Thomas Gibson was born on July 3, 1962, in Charleston, South Carolina. From an early age, Gibson was interested in the performing arts, and he enrolled in the Little Theater School. He appeared in many productions while he was a member of the theater group. In his teens, he joined the Footlight Players and the Young Charleston Theater Company. While at college, Gibson was an intern at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. He then won a scholarship to the Juilliard School in New York City and was a student in the Drama Division. In 1985, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Thomas Gibson's Early Acting Career

Gibson began his professional acting career in 1987 and made his stage debut at the New York Shakespeare Festival in production produced by Joe Papp. He then appeared in many more plays produced by Papp in Central Park and the Public Theater. For the first decade of his career, Gibson predominantly worked on stage. To boost his income, he also waited tables at Tavern on the Green. However, he also had small roles on television and made his television debut in ‘Leg Work’ in 1987. He then did stints on ‘Another World’ and ‘As the World Turns.’ His first lead role was in ‘Love and Human Remains’ in 1993. In the same year, he was in the television version of ‘Tales of the City.’

Gibson’s Television Career from 1994 Onwards

Thomas Gibson got his big break as an actor when he landed the role of Dr. Danny Nyland in the medical drama series ‘Chicago Hope.’ As he appeared in 70 episodes of the series between 1994 and 1997, it significantly raised his profile as an actor. Gibson next landed the role of Greg Montgomery in the sitcom ‘Dharma & Greg.’ He played this role from 1997 to 2002, and he was nominated for a Golden Globe twice for his performance. Gibson directed two episodes of the series, one in season four and the other in season five. Over the next couple of years, Thomas Gibson appeared in several television movies before he was cast as Supervisory Special Agent Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner in ‘Criminal Minds.’ Not only did Gibson appear in 256 episodes of the series between 2005 and 2016, but he also directed six of the episodes. However, it was taking on directing episodes that led to Gibson leaving the series. During filming for one of the earlier episodes he directed, Gibson was involved in an altercation with an assistant director, and he underwent anger management counseling.

Unfortunately, this was not the only time that Gibson lost his temper. In 2016, Gibson had appeared in two episodes of season 12 when he was suspended from the series. It was later revealed that he and a writer-producer had an altercation on-set. During the filming for an episode Gibson was directing, the two had creative differences. Although Gibson apologized about the confrontation in an official statement, CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios decided to terminate Thomas Gibson’s contract. Originally, the absence of his character from the series was explained as him being on a special assignment. Later in the series, the story changed to his character being in a Witness Protection Program. Most recently, Gibson played the main role of Colonel Branson in ‘Shadow Wolves’ in 2019. Gibson remains active as a television actor, although there is no information regarding any upcoming roles.

Gibson’s Films and Voice Roles

Thomas Gibson is best known for his television work. However, the actor has had roles in films throughout his career. He made his film debut playing Stephen Chase in the 1992 film ‘Far and Away.’ Gibson’s other films in the 1990s included ‘Love and Human Remains,’ ‘The Age of Innocence,’ ‘Barcelona,’ ‘Men of War,’ Sleep with Me,’ ‘The Next Step,’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ In the latter, he played the role of Carl. The actor appeared in three films in 2000; ‘Psycho Beach Party,’ ‘The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas,’ and ‘Stardom.’ A year later, Thomas Gibson played Faith’s attorney in ‘Jack the Dog,’ a role that he resumed in 2003 for the film ‘Manhood.’ In 2005, Gibson played Gary in ‘Come Away Home’ and Thomas in ‘Berkeley.’ He then played Kyle Sweeney in the 2007 film ‘I’ll Believe You.’ Gibson had voice roles in his two most recent films. His first role was providing the voice for Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke in the 2014 animation ‘Son of Batman,’ and he then provided the voice of Joseph in the 2017 animation ‘Axis.’

Thomas Gibson’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Thomas Gibson’s net worth is $18 million. Although he has worked as an actor on stage, television, and in film, he has made most of his money through his television work. Despite playing no ongoing roles and not having announced any upcoming projects, Thomas Gibson remains active in the entertainment industry and may increase his net worth further in the future.

His Personal Life

In his personal life, Thomas Gibson married his wife, Christine, in 1993. The couple has three children together, including a son called Travis, who appeared alongside his father in a small role in one episode of ‘Criminal Minds.’ Unfortunately, Gibson and his wife separated in 2011, but Gibson did not file for divorce until three years later. However, the divorce was only finalized in 2018, seven years after the couple first separated. Outside of work, one of Gibson’s interests is golf.

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