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10 Things You Didn't Know About Tony Pialis

Tony Pialis is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur. He's been in the news recently, as the CEO of the new tech startup Alphawave IP. The company has sustained such remarkable growth that it's been the topic of conversations in business news around the world. To help you become better acquainted with Alphawave's leader, here are 10 things you didn't know about Tony Pialis.

1. Tony Pialis is the founder of Alphawave IP

In addition to being the chief executive officer of Alphawave IP, Pialis is also its founder. According to Design and Reuse, he is the genius behind the semiconductor startup that has caught the attention of the world recently.

2. Pialis is a serial entrepreneur

Alphawave IP isn't the first company that Mr. Pialis has founded. He established a business called Snowbush Microelectronics Inc., in 1999, which was his first startup. This is a Canadian business that focused on providing IP organization and analog design services. it became a leader in supplying analog and mixed-signal IP cores. He ran the company until Gennum/Semtech acquired it in 2007.

3. Tony Pialis founded V Semiconductor

The next business that Tony Pialis established was called V Semiconductor. He launched the new startup in 2998. The business developed technologies for 10Gbps Ethernet and PCI Express Gen 3 IP solutions for some of the most highly ranked semiconductor manufacturers. He served as the president and CEO of the company until it was acquired by Intel in 2012. The two companies that Mr. Pialis established gave him a lot of experience in the semiconductor and electronics industry. By the time he set up Alphawave IP, he had years of experience and a solid knowledge base about such operations to his credit.

4. Tony worked for Intel

After Intel acquired his second company, Tony was invited to stay on with them as the vice president of analog and mixed-signal IP. His time with Intel was spent running the old company that he sold to them, and he performed brilliantly even though he was no longer the owner of the business. While he was in tenure, he led the organization to win a prestigious achievement award from Intel for delivering next-generation PCI Express SerDes and Ethernet solutions.

5. He was educated in Canada

According to his LinkedIn page, Mr. Piais enrolled in classes at the University of Toronto, in Canada. He studied in the electrical engineering program. He started his classes in 1994, receiving 2 academic scholarships to help fund his education while there. He graduated second in the class of 1999 with his bachelor's degree. He continued his education in 2000 at the same school. He entered the electrical engineering program in pursuit of his master's degree. While there, he was awarded an NSERC industrial post-graduate scholarship. Mr. Pialis graduated in 2001 with a 4.0 GPA. He graduated at the top of his class.

6. He's the owner of a unicorn

According to Data Center Dynamics, Tony Pialis is the owner of a company that has more than reached unicorn status. Alphawave IP is set to file for an IPO on the London exchange that is expected to raise its valuation to $4.54 billion. This takes the company well over the requirement of a $1 billion valuation by more than four times. This is good news for Pialis who has made a habit of growing highly successful tech companies, then selling them.

7. Tony is getting ready to move Alphawave IP

Alphawave IP is a company that was launched in Toronto, Canada. Although it's a Canadian company, this destination is getting ready to change. Mr. Pialis decided to move the headquarters officially to Cambridge, England. He opted to file for its IPO in the London market, and as a part of the agreement, this also means moving the headquarters for the company to the United Kingdom. This signals a big change for the Alphawave IP team, as the move is going to include a research and development center for the continued development of its products.

8. Pialis is a good negotiator

Pialis didn't seem to have any trouble when it was time for his company to find venture capital funding. It was necessary to do so to grow and expand. Although Alphawave IP has never struggled to become firmly established, it needed funding to accomplish its rapid growth and expansion. So far, his explanations and pitches for the Alphawave IP company convinced BlackRock and Janus Henderson to buy shares for $510 million in support of the continued success of the enterprise.

9. He made Alphawave IP profitable in just one year

It's almost unheard of for a tech company to turn a profit after just one year in business. However, under Tony Pialis' leadership, that is exactly what happened with Alphawave IP. According to Semiwiki, the company was founded in 2017. It has only been in business for three years and it's already going four times in valuation over the requirements for unicorn status. Mr. Pialis knows how to run a business and make it a profitable venture. It's becoming a habit with him.

10. He's an entrepreneur to keep your eye on

Alphawave IP is Mr. Pialis's most recent venture and he's been staying busy brokering new partnerships around the world and getting ready for the big move to England. He's got his hands full at the present but we don't think this is going to be his last entrepreneurial effort. Although Alphawave IP will make him an extremely wealthy businessman, his previous track record suggests that this will not be the last company that he launches. We expect to hear more about him in the months to come for his leadership of Alphawave, but it wouldn't surprise us if he goes out and starts a few more unicorn companies shortly.

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