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A Closer Look at The Unimatic Modello Uno U1S-M Watch

Unimatic Modello Uno U1S-M Watch

The Italy-based watch manufacturing brand- Unimatic has recently launched a new "S Series' ' of watches such as the Modello Uno U1S-M Watch. The four limited-edition timepiece collection contains Swiss Selitta movements, 300-meter water-resistant, and a 40mm x 13.6mm stainless steel case with a 120-click bezel. The S Series also features a matte black dial with white luminous ladder hands and hour markers. Unlike the previous Unimatic models, the Modello Uno watch has a slightly thinner Caseback design with an engraved conversion table for divers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Unimatic Modello Uno UIS-M Watch.


Over the years, Unimatic has been popularly known for its signature Modello Uno range watches. In its efforts to offer unique edition watches, the brand introduced both contemporary and vintage design cues in the Modello Uno models. The watch also comes equipped with a matte black dial with C1 Super-LumiNova that glows in the dark. Another notable detail included in this timepiece is the Unimatic Logo presented in SuperLumi-Nova paint that gives the watch a sleek touch. There is also the 8mm crown that makes time setting in the watch easy and convenient. Additionally, the S-M stands for Slim Minimal, as the watch is a mere 11.6mm thick and 41.5mm in diameter. This helps preserve the watch when exposed to water and improves its water resistance rating. The U1S-M watch comes with a lovely black calfskin strap that makes the watch comfortable to wear all day long and even adds a nice touch to the monochromatic colorway. Below is a quick list of some of the notable features of the Unimatic Modello Uno U1S-M Watch: Reference: U1S-M, Dial: Black, Caseback: Stainless steel, Crystal: Sapphire, Lug width: 22mm, Lume: Super-LumiNova, Caliber: Automatic Sellita SW200-1, Water resistance: 300 meters and Power Reserve: 38 hours.

Dial and Bezel

The Unimatic Modello Uno U1S-M watch comes with a matte black dial, which is totally different from the bezels used in standard models. This matte black dial was manufactured in Milan, Italy, and designed to help add some superior quality to this timepiece. Moreover, the dial features a red triangle and a raised dot lume at the 12 o'clock mark. All writings such as the brand's name, water-resistant rating, and Made in Italy credentials are displayed on the 6 o'clock mark. When it comes to the watch's bezel, it is 41.5mm in diameter, 40mm thick, and is made out of brushed stainless steel. On top of the bezel is a 2.5 mm dome-shaped sapphire crystal. To help highlight the classic dive watch look, the crown is enlarged (8mm), and the lugs are solid. The bezel is also unidirectional and rotates with 120 clicks. Although the bezel looks and feels fantastic, the rotation is quite stiff, making it difficult to adjust the wrist.

Case & Straps

The Uno U1S-M timepiece has a firm, angular 40mm case finished in brushed stainless steel that does an excellent job in highlighting the lustrous sapphire crystal and black matte dial. Moreover, this watch comes equipped with two strap options: a black calf leather strap and NATO gray or blue nylon straps, which are gorgeous and suitable for a small-run diver. Both straps are excellent, but the NATO-style strap blends perfectly with the U1S-M watch. Unimatic Modello Uno watches also have an additional steel bracelet with solid end links and a micro-adjustable diving extension. Since the bracelet is tapered down to 20mm at the clasp, the risks of the bracelet snapping your hair wrists are reduced. The Modello Uno range features two case variations. The Modello Due U2S-M has a black DLC-coated stainless steel case, and the Modello Uno U1S-M has the brushed stainless steel mentioned above.


Unlike the previous models that used Seiko NH35 movements, the new Unimatic U1S-M watch series uses Swiss Selitta movements as part of their collaboration technical upgrades with Hodinkee. This movement features bi-directional winding at 28,800vph and comes with a 38-hour power reserve. In addition to the 26 jewels that provide a smooth watch performance, this classy timepiece comes with an automatic Selitta SW200-1 caliber, whose accuracy is rated as +/- 12 to 30 seconds per day and a frequency of 4Hz. The movements also allow easy hand-winding, which is really important for SCUBA divers. The second hand is also designed to stop when setting the time for accurate time calibration. The recent inclusion of Selitta movements in the Unimatic Modello Uno timepiece has made it possible for them to use a much slimmer case below 12mm. This thinner case provides more superb watch wearability and facilitates easier strap changes. Many Unimatic watch enthusiasts have appreciated the recent upgrade to Selitta movements. They are also hoping the brand will continue using the same movements in its Modello Uno models to come. Other smaller watch brands have also shifted to Japanese automatic movements, thus making U1S-M watches an ideal timepiece option.

Pricing and availability

The Demand for Unimatic Modello Uno models has long exceeded the market supply, such that limited editions are usually sold out within minutes. At the onset of 2022, Unimatic decided to move its watch production to a large scale with its Classic series edition runs. The main reason behind this move was to ensure that its large group of customers would enjoy their distinctive, minimalist timepieces. The Unimatic S-series will have a limited production number and be sold at different prices. For instance, the stainless steel Modello Due U2S-M will be available in a limited number of 500 pieces for $980 excluding taxes; the black DLC version will be limited to 400 pieces and available at $1,355 excluding taxes. Lastly, the stainless steel Modello Uno U1S-M will be available in a limited number of 5000 and sold at $1,220, excluding taxes.

Bottom Line

Unimatic has proven to be very successful in producing modern fashionable tool watches inspired by classic diver's timepieces. The brand has also been regarded as a significant favorite due to the versatile, affordable pricing and modern-fashion nature of its watches. One of my favorite Unimatic design themes is the "minimalist" diver's watch dials with no hour markers on the dial, and most of the writings are on the bezel. Get started today and get yourself the Unimatic Modello Uno US1-M watch for only $1,220.

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