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Does Wegmans Drug Test Its Employees?


Whether you’re a seasoned drug user or an addict, knowing your fate when applying for a job or working for Wegmans is crucial. Like other leading grocery stores like Walmart and Whole Foods, you want to see if you’re better off applying or keeping off Wegman’s job positions until your body’s system tapers off the drugs. So, does Wegmans drug test its employees?

Wegmans background information

Wegmans Food Markets, INC. is one of the leading grocery retailers in the US that was founded in 1916. It’s distributed its outlets in major states like New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina. According to Felony Friendly Jobs, Wegmans is privately-owned, removing the significant influence from the equation. Besides groceries, Wegmans also sells prepared food, pet supplies, dairy products, bakery products, and meat. It is a good company and employer, making it one of the popular choices for job applicants and employers. Going by GreenFleets’ report, Wegmans has 995 stores and recruits more than 58,000 employees. As is expected, Wegmans is always looking to absorb productive minds and physically capable people to work for them. The company values its Code of Ethics by conducting random or scheduled drug tests on its full-time employees.

Why does Wegmans conduct random or planned drug tests on employees?

Wegmans complies with the Drug-free Workplace Program of the federal government. It conducts planned or random drug tests due to the following reasons:

1. To increase their workers’ productivity

An employee with a drug addiction problem might seem productive until the drug overpowers their system. It’s difficult determining if they’ll be mentally upright enough to partake in the tasks that their supervisors have assigned them because drugs dictate how they operate. Furthermore, it might get to a point where they overdose on the drugs, compromising their health. Random drug tests on employees keep them on their toes. They can’t tell when next the company will test them for drugs. Since they want to keep their jobs, hoping to get promoted, they will find it best to keep off the drugs.

2. To protect employees from danger

70% of Wegmans employees operate machinery, which can be dangerous to handle. An intoxicated worker is more prone to making mistakes when handling machinery, causing accidents. Because Wegman’s upholds a good reputation for minding its workers’ welfare, they don’t allow them to operate machinery when under the influence of drugs. The random drug tests are meant to keep them disciplined by staying away from drugs.

3. To maintain its good reputation

If you work for Wegmans, consider it a lifetime achievement. Since time immemorial, it’s been in operation, and the federal government recognizes it among other grocery chains for its excellent reputation. So, if it means ensuring its workers are drug-free, then Wegmans will do everything necessary to maintain its integrity. If you’re planning to work there, think of the drug tests as Wegmans’ way of having your interests at heart.

How Wegmans conducts drug tests on employees

According to ECITYWORKS, Wegmans uses the 5-panel urine test. You will be directed to an accredited drug testing lab chosen by Wegmans. The 5-panel urine test applies to New York, Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Rochester applicants. On the other hand, job applicants in Virginia, Ocean Township, Sterling, Rochester, and New Jersey do hair drug pre-employment drug testing. Wegmans drug tests target the following illicit substances in your body systems:

  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine
  • Cannabinoid

Pre-employment drug testing at Wegmans

If you’re on a job-hunting mission at Wegmans, one of the tests you must pass is the drug test. It is conducted on a case-by-case basis where Wegmans invites you for an interview. If you test negative for the tests, you immediately get the job you’re looking for. First, Wegman outsources testing services from a nearby accredited clinic. The nurse or lab technician gives you a cup you have to urinate on. Then, they will take the urine sample to the lab for testing. If you’ve been using one or more drugs mentioned above, you will fail the test and miss your job opportunity. Wegmans doesn’t force drug tests on anyone. It should be voluntary. However, refusing the request raises suspicions that might lead to your disqualification. Even if you suspect that you won’t pass the test, go ahead and have yourself screened. If you test positive, consider it a lifetime chance to start on a clean slate, then reapply again.

Drug testing for employees at Wegmans

Employees involved in safety-sensitive tasks may undergo random drug testing at Wegmans if they’re suspected of selling, possessing, or using drugs. Should an accident at the workplace occur, Wegman will liaise with an accredited clinic to confirm if the victim was on drugs. If they test positive for the drugs, Wegmans might not be liable for the damages. But if they test negative, Wegmans will have no choice but to foot medical costs and other expenses.

Why you should consider working at Wegmans

As mentioned above, Wegmans is one of the best employers you can ever work for. You have dozens of benefits to look forward to regardless of your job description. The company rewards disciplined and loyal workers with decent pay, reliable work, health coverage, senior care assistance, childcare assistance, and paid leave. Upon getting a job at Wegmans, you’re entitled to two generous healthcare plans. For example, Wegmans allows you to choose either the old PPO or health savings plan. This plan applies to full-time and some part-time workers. Furthermore, the company has a 401k plan that matches 50% of your contributions. Don’t forget that other benefits like discounts on computers, mobile phone service, planned pay raises, and movie tickets also apply if you’re a diligent worker.


The only reason Wegmans tests job applicants and current employees for drugs are to protect their integrity. They want to ensure they hire the best workers in the country so that customers can get the best shopping experience. If you’re looking for a job or already work there, consider drug testing as an opportunity to hone your skills and maintain healthy living.

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