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What Makes a Ferrari Steering Wheel So Different?

Ferrari Steering Wheel

For the casual Ferrari fan, it may come as a surprise that the steering wheel installed in these vehicles is not the same as your average steering device. In fact, Ferrari has made a habit of carefully guarding the secrets behind the design of these components. Once you're alerted to the fact that these parts are quite different, it becomes one of the world's great mysteries and it's not surprising that so many have set out to solve it. What sets a Ferrari steering wheel apart from the others? We looked into this question and here is what we discovered.

It's about the back of the Ferrari steering wheel

From the front view, the Ferrari steering wheel is similar to other steering wheels and it doesn't' offer any new earth shattering or revolutionary innovations that are immediately obvious for the average street production cars. It's when you flip it around to the back side and take a look. There are secret buttons located on the back of the wheel and these are the components of a Ferrari steering wheel that set them apart from the herd. A partial leak from a member of a Ferrari team discussed the buttons with a vague overview of their importance, but he couldn't elaborate much further because of the closely guarded secret. He did indicate that it has something to do with the construction of the clutch paddle.

Other secrets of the Ferrari Steering Wheel

Although the production models have advanced steering wheels with buttons in the back, the racing editions are a whole other animal. There are plenty of other secrets maintained by the Prancing Horse brand. Steering the car is just one facet of what this vital component is linked with. There are multiple versions of the Ferrari steering wheel, some standard for very specific purposes, and others for bespoke models with unreal functions. They don't conjure genies or perform some mystical act, but they do enhance vehicle performance in ways that most of us have not yet considered possible from a steering wheel.

The F1 Steering Wheel

The F1 version of the Ferrari steering wheel features a collection of switches and buttons that are designed to change the engine mappings. These controls are used to make adjustments in the power usage as well as the fuel consumption of the car. They can also be utilized to regulate control systems, check oil, and made modifications to management settings in accordance with changing track conditions. They're likened to an on board computer complete with displays offered via an LCD screen to provide with operational information for the more complicated V6 hybrids with turbocharged power plants. These are among the most sophisticated steering wheels on the planet. If you thought having audio and heat controls on your steering wheel was great, these make that technology look like it's from the stone age.

You need a controls manual to fully appreciate the Ferrari Steering Wheel

Those of us who didn't realize the complexity or magnificence of a Ferrari steering wheel are now reeling from the influx of technical information. The Ferrari steering wheel is so complicated that you'll never be able to appreciate its full benefits unless you study the accompanying controls manual. If you don't have access to that, you'll need a good teacher who knows the ropes. How many cars come with a steering wheel that can help you adjust the fuel mix, adapt to a new engine map immediately, distribute the brake balance pressure, or give your engine a quick boost of power? Of course these features apply to the racing models and a few bespoke editions, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in overview format.

Are the Ferrari F1 Steering Wheel's for sale?

Bearing in mind that these steering wheels are developed for Formula 1 drivers, yes, there are versions of them offered at the Ferrari Store. You'll find the SF90 replica steering wheels at a 1:1 scale model available. They're handcrafted of aluminum and carbon fiber materials with a myriad of buttons and other controls, intended for practicing your Formula 1 racing skills. They're laid out to meet the immediate needs of Formula 1 racers driving at speeds fo 200 mph when decisions need to be made. One of the cooler functions is the P which is a pit speed limited that slows you down for entry into the pits. Some of the controls feature indicators that use colors for example red for slowing and green for more power. It's recommended that anyone who engages in this expensive luxury takes the time to learn the basics of the multiple buttons and switches because it truly takes an education to fully operate this steering wheel correctly and to its full potential.


What makes a Ferrari steering wheel so different? A more precise question to ask is what doesn't? Even the steering wheels of the regular street legal production cars are different.It's just that the buttons were hidden on the back of most of them. When you move to the racing sector, the differences become immediately obvious. They're a wonderfully complicated network of the most innovative controls that one could ever possibly imagine. The F1 Steering wheels are designed to give race car drivers a distinct advantage on the track. They offer controls for modifying the power to the engine, managing brake pressure, obtaining readouts of tire pressure, oil pressure, and for changing the engine mapping, just for starters. The F1 steering wheel can manage most of the systems of the car with the push of a button, and it definitely allows for micromanaging performance features even when driving at high speeds. It's one of the most impressive automotive innovations ever made. Now the secret is out!

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