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Why The Toyota Camry Will Be Around Forever

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There is no doubt that Toyota took the automotive world by storm a long time ago. The company that started selling imports in the United States for cheap ended up being one of the main rivals for American car companies like Chevrolet and Ford. In fact, one could reasonably argue that a car like the Toyota Camry can typically run much further than anything that Ford or Chevy has ever produced. Some even say that the Camry will last forever. This can be taken in two entirely different contexts. In one, a person might be talking about an individual car that seems to go on and on. In another, it could be a reference to the overall popularity of the Camry itself, making it possible for this model to go on for years.

A Car That’s Practically Indestructible

If you're talking about believing that the car itself is practically indestructible, you're not entirely wrong. In fact, there are literally hundreds of Toyota Camry's that were built during the 1990s which are still on the roads today. It's almost mind-boggling when you think about the sheer number of these cars that are still driving around, seemingly with little or no maintenance issues. This is something that's practically unheard of for automobiles when you consider the fact that a full two decades has gone by since these particular models were built. After all, it certainly isn't common to see very many other models running around for twenty years after they've been driven off the showroom floor. The fact that these cars are dependable enough that they are used for daily drivers, even after all of this time, only goes to serve as a testament to their durability. Some would even say that the Toyota Camry is practically indestructible. The question is, why are so many of them still on the road and why are they still relatively trouble free when it comes to maintenance issues? It's a question that's worth asking, especially when you consider the fact that a lot of much newer cars manage to find their way into the mechanic’s shop several times throughout their serviceable life. All the while, that old Toyota Camry is still going up and down the road without a problem. What was Toyota’s secret? How did they manage to pull this off?

In a League of Its Own

There is no doubt that the Toyota Camry is in a league of its own. According to many car experts, the average car should last about eight years. During the 1990s, when many of these indestructible cars were built, you were doing well if you were able to get a car to go 100,000 miles. These days, that isn't nearly as rare as it used to be. That said, it's also not uncommon for cars to start experiencing problems after they've got a hundred thousand miles or so under their belt. To say that the Toyota Camry is anything but an average car would be a gross understatement. In fact, it's common for this car to go 200,000 miles or more without needing any type of major repairs. That's definitely enough to get the attention of practically any car owner or driver. When you consider the fact that even the older models are capable of going this far and that many of the Toyota Camry models are still on the road for 20 or more years after they were built, it becomes something worth paying attention to. Think about how much money you could potentially save by having a car like this. There is nothing more frustrating than owning a car that has to go to the shop every time you try to start it. Having something that is capable of getting you from place to place for more than two decades with relatively few problems is nothing to be ignored. The truth is, this could more than pay for the purchase price of the car a couple of times over. Even more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to get where you need to go with confidence instead of always worrying about what type of repair bill is coming next or how big that next bill is going to be.

A Simple Design That Works

So, what is it that makes a Toyota Camry different from practically everything else out there? Why is this car capable of continuing on when others have long since ended up in the junkyard? In reality, it comes down to two things. The first is a simple design that works well. Traditionally, Toyota hasn't been concerned about incorporating bells and whistles with a fancy design as much as they were creating something that was capable of getting the job done. That's why so many of the cars from the 1990s seemed quite basic in their design. Even today, the car is still one of the more basic designs out there. It is also a design that is proven to work. Although there are more features to the interior than there used to be and the exterior design has been updated several times over, the mechanical parts of the car haven't changed nearly as much as you might think over the years. In fact, it's still a very basic design at its core, one that Toyota knows will work.

Toyota would be a fool to change things now. After all, they have proven time and again that the formula they have for this particular car works. In addition, they've tried other things with other models, often resulting in lost sales and in some cases, even the discontinuation of the model itself. If you doubt this, just remember the Scion, a car that looked great but lagged in sales because it didn't have the longevity that the Camry enjoys. In short, if you really want a car that will perform well and be reliable for a long time to come, you can't do much better than the Toyota Camry.

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Written by Benjamin Smith

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