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10 Things You Didn't Know about Zumper

Zumper is a website that is meant to help interested individuals find rental properties that are suitable for their particular needs and circumstances. However, it is clear that the people behind Zumper are much more ambitious than that, seeing as how they have their eyes set on the rental process from end to end. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Zumper:

1. Used to Find Rental Properties

First and foremost, Zumper lets interested individuals find rental properties. This means houses, condos, and apartments. Moreover, this means rooms as well. As a result, whatever it is that people are looking to rent, they have a reasonable chance of being able to find such rental properties by making use of Zumper. Something that should come as welcome news for those who have encountered similar services that are overly specialized.

2. Used to List Rental Properties

Of course, since Zumper is used to find rental properties, this means that it is used to list rental properties as well. This particular feature is very useful for people seeking to rent out something, seeing as how it provides them with a simple and straightforward way to reach interested individuals. Simply put, the more people that see a particular listing, the better the chance of someone becoming interested enough to ask about it. The more people that ask about it, the better the chance that someone will take a further step, thus making for a shorter tenant finding process.

3. Fueled By Dissatisfaction with Previous Way of Doing Things

Like a lot of new or relatively new businesses, Zumper is motivated by dissatisfaction with the previous way of doing things. Simply put, it sees the traditional rental process as being unsuitable in the modern age, which is why it has set out to create something new that it hopes will replace said model in time. Of course, it remains to be seen whether it will be able to achieve this particular aim, seeing as how it is much easier to talk about such things than to actually achieve them. With that said, considering how more and more people are making use of the Internet for real estate transactions, this might not be so implausible after all.

4. Ambitious

There is more to Zumper than just serving as a place for people to list as well as look up rental properties. In fact, its own statements make it clear that it is seeking to cover the rental process from start to finish, which could provide increased usefulness to its users while also making itself more powerful in the process. Of course, it is important to note that it is far from being the sole website out there with such ambitions, seeing as how there are other websites that cater to this particular part of the market while also seeking the same kind of comprehensiveness.

5. Has Raised $90 Million in Venture Capital

Even the most promising businesses need capital for purchasing the assets that they need for their revenue-earning operations as well as keep those assets running. For those with bigger plans that come with bigger costs, one potential source of funding is venture capital. In the case of Zumper, it has managed to raise $90 million in venture capital so far, which is a sizable sum.

6. Venture Capital Suggests that Its Plan Is Plausible

Generally speaking, venture capital firms aren't exactly eager to give their money to whoever asks for it. Instead, they need a fair amount of assurance that the business that they are investing in has a plan that could work even if it isn't guaranteed to work. As a result, the fact that Zumper has received funds from a dozen such sources suggest that there are a fair number of people with the right expertise and experience who believe that its plan has a real chance of success. After all, if they didn't believe that Zumper has a real chance of succeeding at its stated goals, they won't bother giving it that kind of money.

7. Has Bought Out One Other Service

It is interesting to note that in 2016, Zumper bought out a start-up called PadMapper. Said start-up was focused on apartment searches, which explains much about Zumper's choice to go ahead with the move. Presumably, said purchase added more expertise, more experience, and more of other useful resources to Zumper. Moreover, said purchase suggests that Zumper has a fair amount of money to throw around because purchasing businesses tends to be an expensive process even if those businesses happen to be start-ups.

8. Has People in Four Cities

Currently, Zumper has people in four cities, which would be San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Denver. Considering the range of services that it offers at the moment as well as its stated intentions when it comes to future expansion, this makes a fair amount of sense. With that said, considering the number of people that can be found in these cities as well as their titles, it is clear that they do not handle the same tasks.

9. Headquartered in San Francisco

For instance, it is clear that Zumper is headquartered in San Francisco. This can be seen in how the CEO as well as the other executive-level positions are located in said office, thus making it very clear where the business's senior-most leadership are based. Regardless, this is sensible, seeing as how San Francisco is situated close to a sizable pool of technical talent. As a result, it is a relatively sensible place for an online business to base itself because it provides it with relatively convenient access to the kind of labor that it needs for its operations to get anywhere.

10. Has an App

For people who aren't particularly enthused by the idea of searching for rental properties by going to the Zumper website, there is the option of getting the app for their phones. Naturally, Zumper's app has two versions, one of which is for the Android while the other is for the iPhone.

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