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10 Perfect Gifts for Tequila Lovers


Tequila! Okay, aside from the infamous one-liner shoutout from the infamous song sung in 1958 by The Champs, it has also been a favorite alcoholic beverage ever since the Aztec Indians turned it into a drinkable product. With a timeline dating as far back as 250 A.D., the Aztecs fermented a juice of the agave for their ceremonial wine that would be used as their way of worshipping the gods of their culture, Mayahuel and her husband, Patecatl. While tequila was used as a gift for their gods at the time, this alcoholic beverage has an interesting history of its own. If one is looking for a great gift idea for tequila lovers, one of the best gifts one could possibly give could be a history lesson about it. There are many, but let's go with ten different gift ideas that are sure to get tequila lovers appreciating you for it.

1. Adwolf Tequila and Tacos 6-Piece Bar Set

When visiting Wayfair, there is a bar set listed for $849.99 USD that's perfect for tequila lovers. Supplied by East Urban Home, this is the ultimate gift if the budget is there to do it.

2. Agave Tequilana Azul

Tequila lovers may or may not know that the alcoholic beverage comes from Weber's blue agave, a succulent that is also referred to as Agave Tequilana Azul. If the recipient happens to have a thing for plants, this may be a great gift idea. It does happen to be a very attractive garden plant and can reach as tall as six feet. It takes about six to eight years for the yellow blooms to appear, adding even more beauty to the very plant the Aztecs learned to use in their ceremonial practices. In all honesty, it doesn't take that long to appreciate the beauty of this plant as the foliage alone is pretty enough.

3. Bottle of Tequila

Getting a bottle of tequila for tequila lovers is definitely one of the best gift ideas to come up with. Assuming you know the recipient's favorite brand, buying a bottle for them is a sure bet to you'll receive a nod of approval from them. Sites like Drizly offer a great selection. You shouldn't have a problem finding the right brand for the right person, and probably for a good price.

4. Cooking with Tequila: Discover 40 Tempting Tequila Recipes to Bake or Shake!

For tequila lovers who also fancy themselves as cooks, what a wonderful way to play with some food. Perhaps the tequila lover never thought of using it as part of a culinary recipe despite their cooking talent. Now with this tequila-based cookbook, maybe they will. For under $15.00 USD, this paperback makes a good gift idea for tequila lovers, even if happens to be you that's the recipient.

5. Personalized Tequila Making Kit

Perhaps the tequila lover you know would love to know how to make this favorite product for themselves. There are tequila kits sold that allow one to do so. Sites like American Oak Barrel offer different sizes, as well as other options to make this the perfect gift idea for the recipient you have in mind. Maybe this is for you should this be a gift for yourself.

6. Ready to Drink Tequila Cocktails

Perhaps the tequila lover you know likes to mix it in a favorite cocktail. With this in mind, the idea of gifting someone with such an item isn't a bad idea. Should it be a festive occasion and you know the person of the hour is a big fan of tequila, why not give them something they're most likely to enjoy? If you know of a specific tequila-based cocktail that's available as a four-pack, six-pack, or full case, then it's a guarantee the recipient will enjoy it. If you're stuck for ideas, Media Feed has a list of the best ready-to-drink tequila cocktails you might want to consider.

7. Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History

On sites like Amazon, the hardcover version of Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History makes a great gift idea for tequila lovers who also have an appreciation for history. Written by the authors, Ana G. Valenzuela and Gary Paul Nabhan, the detailed history of its earliest roots, along with its cultural impact, is covered in great and entertaining detail. Combining the two loves as one almost seems matrimonial. If the hardcopy version costs too much at over $70.00 USD, the paperback versions usually go for about $15.00 USD.

8. Tequila Gift Basket

When visiting sites like Spirit Gifts, go check out the tequila gift baskets it has on the roster. Instead of just sending a bottle of tequila, why not go all out and add some edible treats that would go perfect with it? Once the basket is emptied, the opportunity is there to use it for other purposes.

9. Tequila Glasses

Lovers of tequila may also have a thing for glasses that make the best companions as a means to enjoy the beverage. According to Forbes, its list of best tequila glasses offers a variety of choices one can make that may do the job as a great gift idea for tequila lovers.

10. Tequila Recipe Book: 100 Agave-based Recipes for Cocktail Lovers

Some tequila lovers may want to experiment with their favorite alcoholic beverage. With a hundred different recipes to work with where tequila is used to conjure up a cocktail, tequila lovers may discover some blended favorites they hadn't tried before. Again, Amazon seems to be the place to go for some recipe book ideas revolving around tequila. The one mentioned here, according to reviews, has been rated among the best and usually goes for under $15.00 USD.

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